What makes a good photo

What makes a good photo in the Pinterest reality?

As you probably know – good content is everything in the world of Internet search engines results. If your content consists of articles or essays – they’d better be brief and clear. If it’s all about pictures – you need the best pics only. Our Pinterest marketing campaigns have been so successful and effective not only because of consistency and consequence of our team but also thanks to the photos we use. Today we would like to present you some of them as an exemplary curiosity. So maybe, some day, you want to think of: what makes a good photo? It seems to be obvious, but won’t hurt you to take a minute and just think about it. What do they all have in common? Just take a look:

  • they’re all funny and colourful (it attracts the attention – the most important factor in the Internet ocean of pictures)
  • they’re of the good quality (never use so called ‘sweet photos’
  • homemade taken in front of the bathroom mirror by your mobile phone camera)
  • they’re beautiful, sexy, catchy (a little provocative maybe – it turns people on)
  • they associate with good things (summer, sun, holidays, sports, relax, music, etc. etc.
  • everyone likes to collect such moments in their lives, so naturally we also like to collect the photos capturing these moments)

From our observations – this is the type of photo content that most people like and want to share or pin.

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Mat Lingerie

MAT Lingerie

Among leading Polish producers of an exclusive lingerie, today we would like to introduce to you: MAT. There are about 150 items of this brand at our site and they are very popular amongst our customers. In January 2013 the brand was also a participant of Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris – famous lingerie expo.

The offer

Push-ups, balconette bras, plus size bras, panties, thongs, shorts, garment belts – all of those you can find in the offer of MAT Lingerie. The products are both elegant and subtle. Very popular in Europe, very feminine. Open to the customer needs, MAT’s new collections always hit the jackpot.

Antibacterial Underwear Protection

For the sake of health and safety of its customers, MAT has invented and developed the special antibacterial technology – “Trevira Bioactive”, to be entered into their collections. Antibacterial protection effect could be achieved thank to the use of silver ions and polymer in the fibers. Killing odors and leaving a feeling of freshness, the antibacterial underwear in an active way protects woman’s body from the bacteria growth. At the same time, the material used to produce MAT Lingerie is totally safe and do not cause any allergies.

MAT Wholesale at

You can find a wide offer of MAT products in all sizes and shapes on our website. In the wholesale offer of the producer there are as follows:

–          full range of different charming bras designed for every woman

–          subtle but sexy panties

–          fashionable body corsets perfect for some special occasions

–          a little bit erotic but still very elegant nightwear and hosiery

Brand name

How to Choose a Brand Name of your Online Lingerie Store II

Choosing your lingerie online store name – PART II

As we already know from the first part of this article – the name of our online lingerie store is very important and the process of creating it should be closely studied from the very beginning. If you missed some helpful information you may want to read in the previous section.

So let us assume that we have had no problems creating a list of catchy names and there is some impressive base of our potential labels. The next question is: how to verify them and decide which one is absolutely the best. There are also some interesting external factors affecting future popularity of our brand’s name so we would like to mention them as well. Listed randomly, they need to be considered all together while choosing the best one.

The key words in our domain (in the name of our online store)

It is worth noticing that the usage of the key words in our domain can be very important considering SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP (search engine results pages). However, it has been observed, that this tendency is declining nowadays. In our opinion – worth considering, but certainly – not the most important factor anymore.

Sound and meaning

As we have already written in the previous article – good sound and hit meaning make a huge difference. Those two questions are very individual for many different countries and languages, so we want to have in mind the specifics of our target market.

Melody makers

Once again talking about sound – it is important that our name is not too difficult to pronounce. We have to take into account the potential pronunciation difficulties of our future consumers. It often happens when we choose some too rare and sophisticated words, especially in the foreign languages.

If spelling is too different from pronunciation and the word is not popular at all, our future customers may not want to say it at loud – because of the fear of failure (being “funny” saying it at loud or being not comprehensive). In some extreme cases it can even lead them to avoid buying our products… And that is definitely opposite of what we want.

Another essential matter is spelling. Running own company it often happens that we must spell our company’s name, e.g. on the phone. As we have already said in the previous article – it is good for the label to be short.

Excuse me, once again – what did you mean?

No harm to do a little research and make sure that there is no negative meaning associated with our chosen name in its original language. It is easy to “feel it” in our local market but when you try to sell your products to some foreign customers – that may sometimes be tricky. Easily revealed – just ask some native speaker of the chosen language – either your friend or some stranger met at any Internet language forum. The other way is to use Google Advanced Search. If you set the target language, look for the word and do not find any answers – there probably are not any connotations. If you find many entries – you may want to make sure about it and check most of them. Google translator is very helpful there or once again – asking some native speakers.

The art of choosing

So now we have narrowed the list of our potential names – it is high time we chose our best of the best. What needs to be remembered here is a following point of order: the availability. The only thing needs to be done here is to go to our domain supplier and check if our dream name is not used by anybody else. The website: is very helpful here and we can strongly recommend using it. Of course, there are many other sites providing similar services here.

Another important factor is your domain extension – that is what follows your website name after a dot, e.g. in the website address: the extension is: “com”.
This determinant depends on the country (or maybe the target market rather) in which you plan to work. If it is one country only you will probably want to choose the extension typical for it.

For instance:

The UK –
France – .fr
Italy – .it
Germany – .de
Poland – .pl

Et cetera, et cetera…

For more international enterprises we encourage you to choose the most popular:


…and so on.

The End

If we are at the finish line of all those complicated recruitment processes – let us get a little break. Then, go back to the topic with some ‘fresh head’. Say it at loud, listen to yourself and check how it sounds. Ask some friends – their first reaction will always verify your choice, as it can be very easily observed if some word is a catch.

Hopefully, you have succeeded and there is no need to start our “castings” from the beginning… It is the high time you registered it now! 🙂

Brand name


Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bras

The latest decision of Angelina Jolie (famous Hollywood actress, wife of popular movie star – Brad Pitt and mother of six children) about having a preventive double mastectomy shocked the world, caused a storm in a teacup and numerous discussions.

The case of Angelina

A 38 year old celebrity decided to have a removal and treatment of breast reconstruction surgery after she was diagnosed to carry a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which sharply increased her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is different in the case of each woman, but Angelina’s doctors estimated she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. Angelina, who had lost her mother to the same type of cancer, decided to minimize the risk and have a surgery of a preventive double mastectomy.

The celebrity described the whole experience in the magazine of New York Times. In the article “My Medical Choice” Jolie explains why it is so important for women to know they have options, how she personally managed to go through these difficult times and also – that she does not regret it at all. Angelina assured she does not feel any less of a woman: “I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity” and thanked her partner – Brad Pitt, for his love and support.

Now, the risk of having a breast cancer for Angelina Jolie is less than 5% and after the treatment of breast reconstruction she says she looks the same and only some small scars can remind her of that experience. Certainly, she does not have to think about it every day and worry looking into the future of her children. Whether it was a good decision or not, one is certain – the courage of Mrs. Pitt is for sure the best anti-cancer campaign and the greatest inspiration for women all other the world.

Amazons vs. Victoria’s Secret    

Victoria’s Secret, one of the most recognized manufacturers of lingerie in the world, received a petition signed by 130,000 women. It was a request – begin to produce bras for women after mastectomy. The petition was commented by Victoria’s Secret: “We did a research and found out that producing a bra for women after mastectomy is a very complex, almost scientific. As a result, we believe that it is better to our clients the favor by continuing to subsidize breast cancer research. ”

However, there are other companies which, as it turns out, possessed the ability to produce scientific bra after mastectomy for women – one of them is presented at our site: a producer of Medibra.

Mastectomy Bras at

If you had a loved one suffering from cancer, you know that it is a disease that affects the whole family. Impotence is the most common feeling that accompanies it. If this battle is won there is the strongest dream of returning to normal. For women this normality is also a beautiful lingerie. “I’d rather not Victoria’s Secret fashion show organized Byzantine, but spent the money on making scientific bra.” – many women claim.

Content in king

How to build a Successful Content II

Powerful content

Think of your favourite newspaper or magazine. Every month you go to the store to buy it and this has not changed for years. What is it in it that makes us come back and buy another issue? We like it – of course. But there are also two major factors which subconsciously influence our mind. Those will be: frequency and quality.

As for frequency – there is probably no need to explain it further. Nobody wants to “hunt” for their favourite treat or wait anxiously to buy it again some time in the future. On the other hand, if we know exactly when our favourite pastime is about to appear, we can schedule it and that way make it our regular “must have”.

And what about quality? Just because something is published does not mean it is good. High quality is for sure the most important thing which had attracted us in the first place. Different people equals different needs. The editor of our favorite press knows exactly about it and consequently sticks to the plan. That is why we can count on e.g. pictures of cute girls in manly magazines, a little bit of humor in less serious newspaper, hot celebrity gossip in tabloids or some accurate and professional advice in business press.

Writing our lingerie store’s blog, visiting social theme forums or running our professional profile we want to be such an editor. And our newspaper is the online content signed with the logo of our company or brand. How to make it successful? There are some practical tips we have collected for you:

1. Be Regular – it is said that nowadays individuals need about 10.4 sources of information before they make a purchase decision. In a world of such a competition systematic publishing a valuable info is a necessity.
2. Do Not Repeat Yourself – do not sacrifice creativity under the pressure of production. Content made for content’s sake may lack originality and become simply boring.
3. Run Editorial Calendar – planning your long-term projects and writing down all your ideas immediately may be very helpful while organizing and reviewing your work.
4. 70/20/10 Rule – according to its author Eric Schmidt, the rule introduced to Google in 2005 requires the employees to dedicate 70% of their time to core business tasks, 20% to related projects and 10% to unrelated activities. In our case, it means that the majority of our content will be lingerie business’ core expertise and satisfying the customer’s top needs. Remaining 20% of our space we can fulfill with some related topics and leave about 10% of it to run experiments with some new ideas (room for risk and steps into unknown territory, to explore further opportunities maybe.)
5. Being on Top – this way we have come to another point – being “it store”. If there are “it girls” nowadays and some “it magazines” there can also be some “it stores”. Expertise in your field and create your contents as a girl creates her outfits – focusing on being noticeable but not wearing too much, with all the trendy accessories but being faithful to the individual style at the same time.

Following those rules you can be sure to build something strong and something “real”. That means, if you maintain to a content mix which keeps your audience interested, presents your brand capabilities and provides space for some new ideas – you will create your own, individual style at the same time. And if there are people looking for it, you will easily be “googled” (well found in search engines’ results).

Once published, if it is reliable and accurate, it can become more and more popular without your further help then. As people are bored with clichés today you need to be original and often share your experience, sometimes educate your readers.
To attract their attention – provoke them a little and try to inspire them. Sometimes, it is a good idea to arouse some controversy.
Being published regularly on your website, taking care of the details and sharing your experience and ideas in discussions with other experts at their blogs or some theme forums should encourage them to revisit.
This way, building so strong and consequent content, you will create original and noticeable image of your company at the same time.

In the next article please read about some further ways to enrich your content – that is: image building at numerous social media sites and the specific description of their roles and possibilities they give to its users.

Content in king


Antibacterial Lingerie

Technologies and Antibacterial Lingerie – innovative underwear with antibacterial active silver ions.

Ever wondered – what does the statement: “products of the best quality” mean? As it goes with the lingerie production, Lingerose has decided to examine the processes involved.

We took a closer look at the techniques used by manufacturers whose products have been presented in our lingerie wholesale offer.

As Polish producers of luxurious lingerie pay particular attention to the quality of their products, those are always of the highest standards.

Firstly, the brands purchase their raw materials directly from the producers. And those will be the most renowned companies such us for example: INVISTA (Lycra), Fulgar, Nilit – the Gabriella’s producers ensure.

Kinga Lingerie: “For sewing our underwear we use the best quality materials, such as satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique complements. Our lingerie not only looks good but also feels comfortable on a woman’s body.”

Another exclusive lingerie producer – Gracya, also ensures about the best quality textiles: laces, embroideries and nets used in their production lines.

Axami manufacturers confirm again about the highest quality of their fabrics:  “Delicate tulles, lace and satin mostly, but also nice in touch microfibre and unique-soft cotton which allows the lingerie to fit perfectly to your body and guarantees the comfort of wearing” – says the producer. Those luxurious fabrics are imported mainly from France, Italy, Spain and Austria

Not only the yarn comes from the most exquisite source, but also the equipment used in the production lines is internationally ‘famous’ for its reliability. As we further find out from Gabriella’s manufacturers, they use Italian, British and Japanese machinery from the following companies: Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocator.

As Gaia lingerie specialists remind – all the models are created in the companies’ studios and an experienced staff of highly qualified specialists is in charge of creating them. The specialists are also equipped very well nowadays – most of the companies own the highest standard computer programs which unbelievably improve those processes. So precisely designed lingerie is almost ready, at this point, to “be born”.

Ava Lingerie about their newest technologies and machines: “In order to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients, the quality and image of our products is constantly being perfected. Since the 1st of December, 2010, we have possessed a highly innovative machine that allows us to tailor all the materials needed for the manufacture of the lingerie. Therefore, the final products formed in the process of mass production do not differ structurally from the prototype developed by hand in the construction department. Additionally, when connecting the materials to each other, the seams are thinner and thus our underwear is even more delicate than before.“

Using the latest technology, machinery, equipment and creating products based on raw materials in the world recognized manufacturers helps the designers to create collections one of the kind.

As the experts from the Gortex company explain, the most modern engine parks and the nanotechnology processes enable producers to make the “antibacterial lingerie” – applying ions of silver. Those happened to be worldwide famous for being a natural protection of a bacteria growth. (To read more about those ‘natural bacteria killers’ please read our next article).


Silver Collection – antibacterial lingerie

Special antibacterial techniques are used by all of our presented producers to create new lingerie lines called “Silver Collection”. They all agree:

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we used an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the polymer fibre, allowed to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies.”