Asian Lingerie

Can Asian lingerie kill? Made of chemicals.

Clothing and footwear produced in Asia may be very dangerous, both – for manufacturers and buyers.

As the fashion experts say, it is very hard to produce fabrics of a deeply black color and prevent them from becoming pale and fading. You need a lot of chemicals in order to achieve that. So that is the other side of a seductive cheap black lingerie – to color it loads of harmful components are needed.

You can find many articles and discussions on the Internet about harmful side effects of producing and wearing that cheap Asian textiles. In 2011, Germany, a very interesting documentary film ‘Fashion Victims’ by Inge Altemeier had its premiere. The movie makers examined the situation in Asian factories. The investigation happened to be shocking! It seems that the production methods do not meet any worldwide standards and the quality of products exported to Europe raises big concerns.

In China and India clothes, lingerie and shoes are being produced with the usage of harmful for people chemicals – among others insecticides (those are chemicals designed to kill insects)! The employees working at the production lines die in mass because of cancer. Those harmful fabrics are also dangerous for buyers – 99% of cotton is produced with chemicals!

For the most dangerous we can consider a cheap black lingerie as there is no safe method to dye it. The quality of color goes hand in hand with the sacrifice of lingerie quality itself. ‘Made in China’ often equals: made in shocking and scandalous conditions. Subsequently, those products go in mass to the European market…

The most terrifying factor is that the biggest western department stores buy in mass in Asia – mainly because it is very cheap. Clients, glad that they can easily afford to buy many products in competitive prices, do not even know how it threatens their health and sometimes – even their lives!

In the movie by Inge Alteimer there are shown people who suffered from various allergies and illnesses caused by those harmful textiles. Very often, even the doctors could not find the reasons of those suspicious symptoms… The special medical tests were needed to find out about chemicals in blood of the victims.

Asian Lingerie
Detox Fashion

Detox Fashion

Deadly chemical substances in clothing of the biggest brands?! Greenpeace calling to start detoxication!

The dangerous chemical substances which may cause cancer or hormonal disorders have recently been discovered in products of the most famous brands! – that is the latest statement of Greenpeace organization located in Beijing. The foundation has even started a campaign: “Detox Zara”.

In 2012 Greenpeace bought samples of top 20 brands selling their products in 29 countries and world regions. Those were mainly dresses, t-shirts, trousers and lingerie items made in China and some other developing countries. Then the products were tested and the results happened to be terrifying. In two thirds of 141 clothing samples the nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE – detergents which are endocrine disrupting) have been found! Besides the fabrics also contained phthalates and carcinogenic dyes (cancer causing chemicals).

Concerning brands are the biggest in the market and if they agree to ‘detox’ their dirty politics, other smaller companies will have to follow them. In this context, seven major international companies have committed to change. Those are: Puma, Nike, Adidas, H&M, M&S, C&A and Li-Ning.

On the other hand, another textile giant – Zara, stays indifferent to ‘go toxic-free’ appeals. That is the reason of the ‘Detox Zara’ campaign which seems to be very effective, as volunteers from all over the world – fashion lovers, activists, bloggers and denizens of social media began to share their desire for ‘fashion without pollution!’ and after a week of intense public pressure the Inditex group seems to be more willing to solve its toxic pollution problem. Zara commitment to get rid of the hazardous chemicals would be a milestone in the way clothing is manufactured.

Still, among the brands where NPE was also found there are: Calvin Klein, Levi’s, GAP, Esprit, Diesel, Only, Vero Moda, Benetton, Emporio Armani and Mango.

In 2011 two reports (“Dirty Laundry” and “Dirty Laundry II”) were published by Greenpeace. You can read there how the biggest textile suppliers cause pollution of Chinese rivers. The same hazardous chemical substances were then discovered in their fabrics! To see how Greenpeace is aiming to detox fashion, watch here:

Detox Fashion

Swimwear Wholesale spring-summer 2012

Did you know that is not only a distributor of exclusive lingerie but also of the sexy summer swimwear? Our swimsuits, bikinis and bathing suits are popular in the countries of Europe, the USA or even Australia!

Just after closing of spring-summer 2012 – let us do a little summary of the season.

In our offer there are four popular Polish producers: Marko, Paphia, Verano and Gwinner. In the last season – our two top ‘best-sellers’ were Verano and Marko. Of course, as usually, the biggest demand we noted in the period preceding summer – three months mostly: March, April, May.

We had swimming suits in all European sizes from 36 to 46 (S-XXXL) and the most popular were two-piece suits in universal size 40 (L). As for the colors – producers provided us with the whole rich pallete of tones (Marko brand presented definitely the widest range of them) but the most popular one seemed to be blue – maybe that is because of its similarity to the summer holiday sea tones.

We hope that the next season will also be so rich in that kind of offer. As a little tittle-tattle (curiosity for our future customers) we can reveal that Lingerose is planning to enrich its offer with not only swimwear but also… beachwear! For those exciting new pieces of clothing you will read promptly in the article about our newest discovery – the absolutely bold collection of KutzDesign. Also follow us to get the latest trends for the upcoming season. Coming soon!

Poznan Fashion Fair 2012 at Poznan International Fashion Fair

We have participated in Fashion Fair that took place between 11th and 13th of September in Poznan, Poland. Just a quick reminder for those who may not  know – Poznan is the one of the four Polish cities that have organized Euro 2012.

During this edition of Poznan Fashion Fair, all visitors could familiarize themselves among others with expert forecasts concerning the trends in apparel, textile and footwear sectors. There were discussions about Internet marketing, new sales techniques and legal matters related to retail trade.

Fashion Fair consisted of three exhibitions:

Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories

– collections for spring-summer 2013


– collections for fall-winter 2012/2013 Exhibition

BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods

There were more than 200 different manufacturers from Europe, India and China.

Most well-known brands like s’Oliver, Wrangler, Desigual have participated.

Obviously many Polish manufacturers were also present at the Fair.

We have met an Italian manufacturer of the best quality nightdresses made of silk and cotton.

Other Italian stands were also full of stunning and unique design. All exposed by smaller manufacturers that make products of the highest quality. All of them assured me that their  products are made in Italy but one of them confessed honestly that they make it in Bulgaria. The longer I talked to the others the more suspicious I got. Anyway, all the products had labels “made in Italy” and they looked really good – with perfect finish.

I talked to almost all of Italian exhibitors and have noticed they were a little tired and disappointed. They had excellent products but unfortunately a bit too expensive for the Polish market nowadays. On the other hand the Polish manufacturers seemed to be very glad and enthusiastic, even during the third day of the Fair. As the global crisis tends to be over soon,  we all have better views for the nearest future at the lingerie market. Just can’t wait for the next edition of Poznan International Fashion Fair in February 2013!

Mode City Paris 2012 Logo


MODE CITY PARIS 2012 – Salon International de la Lingerie et du Swimwear

Mode City is the most popular European fair of lingerie market. The event takes place in the international capital of fashion, chic and style – Paris. Since 2011 the summer edition of the fairs has been rescheduled from early autumn to the actual summertime and this year it was held between 7-th and 9-th of July. Lingerie, swimwear and hosiery trends for season spring-summer 2013 were presented there. At the same time, another fashion fair took place – Interfiliere Paris – where materials and underwear production accessories were exposed.

At the Mode City Paris 2012 the whole elite of lingerie fashion industry appeared. That included about 15 thousand people: top designers, famous producers, big distributors and of course retailers. All in all you could admire above 430 brands from all over the world. Most visitors were of course French but it is worth mentioning that 73% people there came from all over the world, e.g. Italy, Germany, the UK, Hongkong, Spain, Russia, the USA, China and Japan. There were even some visitors from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oceania. The three days long fashion event was reported by many international media – tv, radio and of course press.

The strong group of expositors consisted of Polish producers and manufacturers – many of them you can find at The products of: AVA, AXAMI, GAIA, GORTEKS, GRACYA, KINGA, KOSTAR, MAT were presented at the fair and the hosiery expert – GABRIELLA was also present. Those manufacturers had already been the participants of Paris fashion fair, but in this edition they have conquered the major catwalk for the first time. All of the brands have presented their collections for spring/summer season 2013. The most popular was female lingerie, but also some manly underwear was shown.

Kinga Lingerie at Mode City 2012

Polish designers traditionally attracted visitors not only with their high quality products, but also with some original ideas for their stands’ expositions. For example Gracya showed some national Polish colors in the exhibition (last year it was inspired by unique baroque costumes) and Axami created stewardess outfits for their hostesses. The visitors were touched by cooperation of seemingly competing companies from Poland. The demand for our national products is constantly growing so each presence at such an event is very important for the brands. As it turns out – many clients has remembered those manufacturers from fashion fair in 2011 and they were very happy to see them again.