Asian Lingerie

Can Asian lingerie kill? Made of chemicals.

Clothing and footwear produced in Asia may be very dangerous, both – for manufacturers and buyers.

As the fashion experts say, it is very hard to produce fabrics of a deeply black color and prevent them from becoming pale and fading. You need a lot of chemicals in order to achieve that. So that is the other side of a seductive cheap black lingerie – to color it loads of harmful components are needed.

You can find many articles and discussions on the Internet about harmful side effects of producing and wearing that cheap Asian textiles. In 2011, Germany, a very interesting documentary film ‘Fashion Victims’ by Inge Altemeier had its premiere. The movie makers examined the situation in Asian factories. The investigation happened to be shocking! It seems that the production methods do not meet any worldwide standards and the quality of products exported to Europe raises big concerns.

In China and India clothes, lingerie and shoes are being produced with the usage of harmful for people chemicals – among others insecticides (those are chemicals designed to kill insects)! The employees working at the production lines die in mass because of cancer. Those harmful fabrics are also dangerous for buyers – 99% of cotton is produced with chemicals!

For the most dangerous we can consider a cheap black lingerie as there is no safe method to dye it. The quality of color goes hand in hand with the sacrifice of lingerie quality itself. ‘Made in China’ often equals: made in shocking and scandalous conditions. Subsequently, those products go in mass to the European market…

The most terrifying factor is that the biggest western department stores buy in mass in Asia – mainly because it is very cheap. Clients, glad that they can easily afford to buy many products in competitive prices, do not even know how it threatens their health and sometimes – even their lives!

In the movie by Inge Alteimer there are shown people who suffered from various allergies and illnesses caused by those harmful textiles. Very often, even the doctors could not find the reasons of those suspicious symptoms… The special medical tests were needed to find out about chemicals in blood of the victims.

Asian Lingerie