Axami Strapless Bra in black

Special Task Bras

I guess any of us have ever had that kind of problem – our amazing prom or elegant dress and our bra’s strap mess up the whole look. Don’t worry might be worse – a dress with open back and your visible bra’s back closure.

How do we feel then – annoyed and definitely not confident – all eyes on us or our underwear rather – ok maybe I exaggerate a bit, but definitely we don’t feel comfortable as we’d like to and we deserve to. We just want to look beautiful and in this case our everyday bra just doesn’t match.

Don’t worry, of course in today’s article we try to address this issue with the proposition of special task bras. The first presented model is V-5780 Basic by Axami Lingerie with amazing designed cups – padded with additional push-up to enhance your bust. Silicone straps and transparent strip on the back guarantee the desired effect – being invisible. The result really goes beyond our expectation as the bra perfectly matches your v-neck or dress with open-back. This model is classic and multifunctional available in the following colors: white, black, beige.

But that’s not all what we have prepared for you. Below we present 3 products that might replace traditional bra and meet our needs.

Low Back Strap

Silicone Strap Bra Axami Black Silicone Strap Bra Axami Beige Silicone Strap Bra Axami White

You may wear your favorite backless top without any concern. The clasp might be easily hidden under your clothes and the bra supports your bust very well at the same time.

Specialist Silicone Bras

Low-Back Strap Bra Nipplex Ava 69 Low-Back Strap Bra Nipplex Lena 02

They are literally self-supporting, providing you with full wearing comfort without any straps and the back strip or closure. The fastening has been positioned at the front, between the cups. The silicone material features the special property of adjusting itself to your body temperature very quickly. Might be worn under other bras as the additional push-up support.

The other silicone model is coated externally with fabric that imitates a classic bra. In order to be held well on the bust the internal side is coated with a special medical adhesive. Unfortunately this model is dedicated for small breasts only.

Nipple Covers

nipple cover black flower Nipple covers in beige flower shape nipple covers heart shape

The last product we want to present today are nipple covers. They provide comfort, protection and discretion. Perfectly for smooth, lace or transparent tops and dresses. Available in two colors: beige and black and various patterns.

Lingerie set Mat Mirra

Latest lingerie collections autumn-winter 2014-2015

Like every year after the hot summer, time for autumn and winter and it’s time to present the latest lingerie collection of autumn/winter 2014/2015 as well. Also designers’ imagination try to follow the upcoming cold season focusing on the following colors: black, gold, navy blue ink, subtle plum, burgundy, gray, etc.. However, in order to enliven subdued colors they didn’t forget about using motifs of wealth and abundance. So underwear products are decorated with charming ribbons and glittering details. They perfectly match delicate lace, beautiful embroidery and the sheen of silk satin.

Everyone can find something really interesting and … alluring.


Boring Color of Lingerie?!

What is the most dull lingerie color? According to many customers reviews it is beige or flesh color – boring, subdued and with no sex appeal. Is it really so bad? In today’s article we are going to present advantages of beige underwear, indeed – always look on the bright side of life.

Ok, so what are the pros of flesh color lingerie?

It is a better version of classic white color and it perfectly matches your black or colored apparel. As the so-called “second skin” it is less visible under clothes than any other color lingerie. It also matches to all kind of light, translucent and bright outfit. Imagine white dress or seamless skirt with beige panties – they just disappear and become invisible. Many women don’t like the contrast created by different colors of worn lingerie and clothing, so flesh color underwear will be very good idea as it is presented very gently and feminine, despite of many objections.

In our Lingerose offer we have a lot of smooth, seamless and silicone cups bras as well as more sophisticated ones decorated with lace and embroideries, all of them in beige – charming, delicate and alluring.

Despite it might be not the best idea for your hot date wearing this particular color of lingerie, it is really worth to have “invisible” underwear for everyday purposes.

Below we present our beige bras offers, available at Lingerose: