Schick aber schädlich

Fashion Victims – movie

We would like to present „Fashion Victims movie in which the director Inge Altmeier shows behind the scenes production of lingerie and clothing in Asia.

Unfortunately, there was no movie in English or with English subtitles available, so we have decided to show the original version in German and translate the chosen parts of it (associated to lingerie) into English.

What you get is what you see – and the closest to the body is a seductive lingerie. Coffee black and damn sexy. Produced all over the world.

Toxic substances are not the subject of interest of the fashion world elite. What counts is style, especially when we talk about always in fashion – black.

As Ayrelie Couvret from Aubade French Lingerie says:

“Seductive, perfect and over time, looks good on everybody. Black is chic, sexy,  charming, but on the other hand it is a good solution to wear everyday.  Both women and men share equal weakness to this colour.”

What dangers are hidden behind this sexy appeal of black colour?

According to Adeline Desjonqueres, Chantele Lingerie:

“It is very difficult to produce black lingerie of the desired tone and colour deepness, good enough to not lose their quality after washing”.

This process requires a lot of chemicals and what about ‘ecological black lingerie’?

– we are asking fashion expert Florence Peyrichou (NellyRodi):

“There is no other colour like that, the materials need to be chemically treated, we do not know any ecological ways to dye the fabrics.”

That explains why black lingerie contains Azo compounds. Sometimes, they can be also found in some red items.

The doctor of the Institute of Environmental Health, Klaus Dietrich-Runow, explains:

“Those chemicals cause illnesses and allergies among more and more people all around the world.”

Symptoms of poisoning are becoming more popular. The diagnosis of Klaus Runow has been confirmed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. All the examined big departure stores ex-workers had chemicals in their blood.

None of the big trade networks would like to be connected with something like that. Labels do not inform us about the percentage of chemicals used – the lists would be very long. Even some exclusive European brands try to bluff and do not say anything about the place of the origin of textiles.

“No, it is not written like that. There is only: ‘designed in France’ – voilà!” – says Adeline Desjonqueres (Chantelle).

It is very difficult to determine where the materials for “designed in France” lingerie come from. In case of cotton, investigation leads to some Indian dyeing factories. In Asia the Azo components are permitted. Besides, chlorine is often used – as it is the cheapest. The darker colours – the more dangerous substances to dye the fabrics. To gain glitter they also use some heavy metals.

In Asia they produce a lot of prohibited in Europe chemicals. Most of factories do not even have their names on the buildings. The production of materials equals the sacrifice and suffering of local people working with deadly chemicals. Nobody cares about the environment. International companies in Asia are not bounded by any of European regulations…

Schick aber schädlich