15. lingerie wholesale GM IRL

Pinterest impact on Google – May – part 5

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May was the third month of my campaign and comparing to April I decided to slow down a little bit. I mean – in terms of number of the pins added. As you may see from the stats below, I added almost five times less pins than in the previous month. However, it didn’t change as much when we consider the other stats numbers such as: repins, impressions or visits to Lingerose.com.

According to the stats in May there were total of:

  • 620 pins added from Lingerose.com
  • 11532 pins from Lingerose.com were repinned
  • 4.025.257 impressions of pins from Lingerose.com
  • 3565 visits to Lingerose.com

Lingerose May

As you may see later, in May, as Lingerose.com gets higher in SERP, the positions of Lingerose’s boards get lower. Also my analysis is focused on the site itself rather than the boards. It is obvious that from the campaign’s point of view this was the main aim and it was much more important.

6th of May 2013
Another day of glory – Lingerose.com jumped onto the third page of Google results for the „lingerie wholesale” query. In the United States it was classified at the 26th position. Recently, I didn’t change the strategy, so it was the matter of time and/or my Pinterest’s account verification. To Google it might have seemed to be more reliable.
This was a very positive signal for me, which made me sure that the direction I followed was the right one.

19th of May 2013
That day, I noticed that the position of Lingerose in Google dropped down. In my browser, it was classified on the 34th position (the last time – the 25th position). In the US it was not so bad. Lingerose.com dropped to the 30th position. The same position was in the UK’s search results.

Ok, so it’s time for a small summary to see what could have happened. I’m going back to the beginning of May. I didn’t add a lot of pins but on the 6th of May I discovered the Lingerose’s highest result ever (the 25th position) for “lingerie wholesale” in Google.
In the meantime, the first week of May I was invited to many group boards to contribute. On the 7th of May I started adding a lot of pins there. From the 10th to the 13th of May I was really active and added lots of photos. Lingerose’s account received a lot of signals (new followers, repins and likes) and our position in Google should have been higher. But it wasn’t like that. It was the opposite and Lingerose.com position dropped.
I think it was too much for Google. I mean – too many pins added and signals received in a short period of time. I described the similar situation of one of the group boards that I belonged to in March’s analysis. So once again – do not “overpin” and be careful with a number of pins added.
To see if that theory was true, I decided to slow down the next days, adding similar pins’ number as I did at the end of April and at the beginning of May. I wanted to see if I could get back that lost position.

24-30 of May 2013
And I did. Lingerose.com got even higher than before.

14. lingerie wholesale GM US

On the 24th of May I noticed that the site reached the 15th position in the The US Google.
2 days later, on the 26th of May, it was even higher. In the United States, Lingerose was indexed at the 9th position and in Ireland – the position number 4!

15. lingerie wholesale GM IRL

I still didn’t take those results seriously, as the fluctuation of the Lingerose.com position in those days was really huge. I checked our SERP every day and noticed the following results:
27th of May – 9
28th of May – 21
29th of May – 20
30th of May – 22
The UK
27th of May – 17
28th of May – out of 40
29th of May – out of 40
30th of May – 30
On the 30th of May I made a decision that was truly difficult for me – I stopped adding pins and repinning my photos to see how the results would change. I wasn’t happy about that decision because, since the beginning of March, I was pinning and repining every day. On the other hand, I knew, I had to do this for the purpose of this research.

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Lingerose April

Pinterest impact on Google – April – part 4

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And that’s how we came to April. This was another month of a very hard work. The main strategy had already been created and what was more important – it worked really well. Our SERP were constantly improving. However, I wasn’t going to stop testing new ways to get better and better results.
Below, I present the stats of Pinterest’s activity in April.

According to them there were total of:

  • 2910 pins added from Lingerose.com
  • 22770 pins from Lingerose.com were repinned
  • 6.327.720 impressions of pins from Lingerose.com
  • 5400 visits to Lingerose.com

Lingerose April

For the purpose of my research, in April I started checking results in the Google Monitor tool, to see what are the positions of Lingerose and its Pinterest’s boards in many different countries around the world.

9th of April 2013
This is the first comparison of the results displayed in different countries. Typing in „Lingerie Wholesale” in the Google Monitor I checked the first 40 results in the following countries:
The United States
26 “Kinga Lingerie Wholesale”
27 “Tessoro Lingerie Wholesale”
28 “Miran Lingerie Wholesale”
29 “Kostar Lingerie Wholesale”
40 “Gorsenia Lingerie Wholesale”
the main and the biggest board “lingerie wholesale” was not indexed in the top 40.
The United Kingdom
36 „Lingerie Wholesale”
37 “Kinga Lingerie Wholesale”
35 “Lingerie Wholesale”
36 “Kinga Lingerie Wholesale”
37 “Miran Lingerie Wholesale”

Checking my browser, I found Lingerose.com at the 49th position. So, it was still getting higher.

16-17 of April 2013
These are two very important days for Lingerose’s SERP.
On the 16th of April I noticed that Lingerose.com finally reached the 4th page of Google. From then on, it got easier to find the position of the site worldwide using the Google Monitor – as I didn’t want to exceed default settings of the 40 results displayed.
The second day – the 17th of April 2013 – was even more important. This was the day when I was asked to verify Lingerose.com in Pinterest. I was wondering how it would affect its SERP in Google.
So, the site verification is another factor that might have a positive impact of Pinterest on Google.

29th of April 2013
At the end of April, Lingerose’s Pinterest boards reached the second page of Google search results. However, the position of Lingerose.com didn’t change despite the fact that the account was positively verified as mentioned before. But as another months showed – that fact had a very positive impact.
Below, I present the results which come from The United States:
18. „Lingerie Wholesale” board
19. „Kinga Lingerie Wholesale” board
26. „Gorsenia Lingerie Wholesale” board
40. Lingerose.com

13. google monitor US

My main board, with lots of pins, was indexed as the most important one. In this board, all pins descriptions included the „lingerie wholesale” query. The query was also used in the board’s title and in its description. So, these results confirm – once again – the importance of those factors for SERP.
In Canada Lingerose.com reached the position number 36.

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