Shapewear, Corrective and Modeling Underwear

The perfect silhouette – no diet, no sacrifice, no workout. It sounds like another cheap ad of some magic formula that helps us to lose our weight. But the first sentence is really true when it comes to the lingerie we want to describe in today’s blog post article. Our modeling underwear products will help you lose your weight and smooth nasty wrinkles on your skin.

ESOTIQ New Body – Slim Shaping Effect!

Breakthrough – that’s how the ESOTIQ collection has been hailed by the experts. The modeling lingerie was made of the micro-fiber nylon micro-capsules containing active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, vitamin E, ceramides or aloe vera, that can improve the micro-circulation of blood, and also have a significant impact on the process of fat burning. Finally you can achieve your goals, wearing this shape-wear you can burn superfluous pounds, get rid of cellulite and model your silhouette. Active micro-capsules may retain their properties up to a hundred washes. The results have been proven clinically.

Below we present some results noticed after 28 days of using the products. Surveyed women wore modeling underwear at least 8 hours a day. The whole test was conducted by independent laboratories.

What surveyed women noticed exactly

– 76% – the difference in circumference
– 63% – smoothing the cellulite
– 72% – a sense of lightness


This is another luxury lingerie brand available at Lingerose that offers corrective underwear, created for women who appreciate beauty and discretion. The collections were made of modern, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic knitted fabrics. All the products feature comfort and high quality as the lingerie is non-compression and distorted. The silicone finish applied guarantees that your panties will not slide down.

If you believe that you can wear modeling underwear when it is cold outside only, you are wrong. This is one of the myths about corrective lingerie and it stems from the belief that an extra layer under your clothes causes a feeling of discomfort and irritation of your skin. Which might be even true when it comes to synthetic underwear, but high quality shapewear, especially for the summer should be made of lightweight, breathable material. It doesn’t have to be cotton but it should contain at least two key properties – hygroscopic and antibacterial, that make you feel comfortable without feeling of any extra layers.

Therefore, ladies before a purchase decision, please read the label or product’s description carefully and enjoy the graceful silhouette all year round.


Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bras

The latest decision of Angelina Jolie (famous Hollywood actress, wife of popular movie star – Brad Pitt and mother of six children) about having a preventive double mastectomy shocked the world, caused a storm in a teacup and numerous discussions.

The case of Angelina

A 38 year old celebrity decided to have a removal and treatment of breast reconstruction surgery after she was diagnosed to carry a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which sharply increased her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is different in the case of each woman, but Angelina’s doctors estimated she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. Angelina, who had lost her mother to the same type of cancer, decided to minimize the risk and have a surgery of a preventive double mastectomy.

The celebrity described the whole experience in the magazine of New York Times. In the article “My Medical Choice” Jolie explains why it is so important for women to know they have options, how she personally managed to go through these difficult times and also – that she does not regret it at all. Angelina assured she does not feel any less of a woman: “I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity” and thanked her partner – Brad Pitt, for his love and support.

Now, the risk of having a breast cancer for Angelina Jolie is less than 5% and after the treatment of breast reconstruction she says she looks the same and only some small scars can remind her of that experience. Certainly, she does not have to think about it every day and worry looking into the future of her children. Whether it was a good decision or not, one is certain – the courage of Mrs. Pitt is for sure the best anti-cancer campaign and the greatest inspiration for women all other the world.

Amazons vs. Victoria’s Secret    

Victoria’s Secret, one of the most recognized manufacturers of lingerie in the world, received a petition signed by 130,000 women. It was a request – begin to produce bras for women after mastectomy. The petition was commented by Victoria’s Secret: “We did a research and found out that producing a bra for women after mastectomy is a very complex, almost scientific. As a result, we believe that it is better to our clients the favor by continuing to subsidize breast cancer research. ”

However, there are other companies which, as it turns out, possessed the ability to produce scientific bra after mastectomy for women – one of them is presented at our site: a producer of Medibra.

Mastectomy Bras at

If you had a loved one suffering from cancer, you know that it is a disease that affects the whole family. Impotence is the most common feeling that accompanies it. If this battle is won there is the strongest dream of returning to normal. For women this normality is also a beautiful lingerie. “I’d rather not Victoria’s Secret fashion show organized Byzantine, but spent the money on making scientific bra.” – many women claim.


Antibacterial Lingerie

Technologies and Antibacterial Lingerie – innovative underwear with antibacterial active silver ions.

Ever wondered – what does the statement: “products of the best quality” mean? As it goes with the lingerie production, Lingerose has decided to examine the processes involved.

We took a closer look at the techniques used by manufacturers whose products have been presented in our lingerie wholesale offer.

As Polish producers of luxurious lingerie pay particular attention to the quality of their products, those are always of the highest standards.

Firstly, the brands purchase their raw materials directly from the producers. And those will be the most renowned companies such us for example: INVISTA (Lycra), Fulgar, Nilit – the Gabriella’s producers ensure.

Kinga Lingerie: “For sewing our underwear we use the best quality materials, such as satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique complements. Our lingerie not only looks good but also feels comfortable on a woman’s body.”

Another exclusive lingerie producer – Gracya, also ensures about the best quality textiles: laces, embroideries and nets used in their production lines.

Axami manufacturers confirm again about the highest quality of their fabrics:  “Delicate tulles, lace and satin mostly, but also nice in touch microfibre and unique-soft cotton which allows the lingerie to fit perfectly to your body and guarantees the comfort of wearing” – says the producer. Those luxurious fabrics are imported mainly from France, Italy, Spain and Austria

Not only the yarn comes from the most exquisite source, but also the equipment used in the production lines is internationally ‘famous’ for its reliability. As we further find out from Gabriella’s manufacturers, they use Italian, British and Japanese machinery from the following companies: Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocator.

As Gaia lingerie specialists remind – all the models are created in the companies’ studios and an experienced staff of highly qualified specialists is in charge of creating them. The specialists are also equipped very well nowadays – most of the companies own the highest standard computer programs which unbelievably improve those processes. So precisely designed lingerie is almost ready, at this point, to “be born”.

Ava Lingerie about their newest technologies and machines: “In order to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients, the quality and image of our products is constantly being perfected. Since the 1st of December, 2010, we have possessed a highly innovative machine that allows us to tailor all the materials needed for the manufacture of the lingerie. Therefore, the final products formed in the process of mass production do not differ structurally from the prototype developed by hand in the construction department. Additionally, when connecting the materials to each other, the seams are thinner and thus our underwear is even more delicate than before.“

Using the latest technology, machinery, equipment and creating products based on raw materials in the world recognized manufacturers helps the designers to create collections one of the kind.

As the experts from the Gortex company explain, the most modern engine parks and the nanotechnology processes enable producers to make the “antibacterial lingerie” – applying ions of silver. Those happened to be worldwide famous for being a natural protection of a bacteria growth. (To read more about those ‘natural bacteria killers’ please read our next article).


Silver Collection – antibacterial lingerie

Special antibacterial techniques are used by all of our presented producers to create new lingerie lines called “Silver Collection”. They all agree:

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we used an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the polymer fibre, allowed to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies.”


Ag+ as a natural bacteria killer

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we have been using an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the fibre polymer, allow to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies” – this is what the manufacturers of luxurious lingerie lines say about the newest technologies used in the production of their underwear. would like to familiarize a little bit with the concept of producing antibacterial underwear. To do so, we want to describe how the usage of silver ions in the materials works.

It eliminates odor. Non-sensitising and non-irritant. Excellent durability and wash results (exceptional reduction of bacterial grow even after 100 launderings). Those are some facts in a nutshell.

To compare: wearing clothes made of some untreated fabrics allow some bacteria and organisms to multiply in larger populations. That can be dangerous for your health – increasing body odor, allergic reactions and numerous infections caused by some organisms such as popular today: MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Legionella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Coryntbacterium spp, etc. Tests show that after 10 hours in the untreated fabrics bacterial growth rises up to 100.000.000 colonies. At the same time Ag+ treated fabric has over 99.9% less bacteria with only 10 bacterial colonies! The reduction of bacteria and organisms on fabrics worn close to the skin provides comfort and a feeling of freshness. Not to mention that it is completely safe for your health. And with no comparison – much more safe than wearing fabrics of a questionable quality.

As ‘silver control’ or ‘silver protection’ technologies restrict the grow of bacteria to reduce the threat of their harmful growth effects, they have been described by the manufacturers as “tackling infections and organisms at source – a natural silver bacteria killer”. We are very happy to hear it and exciting to tell you all about those innovative technologies created for health and comfort of wearing.


Intimate health and underwear

Numerous health problems – from minor infections to serious civilization diseases tend to be determinant of our time. Female body is especially sensitive to that. Most women often complain about some discomforts and the most popular seem to be intimate infections and health problems. Various symptoms such as: itch, rash, whites, strange odors – all of those can disturb our everyday life. And they happen to do that at least once in a life time or at some especially annoying cases – regularly.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to stop being a subject of viruses and bacteria attacks? Or maybe you think that “it is just the way it goes nowadays…”

Is it?

No. It is not.

All you have to realize is to make this fact clear if front of yourself: it is your choice – how you live. You can personally choose where to go, what to do and what not…

What to eat and what to wear to feel better. Simple as that.

Just say it at loud: “I do not agree.” To be a fool living too fast and eating poisonous food. To be a victim of civilization diseases caused by chemicals in the closest surroundings…

“The air is polluted” – you may say. Ok, that is true. One may not be able to decide what to breathe… But that fact does not mean that you cannot decide any of the other important factors. And here we go with the magic word – quality.

It is not a coincidence that for the best quality you have to pay more. However, it is not just a blur vision of some mannered designers creating posh labels. The words: “exclusive” and “luxurious” often mean that the raw materials used during the production processes are simply more difficult to get and more expensive to buy at the same time. On the other hand, European markets have deliberately been flooded with some cheap and often tacky products from Asia, produced not only with the lowest quality, but often even opposite to European standards.

However, “being tacky” seems to be the slightest concern… Women constantly complain about their ‘female infections’ – they go to a doctor and ask some questions rarely getting the accurate, satisfying enough, answers. We look for special cleansing diets, buy more probiotics, exchange fancy cosmetics for some grey soaps, anxiously resign from going to the public swimming pools, wearing tampons and thongs… But. Have you ever considered that what matters is not only “how you wear it” but also what actually are you wearing?”.

What is closer to the female body than the everyday lingerie? Imagine wearing it cheap. “Made in China” chemicals in your most intimate body parts… Those may be panties causing ‘only’ rash or sometimes not very comfortable bras, with oppressive for you breasts – wires… Artificial colors which fade away with every little wash. And the rest of those hazardous substances released with your sweat during some physical exercises or daily routine…

Chemicals in the textile industry.

Nobody talks about it. And nobody will. Simply because of a huge amount of money which the biggest textile companies make out of this monkey business.

Now imagine wearing soft materials designed and adjusted to protect your intimate health. Precisely tailored they are nothing more than comfortable to wear. And the freshness is still there when you undress… Perhaps you will have to pay a little more and buy just one instead of many cheaper sets. Don’t you think it is worth it? To invest not only in the quality of your female accessories, but also in your health…

Do not be a fool anymore. Make a difference. For yourself.

Schick aber schädlich

Fashion Victims – movie

We would like to present „Fashion Victims movie in which the director Inge Altmeier shows behind the scenes production of lingerie and clothing in Asia.

Unfortunately, there was no movie in English or with English subtitles available, so we have decided to show the original version in German and translate the chosen parts of it (associated to lingerie) into English.

What you get is what you see – and the closest to the body is a seductive lingerie. Coffee black and damn sexy. Produced all over the world.

Toxic substances are not the subject of interest of the fashion world elite. What counts is style, especially when we talk about always in fashion – black.

As Ayrelie Couvret from Aubade French Lingerie says:

“Seductive, perfect and over time, looks good on everybody. Black is chic, sexy,  charming, but on the other hand it is a good solution to wear everyday.  Both women and men share equal weakness to this colour.”

What dangers are hidden behind this sexy appeal of black colour?

According to Adeline Desjonqueres, Chantele Lingerie:

“It is very difficult to produce black lingerie of the desired tone and colour deepness, good enough to not lose their quality after washing”.

This process requires a lot of chemicals and what about ‘ecological black lingerie’?

– we are asking fashion expert Florence Peyrichou (NellyRodi):

“There is no other colour like that, the materials need to be chemically treated, we do not know any ecological ways to dye the fabrics.”

That explains why black lingerie contains Azo compounds. Sometimes, they can be also found in some red items.

The doctor of the Institute of Environmental Health, Klaus Dietrich-Runow, explains:

“Those chemicals cause illnesses and allergies among more and more people all around the world.”

Symptoms of poisoning are becoming more popular. The diagnosis of Klaus Runow has been confirmed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. All the examined big departure stores ex-workers had chemicals in their blood.

None of the big trade networks would like to be connected with something like that. Labels do not inform us about the percentage of chemicals used – the lists would be very long. Even some exclusive European brands try to bluff and do not say anything about the place of the origin of textiles.

“No, it is not written like that. There is only: ‘designed in France’ – voilà!” – says Adeline Desjonqueres (Chantelle).

It is very difficult to determine where the materials for “designed in France” lingerie come from. In case of cotton, investigation leads to some Indian dyeing factories. In Asia the Azo components are permitted. Besides, chlorine is often used – as it is the cheapest. The darker colours – the more dangerous substances to dye the fabrics. To gain glitter they also use some heavy metals.

In Asia they produce a lot of prohibited in Europe chemicals. Most of factories do not even have their names on the buildings. The production of materials equals the sacrifice and suffering of local people working with deadly chemicals. Nobody cares about the environment. International companies in Asia are not bounded by any of European regulations…

Schick aber schädlich
Asian Lingerie

Can Asian lingerie kill? Made of chemicals.

Clothing and footwear produced in Asia may be very dangerous, both – for manufacturers and buyers.

As the fashion experts say, it is very hard to produce fabrics of a deeply black color and prevent them from becoming pale and fading. You need a lot of chemicals in order to achieve that. So that is the other side of a seductive cheap black lingerie – to color it loads of harmful components are needed.

You can find many articles and discussions on the Internet about harmful side effects of producing and wearing that cheap Asian textiles. In 2011, Germany, a very interesting documentary film ‘Fashion Victims’ by Inge Altemeier had its premiere. The movie makers examined the situation in Asian factories. The investigation happened to be shocking! It seems that the production methods do not meet any worldwide standards and the quality of products exported to Europe raises big concerns.

In China and India clothes, lingerie and shoes are being produced with the usage of harmful for people chemicals – among others insecticides (those are chemicals designed to kill insects)! The employees working at the production lines die in mass because of cancer. Those harmful fabrics are also dangerous for buyers – 99% of cotton is produced with chemicals!

For the most dangerous we can consider a cheap black lingerie as there is no safe method to dye it. The quality of color goes hand in hand with the sacrifice of lingerie quality itself. ‘Made in China’ often equals: made in shocking and scandalous conditions. Subsequently, those products go in mass to the European market…

The most terrifying factor is that the biggest western department stores buy in mass in Asia – mainly because it is very cheap. Clients, glad that they can easily afford to buy many products in competitive prices, do not even know how it threatens their health and sometimes – even their lives!

In the movie by Inge Alteimer there are shown people who suffered from various allergies and illnesses caused by those harmful textiles. Very often, even the doctors could not find the reasons of those suspicious symptoms… The special medical tests were needed to find out about chemicals in blood of the victims.

Asian Lingerie
Detox Fashion

Detox Fashion

Deadly chemical substances in clothing of the biggest brands?! Greenpeace calling to start detoxication!

The dangerous chemical substances which may cause cancer or hormonal disorders have recently been discovered in products of the most famous brands! – that is the latest statement of Greenpeace organization located in Beijing. The foundation has even started a campaign: “Detox Zara”.

In 2012 Greenpeace bought samples of top 20 brands selling their products in 29 countries and world regions. Those were mainly dresses, t-shirts, trousers and lingerie items made in China and some other developing countries. Then the products were tested and the results happened to be terrifying. In two thirds of 141 clothing samples the nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE – detergents which are endocrine disrupting) have been found! Besides the fabrics also contained phthalates and carcinogenic dyes (cancer causing chemicals).

Concerning brands are the biggest in the market and if they agree to ‘detox’ their dirty politics, other smaller companies will have to follow them. In this context, seven major international companies have committed to change. Those are: Puma, Nike, Adidas, H&M, M&S, C&A and Li-Ning.

On the other hand, another textile giant – Zara, stays indifferent to ‘go toxic-free’ appeals. That is the reason of the ‘Detox Zara’ campaign which seems to be very effective, as volunteers from all over the world – fashion lovers, activists, bloggers and denizens of social media began to share their desire for ‘fashion without pollution!’ and after a week of intense public pressure the Inditex group seems to be more willing to solve its toxic pollution problem. Zara commitment to get rid of the hazardous chemicals would be a milestone in the way clothing is manufactured.

Still, among the brands where NPE was also found there are: Calvin Klein, Levi’s, GAP, Esprit, Diesel, Only, Vero Moda, Benetton, Emporio Armani and Mango.

In 2011 two reports (“Dirty Laundry” and “Dirty Laundry II”) were published by Greenpeace. You can read there how the biggest textile suppliers cause pollution of Chinese rivers. The same hazardous chemical substances were then discovered in their fabrics! To see how Greenpeace is aiming to detox fashion, watch here:

Detox Fashion