How to choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

It’s summertime! Best time to get tanned lazing on the beach, but hold on – don’t you need a beachwear that suit you perfectly? You need to feel well and comfortable as this guarantees you successful holidays. So you have to make a careful choice before choosing the right bathing suit. Remember that any beach is the place where you can’t hide anything – yes, all eyes on you – or actually you can, but listen carefully as we offer you a great advice. Instead of chasing the latest beachwear trends, focus more on the right for your silhouette swimsuit cut. Don’t worry we are going to tell you how to do it.

How to Choose Best Beachwear for Your Body Type

Below we present 5 of the most common figure types. Look carefully, find your one and follow the further instructions. Just a few clever tricks and you will look marvelous.


1 TRIANGLE – also known as a pier, for example Jennifer Lopez

– narrow shoulders
– fairly small breasts
– a flat abdomen
– slim waist and hips
– round thighs and buttocks

You have wide hips and your upper parts of the body are narrow.
Select a bra with spaghetti straps that will make your arms look a bit wider than they actually are. If you have a bust try push-up bra. What about the bottom? With this silhouette type the best result you get is wearing boxer-shorts. However if you want to stay with panties, choose low-rise one that have a positive visual effect on the line of your legs and hips. Go for contrasting colors, for instance bright and patterned top combined with dark bottom.

The best cut for you is one-piece swim-wear, if you choose two-pieces, remember to buy a pareo, that helps you hide wide hips. Forget about bikini and thongs.

 triangle-swimwear-two-pieces triangle-beachwear-one-piece triangle-beachwear-two-pieces triangle-swimwear

2 V SHAPE – also known as a triangle downward, for example Cameron Diaz

– straight arms
– ample bust
– narrow waist and hips

You are wider at the top, your silhouette tapers down.
To make your silhouette look more balanced and symmetric you should emphasize the lower parts of your body. For this purpose select the patterned and decorative bottom of your bathing suit combined with the simple top. The best choice when it comes to color selection is a dark bra and a bright panties. If you have a flat abdomen you can definitely buy a bikini. The most preferred solution for you will be a one-piece swimwear with a simple neckline and wide straps.

 v-shape-two-pieces-swim-suit v-shape-beachwear v-shape-beachwear-two-pieces v-shape-swimwear-two-pieces

3 RECTANGLE – also known as banana or I shape, for example Gwyneth Paltrow

– shoulders, waist and hips of the same width

In this case our main purpose is to create curvy waist. To accomplish, select a one-piece swimsuit in dark colors, with cut-out back, patterns that emphasize your waist and plunge cups. An additional cut-out under your breast will enhance the bust line. Vertical stripes sewn to both sides of the swimsuit emphasize the waist. The perfect choice should be V-shaped panties Costume panties should be V-shaped with drawstrings highly bonded on the hips and bra with boning. Forget about the triangular shaped cups and a thong bikini. You can also enrich your beachwear with ruffles, lace, bows, etc…. They definitely enhance your bust and make your body look curvy and feminine.

 rectangle-one-piece-beachwear rectangle-swim-suit rectangle-two-pieces-beachwear rectangle-two-pieces-swimsuit

4 HOURGLASS – also known as X shape, for example Beyonce

– hips and shoulders are almost of equal size
– narrow waist

This is the figure type the most desired and loved by men – perfect, feminine, full of sex appeal silhouette.
Almost all types of beachwear fit you. Of course there are also some rules you should follow to look perfect. If you have an ample busy, don’t forget to support it and select bras tied at the neck. For a smaller bust we suggest triangular shaped cups. will definitely preferable triangular bowl. Also, be careful choosing your bikini panties, take into account the size of your buttocks. The perfect selection for hourglass type is a classic bikini with a deep cut bottom. Select boy-shorts or briefs if you have long legs only.

 hourglass-two-pieces-swimwear hourglass-beachwear hourglass-two-pieces-beachwear hourglass-two-pieces-swim-suit

5 APPLE – for example Drew Barrymore

– rounded silhouette
– similar circumference of waist and bust
– narrow thighs and shoulders
– slightly rounded bottom

If you have slim legs and a large bust, then you can assume that you have an apple body type. You should wear a high-cut briefs, this might help to hide your tummy a bit. We definitely recommend plunge cups for smaller breasts that help to enhance the bust. Your beachwear might be designed with all kinds of patterns, but keep in mind that horizontal stripes and geometric shapes enlarge. Also, vertical stripes can help to extend your silhouette. For larger breasts we discourage low-cut and rounded necklines. Don’t buy strapless swimsuits as well.

apple-one-piece-swimwear apple-two-pieces-beachwear apple-two-pieces-swimsuit apple-two-pieces-swimwear

Happy Holidays!!!


Men Beachwear 2014

I bet you have ever looked at men walking on a beach. You must agree that sometimes they forget that a public beach is not a backyard garden and there are some fashion rules they should follow. I guess, now you have in mind that man with a big belly, wearing ordinary briefs instead of beachwear trunks. Apart from aesthetic experience, it might be unhygienic to swim with someone who is wearing its underwear and is wearing it all day long!

To be precise, I don’t expect to watch tanned and muscular guys only (actually I’m not sure). I just want you guys to make this small step forward and at least change your bad habits.

Remember this rule:

On the beach – no more ordinary briefs or whatever type of underwear you wear everyday

Men beachwear designers know what they do nowadays. There is a wide range of colors and trunks design. Below we present the latest collections available at Lingerose.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts.

Esotiq Swimwear Collection 2014

Esotiq Swimwear Collection 2014

Girlish and young that’s definitely the most important words we can describe the latest swimwear collection of Esotiq. In 2014 Esotiq prepared the complete beachwear offer, starting from two-piece and one-piece swimwear ending with beachwear dresses, perfectly designed for warm summer nights. Available in patterned colorful designs, panther motifs or classic one color, so that every woman can find something for herself.


Marko swimwear 2014 collection

Marko is a top Polish brand of swim-wear appreciated by many female clients all over the world for their unique designs and a large selection of colors and sizes.

Like every year also in 2014 Marko prepared a collection of beach fashion – tailored to the diverse women needs, for both – small and large breasts. Models are available with all types of bra cups: soft cups, push-up, balconette or padded cups. Made ​​of moderate stretch fabric that hold the breast stable. Sizes range from S to 5XL. Some models are available in “double size”, e.g. L/S or XL/M – created for women with small figure and rather large breasts.

Marko creates not only two-piece beachwear but also one-piece swimsuits or elegant pareos, especially for those who do not want to show too much on the beach.

Ava Swimwear collection 2014

Ava Swimwear collection 2014

Today we present the latest swimwear collection of Ava Lingerie. Mostly created for plus-size women. What is interesting, you buy a bra and matching briefs separated, so you can easily find the perfect fitted size for yourself.

Full of colors, with floral and straps designs. Classic, one-color models also available.


Aquarilla Swimwear

We are pleased to present a new swimwear brand in Lingerose’s offer – Aquarilla, specialized in one-piece swimwear. In the offer you can find very modern and stylish swimming suits. The producer also designed very fashionable beachwear models decorated with:
– zip
– V-neckline
– buttons and trimmings
– stiffening inserts
Made of dual material on the front with stiffening inserts. Tie at neck or fastened on the back All those features provide comfort and style.


VERANO – Swimwear 2013

Verano – in Spanish “summer”. It is also a name of a high quality swimsuits producer. The company was set in 1995, in Poland. Every year, since then, the clients have been offered traditionally established collections enriched with some new models inspired by the latest world trends. Carefully chosen fabrics of the best quality and modern palette of colors are two features which make Verano swimsuits successful and constantly popular products. Not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries.

We would like to invite you to take a look at the newest sets of Verano collection for summer 2013, presented at our Swimwear Wholesale offer.

Remember the article: “The latest trends – Spring/Summer 2013”? Well, VERANO swimsuits collection for the upcoming season is no exception and totally fits in it. There are mainly two-piece sets in the offer, sized in European scale from 38 to 44. And what about the colors? As usually, there is a wide range of choice. Of course, the most popular for the holiday season seem to be some marine blues, tropical sea turquoises, warm reds and natural greens… But in the offer you can also find some elegant blacks and the most fashionable recently – wild, African browns.

We have already described some detailed trends for top lingerie “must haves” for S/S2013 in our previous articles. VERANO collection is all of that and a little more.

Back to fifties you will find some beautiful and classical one-piece swimsuits models, called: Tamara. Those swimming suits are designed with fashionably increased waist (smart idea for modeling a woman’s body) and with some timeless striped elements on their tops.

Almost all of the tops from the two-piece sets have also been designed for each woman to feel beautiful and comfortable. Breasts modeling triangular cups and halter straps will make you look stunning whatever you are doing on the beach – lazy sunbathing or actively play sports and swim.

As for the panties of the two-piece sets – those are mostly sporty shorts. Elastic and comfortable. Some of them – with girly elements hidden (e.g. little ruffles or cute laces). Mixed together with some dotted elements in tops – inspired by the fifties decade – they are the most fashionable choice for the upcoming summer.


Swimwear Wholesale spring-summer 2012

Did you know that is not only a distributor of exclusive lingerie but also of the sexy summer swimwear? Our swimsuits, bikinis and bathing suits are popular in the countries of Europe, the USA or even Australia!

Just after closing of spring-summer 2012 – let us do a little summary of the season.

In our offer there are four popular Polish producers: Marko, Paphia, Verano and Gwinner. In the last season – our two top ‘best-sellers’ were Verano and Marko. Of course, as usually, the biggest demand we noted in the period preceding summer – three months mostly: March, April, May.

We had swimming suits in all European sizes from 36 to 46 (S-XXXL) and the most popular were two-piece suits in universal size 40 (L). As for the colors – producers provided us with the whole rich pallete of tones (Marko brand presented definitely the widest range of them) but the most popular one seemed to be blue – maybe that is because of its similarity to the summer holiday sea tones.

We hope that the next season will also be so rich in that kind of offer. As a little tittle-tattle (curiosity for our future customers) we can reveal that Lingerose is planning to enrich its offer with not only swimwear but also… beachwear! For those exciting new pieces of clothing you will read promptly in the article about our newest discovery – the absolutely bold collection of KutzDesign. Also follow us to get the latest trends for the upcoming season. Coming soon!