Anais Lingerie

Anais Lingerie

Anais Lingerie

Anais Apparel – sensual lingerie

“Probably the sexiest in the world” – that is a promise of Anais Apparel’s producer. The company has existed at the Polish market since 2003 and it specializes in producing lingerie for young, independent and emancipated women. Those are very originally designed pieces of underwear and if you have ever wanted to buy something different, something bold and not so repeatable – you should certainly invest in some Anais Apparel collections.

It is worth mentioning that Anais lingerie is integrally produced in Poland – the fabrics used are of European origin only. Designed and manufactured by young, enthusiastic people in a very creative way the lingerie reflects the newest European fashion and design trends.

The brand is manifesting its passion of creating some innovative and fresh patterns which are supposed to inspire their customers and to excite the senses. The customers are supposed to follow their dreams choosing some unique products of Anais. The producer invites to trying some erotic collections (such as: “angelic seduction”) and promises to extract and emphasize the feminine beauty of each woman wearing it. To explore their sexuality, fulfill their dreams, visit the world of sensual desires and dive into the ocean of passion – women frequently choose Anais Apparel.

Anais Wholesale at

What pieces of this seductive lingerie can you get at our page of luxurious lingerie Some erotic, sexy, arousing bras. Seductive, sensible, appealing panties. Charming, alluring, tempting nightwear. Elegant and glamorous body corsets with some provocative and inviting elements of hosiery. All of this you can find under one world: “erotic”. Probably the sexiest in the world? Go for it! 🙂


Exact match and keywords order matter for Pinterest’s search results

During my Pinterests SEO’s research today, I’ve checked also the “wholesale” keyword to see if Lingerose’s pins are also indexed for this searched term – and they are. The first pin is indexed at about 20th position and was added 4 weeks earlier.

The next pins keep the positions between 60 and 80.

They are almost the same as the highest indexed pins for for the “lingerie” and “lingerie wholesale” query.

Following this path I checked the “wholesale blog” query. The results were quite obvious for me – only Lingerose’s pins showed up.

But what about “lingerie blog”? This query should be definitely more competitive than the previous one that I checked. I found the first results out of top 200.

The indexed photos were also very similar to the highest indexed pins for all the keywords mentioned in this article before. What could be the possible explanation?

I’ve investigated about 50 first results and almost all of their descriptions contain the exact phrase “lingerie blog”.

All my pins added to the “lingerie wholesale blog” board contain “lingerie wholesale blog”. So, there is an additional word “wholesale”. This might be the reason why Pinterest indexed the pins much lower than the other Lingerose’s pins for all the queries checked today. Definitely the “lingerie blog” keywords is less competitive than “lingerie”. If so, my pins for “lingerie blog” shouldn’t be lower than for “lingerie”, but they are.

Before I go further I want to mention about one exception among the first 50 results for the “lingerie blog” query. I’ve found a pin with the following description: “lingerie green”. Where is the missing “blog” word?

As you can see it’s on the image. So, the image recognition system not only can recognize shapes and other things, but it can read as well. What is more important, Pinterest’s search engine may use writings from images as one of the factors which build a list of search results.

Ok let’s get back to my results, if it all is true and Pinterest likes so much exact match keywords, what about the order of keywords, does it matter?

Let’s see

I’m typing in “blog lingerie” and I see completely different results than those for “lingerie blog”.

There are lots of my pins indexed and they keep higher positions. I checked first ten results and the pins descriptions contain:

blog! Lingerie

blog: Lingerie

blog lingerie

Blog. Lingerie

so, Pinterest search engine sees almost the exact queries to our searched one.

After the top ten results my pins start showing up. How would I explain this situation if pins from Lingerose’s account contain “lingerie wholesale blog”. The order is different and there is additional word “wholesale” between our two keywords. I think there are not many results related to the query, the order of words in “blog lingerie” is not natural. So Piterest has displayed the most relevant results first, then selected my pins as they come from very strong account and contain both keywords.


Limited albums – future advertising and engagement program for Pinterest

CEO of Pinterest – Ben Silbermann announced today: “we’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businessem”.

So I decided to share with you one of my ideas for advertising on Pinterest which I came up with . 

Below, I’m presetting with details:Limited albums” as the future advertising and engagement Pinterest’s program.
Of course, it is just my theory. However, this program could be used for online marketing purposes to gather new users and to keep pinners engaged. It might also be used as a part of Pinterest’s future advertising program. It definitely requires creation of some special app.

This idea reminds me my childhood and one of the collecting passions I had. When I was about 10 years old it was very popular to collect special stickers from chewing gums. You received a paper album that showed you what photos (stickers) you need to find in chewing gums. Below I present a sample of Chabel – chewing gum album:

I know that kids (including myself) spent a fortune to grab all stickers and to win a prize.

So, what doest it have to do with Pinterest and how could it be used?

Ok, we have another collecting idea and a quantity limited album. We can organize a competition with prizes as well. To explain it better, I use an example of the very popular fashion brand – Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton wants to advertise his new collection on Pinterest. Pinterest offers organizing a contest with prizes and provides a special app – the limited album of 30 pins of products from the new Louis’ collection. For each Pinterest’s user who will gather all of the 30 pins, Louis Vuitton provides prizes – for example some products from the new collection. Louis also pays to Pinterest for the advertising possibility.

The special app might be downloaded from Louis’ Pinterest account. An user visits the account and clicks the board “Join the contest”. The limited board is automatically installed/created onto the user account. It might look like the Chabel’s album presented above. If empty (no photo repined yet) there are two color photos, just to indicate what pins the user should be looking for. That’s how the game starts.

Now, there are a few important questions. First of all, how the photos should be tagged or signed. When the user repins the photo that matches to the limited album, our app needs to recognize it and stick it automatically to the right place. It may use image recognition system that I’m sure Pinterest has or kind of special tagging. Anyway I leave this question unanswered at this moment.

Another questions are, if one participant may repin photos to his limited board from the other participant’s limited board? If the limited album and the photos added should be visible?

I considered all pros and cons and I’d leave the decision to users. We could use the same system as exists in Pinterest now – normal boards and private boards. I guess that most users will choose secret board’s option, while bloggers or fashion portals go for normal board’s option. That way they might get a lot of new followers and their accounts visitors.

The last important question is, how the special photos should be distributed for the contest’s purposes? Of course, all of the photos should be added via Pinterest. We should divide those 30 photos into smaller parts (for example 10, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1) not to add all of them at one time. This will definitely let us keep users engaged on Pinterest. The frequency depends on the contest’s duration. The photos should be added to many places, some of them the users may not be aware of yet. We need to make pinners search a lot and interact with each other before they find the right pins. For the contest’s purposes we might use the accounts of Luois, Pinterest or the others (for example a fashion portal could distribute one photo on its Pinterest account and could pay for this). The photos also could be added randomly to search results in “everything” or “fashion” category – if possible.

That’s how I see it could look like. I’m sure that this kind of marketing would engage a lot of users and let gather new ones. Of course, there are many other things that should be discussed.


Gorteks Lingerie

Gorteks Lingerie

Great quality and beautiful, unique design – those few words describe perfectly our next famous Polish producer of only luxurious lingerie:

Gorteks Lingerie de Femme

The company was founded back in nineties in Poland. Still developing, Gortex has become one of the biggest national brands. It uses the newest technologies (ions of silver) and belongs to the most famous Polish lingerie group, associating Polish producers of lingerie.

Gorteks Line Characteristics

The brand’s bras, panties, t-shirts and lingerie accessories are very chic, stylish and ladylike. Made with a touch of fantasy and imagination. The collections are based on the most current trends, launched on European runways and international expositions combined with traditional Polish school of design. There are not only classics, but also mysterious, cabaret charm and theatrical costumes inspired stylings. Therefore, in the collections you can find a mixed style taken from four designers inspiring cities: Paris, Moscow, Düsseldorf and Warsaw. The basic color is former sepia mainly but there are also some new, futuristic elements in tones and drafts – according to the current trends and variations from fashion catwalks. You can easily notice that Gorteks Lingerie de Femme is a place where classic tradition meets some fresh and bold ideas.

The brand quality

Only the best resources are used in Gorteks production line. The perfectly finished designs are ones of the most popular in the whole European Union, the USA and Canada as well. Their unquestionable attribute is the highest quality in very reasonable prices.

Gorteks at

In the offer there are bras for every type of a figure. The brand specializes in designing plus size brasseries. They are exceptional because of their ergonomic constructions, innovatory designs and the variety of forms: from push-ups, semi-soft and soft cups (full and half) to balconets. As a perfect complement to the collection of bras there are also: flirty panties, thongs and shorts, various pieces of charming nightwear and sexy hosiery with a little bit kittenish garters.


How fast Pinterest indexes your account name

On the 3rd of September we changed the name of the Lingerose’s account.

The name of the account was changed from “Lingerose Lingerie Network” to “Lingerose Lingerie Wholesale”:

Let’s see when Pinterest will index Lingerose’s new account name. So far there is only one account indexed:

Pinterest indexed the new named account 3 days after on the 6th of September.

Of course it doesn’t mean that all accounts names would be indexed the same time. It depends on how strong your account is and how active pinner you are. The stronger and more active account is the more often is visited by Pinterest crawlers.


Pinterest help center and community team – opinion

Yesterday, I watched an interview with Ben Silbermann at D: All Things Digital.

My first impression – he is a very nice and precise guy, who knows exactly what he is doing. Comparing to Mark Zuckerberg, he seems to me more focused on details and quality. This is nothing against the founder of Facebook because I haven’t met both of them personally, it is just my opinion.

I think their personalities might reflect their “children” as well. Pinterest – a great modern design and functionality. Pinterest was also being prepared for a long time to meet users expectations, before it went worldwide.

Using Pinterest a lot, I must admit that it works really well. Of course, as in case of all the other social media platforms with millions of users, also on Pinterest some errors or problems might occur sometimes. And this is one of the situations I would like to describe today. I want to show how quickly Pinterest’s response we can receive and how good our cooperation with their Help Center can be.

As we may notice, Pinterest recently fights a lot against porn content and SPAM, canceling inappropriate pins, boards or even the whole accounts.

In our campaign for we add a lot of photos presenting lingerie – sometimes very sexy. Some photos might even show some naked parts of female body. Of course, it has nothing to do with any kind of porn content. These photos just present sexy lingerie products. Anyway, any Pinterest’s user may report your pin if he decides that it is inappropriate for him and Pinterest’s crew is obligated to review this reported pin.

Unfortunately, on the 16th of July we received an email from Pinterest saying that because of inappropriate photos our “Axami” board was removed. We were also asked to remove all the other photos that go against Pinterest’s policy. In case if we didn’t do that our account might have been suspended.

In fact, in our Axami’s board there were some sexy photos but not related to porn content for sure. The other reason why it was “Axami” board removed, was that it was simply the first board in Lingerose’s account.

We decided to act immediately, submitting a request and sending the following email to Pinterest’s help center:


We’ve just received an email from you that our board “Axami Lingerie Wholesale” was removed because it included pins that go against your policies. You are also asking to remove all pins that go against your policies.

I’m writing this email to inform that we’ve just started process of removing all pins that might go against your policies. I want to ask to give us about 2-3 working days, because we have a lot of pins and boards and we need to go through all of them to check.

I just want to explain that we are lingerie wholesale distributor and our aim is just to present products that we offer. We sell sexy lingerie as well but these pins have nothing to do with porn content from a buyer and seller point of view. Of course I understand your company policy and the fact that other Pinterest users might consider these pins as kind of pornographic materials.

When we finish the whole process of removing pins that might go against your policy – I want you to ask for any help if you find any pins in our boards that you still consider against your policy.

We’ve been building this account for almost 5 months, adding and pinning day by day. It has been a very hard job. We’ll do our best to cooperate with you and follow your further instructions.”

In another email sent an hour later we also asked which other pins should be deleted:

“We are now deleting all the pins that might go against your policy.
However, it is difficult to decide sometimes if any of those pins go against your policy or not. Below I’m presenting some of our pins and have a question if they should be deleted or not:”

We already had contacted with Pinterest’s help center before, so I knew it would take 1-3 days for them to respond. And they didn’t let me down again. On the 18th of July I received following email, but what was more important “Axami” board was back.

“Hi Jack,

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on individual pins, but taking a look at your account I’d say that you shouldn’t have problems with your pins being removed. We’ll use this as an example to improve our reviewing process in the future, and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We took a look at your board and decided to restore it. We just ask that you keep our content policies in mind while you pin. To sum them up:

We don’t allow things that are inappropriate for the general public – like sexually explicit or pornographic pins – anywhere on Pinterest, including secret boards. We do allow works of art and educational content, like you might see in a museum or classroom.

Thanks for your understanding,


Pinterest – Community Team”

So, why I have presented this correspondence between me and Pinterest: I wanted to show that also the Pinterest help center is a high quality team that you may rely on. There are real human beings not robots that want to help you resolve your problems.

Recently, I’ve seen some people complaining on Pinterest’s Facebook profile about canceling pins, board or accounts. Unfortunately, they never do any steps to resolve a problem or they do it a wrong way, sending messages which don’t explain anything. Sometimes they are even offensive or aggressive. And sometimes they are just not right, they add really inappropriate or porn content and then they are very surprised that it was deleted.

So, my advice is: before you start yelling how bad support Pinterest provides, make sure that you are really right and you don’t do anything that goes against Pinterest policy. If so, check their help center. If you can’t find the answer, submit a request and explain very precisely and nicely what has happened. Then allow them 1-3 day for getting back to you. Remember that according to what Ben Silbermann said, in May 2013 there were only 130 employees. I mean – only, because there are about 50.000.000 of us – users. So be patient!