11. lingerie wholesale in Pinterest

Pinterest impact on Google – March – part 3

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As mentioned above, March was the first month of proper Pinterest campaign for Lingerose.com. This was the month of creating the strategy and many tests. I tried many different ways to gather followers and make Lingerose’s pins viral.
Below, I present the stats of Pinterest activity in March.

According to them there were total of:

  • 1178 pins added from Lingerose.com
  • 9207 pins from Lingerose.com were repinned
  • 2.467.042 impressions of pins from Lingerose.com
  • 2139 visits to Lingerose.com

Lingerose March

14th of March 2013
Because of a high competition, it was too early to prove that Pinterest’s campaign has an impact on SERP of Lingerose for the „lingerie wholesale” query. So, I started my research from more precise and related searched term – „lingerie wholesale Pinterest”.
On the top of search results, I found 4 Pinterest’s boards and accounts. On the second position, Google indexed “Lingerie” board of “Pinsbook” user. This was a group board where I was a contributor, adding many of my pins. This board contained 9,191 followers and 6,837 pins.
What’s the most interesting fact, Google displayed in the meta description my pin:
“… and fantastic pins. Pinsbook is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. … Gracya 151 bra – Lingerose – Gracya Wholesale …”
This pin was added about 16 hours earlier and received one like. I don’t think that this pin was particularly so important for Google. As you can see below there were at least 5 other of my pins around. Google had noticed a lot of keywords (“lingerie wholesale”) used in the one place and picked up the first pin to display in the meta description.

7. Lingerose signal for Google

To sum up all the 4 results mention above (what they had in common and what were their features – so that Google indexed them on the top) I would say:
1. The keywords used in the boards or accounts’ names. All the 4 accounts used „lingerie” or „wholesale”.
2. The keywords used in the indexed accounts or boards’ descriptions. All of them contained descriptions included one or both of the keywords: „lingerie” or „wholesale”.
3. The keywords used in pins’ descriptions. The group board where I belonged to.
4. Strength of an account. Number of pins, boards and positive ratio of followers to following (more followers than following).
5. One web address of those 4 accounts was verified.
Then, I typed in „lingerie wholesale” to see if there were any Pinterest’s results. In the first 500 results there weren’t any yet, but the position of Lingerose.com increased a lot. After two weeks time it was classified at the 112th position.

8. Lingerie Wholesale in Google Lingerose.com 112 14.03.2013

Three days later I started again checking Google results from the “Lingerie Wholesale Pinterest” query.

9. lingerie wholesale pinterest in Google 17.03.2013

That time, the group board where I added my pins dropped by 2 positions, but as previously – Google displayed the pin in the meta description.
As I checked, during the last few days this board was the most active one from all the 4 Pinterest’s boards displayed on the very top of Google. I compared keywords density and the number of pins added, nevertheless – it dropped down.
So, there is one possible scenario or I’d rather call it my thesis:
Google doesn’t like so many pins added with the same keywords and treats it as a kind of overstuffing. That’s why the board was lower than before. There must be some limit that we shouldn’t pass. What is the limit – it is difficult to say exactly, but it might be related to a number of pins or frequency they are added. After we pass this limit, Google stops to ”appreciate” our work and might even remove our board or account from its index. So, it is a kind of „rolling on the river”, so – be careful and do not over-pin!

It is also worth reminding again that two other Pinterest’s accounts indexed in Google: “Intimate Wholesalers” (the 1st position) and “Lingerie Outlet” (the 3rd position) used the keywords in their account’s descriptions. And in the “Lingerie Love” board (the 2nd position) – the main role is played by a very strong account: “Wholesale Apparel & Accessories (H.K.)” with the keyword used in the account’s name itself.

To see the results of the main query of my research – „lingerie wholesale” let’s move forward till the 20th of March 2013.
I noticed that Lingerose.com jumped onto the 86th position, so I see that my activities bring the desired results.

27th of March 2013
As usually, in March I started from the broader search query „lingerie wholesale Pinterest” and surprisingly, I found our board – „Miran Lingerie Wholesale” indexed on the second position of Google search results.

10. lingerie wholesale Pinterest in Google 27.03.2013

What was interesting, in my personal opinion – this was the least attractive of the boards in Lingerose’s account – but it seems that Google doesn’t care about my sense of taste. What was more important from the SEO point of view: this board name included the query „lingerie wholesale” but on the other hand it was the newest one, with the lowest number of pins added amongst all the Lingerose’s Pinterest boards.
Checking my most important search term – “Lingerie Wholesale”, I found the same board – “Miran Lingerie Wholesale” indexed at the position number 28.
That fact made me think about it more deeply. I decided to check Pinterest search results for the main query “lingerie wholesale” and got the following results:

11. lingerie wholesale in Pinterest

As you can see at the print screen which presents the top 12 search results in Pinterest – there were 4 pins from Miran’s board. So, in general, I can say that this was the most popular brand among all the other Lingerose’s brands which pins were displayed on the very top of search results for the “Lingerie Wholesale” query in Pinterest. Of course, this might be just a coincidence. If it is not, this could mean that there is some correlation between Pinterest search results and Google search results – they might use similar factors in their algorithms. Anyway, I leave this question unanswered.

31th of March 2013
What was the last day of the first month of my proper Pinterest’s campaign?
As Lingerose’s Pinterest boards and Lingerose.com itself were getting higher in Google SERP, I decided to leave analysis of more precise query „Lingerie Wholesale Pinterest” and to be focused on „Lingerie Wholesale” only.
A great surprise – our boards were classified at the positions: 23 – 25:
the 23th position – „Miran Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 24th position – „Kostar Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 25th position – „Ava Lingerie Wholesale” board

12. Lingerie Wholesale in Google 3rd page 31.03.2013
I also checked the further results and found the other boards as follows:
the 41th position – „Tessoro Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 51th position – “Mat Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 52th position – Lingerose.com
the 61th position – „Gorsenia Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 91th position – „Pin Up Lingerie Wholesale” board
the 92th position – „Gaia Lingerie Wholesale” board
So, Google indexed all the 8 boards which included the searched keywords in their titles.
Before I go further, just a quick reminder – 3 days before Google had indexed Miran’s board at the highest position from all of my boards, so I checked Pinterest’s search results and I found 4 Miran’s pins in the first 12 results at following positions: 1, 3, 7, 10.
This was interesting correlation between Pinterest and Google search results. I decided to investigate this trace deeper. I wanted to see how many pins of each brand were classified in Pinterest for the “lingerie wholesale” query. I started from the very top to check the first 120 search results. And this is what I found:
Miran – 15 pins
Anais – 18 pins
Kostar – 24 pins
Nipplex – 20 pins
Gorteks – 2 pins
Nessa – 1 pin
Ava – 13 pins
Gaia – 6 pins
Kinga – 1 pin
Mat – 2 pins
From the above results, I selected only the boards with “lingerie wholesale” in their titles (because only these boards were indexed by Google). So, I have the following boards:
Miran Lingerie Wholesale – 15 pins
Kostar Lingerie Wholesale – 24 pins
Ava Lingerie Wholesale – 13 pins
Mat Lingerie Wholesale – 2 pins
Gaia Lingerie Wholesale – 6 pins
The first 3 boards (with the highest number of pins added) are exactly the same as the boards indexed at the positions from the 23th – to the 25th in Google’s search results.
We can clearly see that the pins from those boards were displayed very high in Pinterest as well.

Ok, so what are the factors that Google could have used to index these boards?
First of all – the keywords used in the boards’ titles. Google displayed all of my 8 boards where I used the searched keywords in the titles.
Then, Google needs to set how important for its search engine are those boards. Maybe it uses very similar factors as Pinterest does to display pins in its search results list.
Or maybe, there is some correlation between Pinterest and Google search results that I mentioned before. Google could rate a board depending on positions of pins added to this board displayed in Pinterest search results. The higher pins’ positions are in Pinterest, the more important the board is in Google. However, this seems to be very complicated, because if it is true Googlebots would have to make search queries in Pinterest.
Of course, there are some other – very important – factors as well. Why are my boards displayed, not the boards of other users? I definitely use a lot of keywords in pins’ descriptions. What is more important – Google considers my account as a strong one, not SPAMmy account, the account that doesn’t use any schedule pins tools, with all the pins added manually. The account that receives a lot of signals (my pins are very often repined and liked) with a great relation of followers to following.

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