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Pinterest SEO – Lingerie Wholesale – part 3

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Lingerie Wholesale pins – the deeper insight

I must say that my strong position in the Pinterest’s search results list gave a lot of comfort for my further researches. At the end of August, I decided to take advantage of that situation and see exactly how the search engine indexes my pins.
In my case Pinterest displays Lingerose’s new added pins at the very top of search results. Every day, the top of results list for “lingerie wholesale” was occupied by my pins only. I’ll try to answer which pins or boards Pinterest prefers.
Let’s check it out.
The results from 20th of August 2013

46. lingerie wholesale 20.08.2013

Again, we may find pins that come from my boards:
“Lingerie Wholesale – New Products”
“Sexy Lingerie Wholesale”
In the first 12 results there were 3 pins from the “New Products” board added 11 days earlier.
There were 7 pins from the “Sexy” board, 2 of them were freshly added (about 1-2 days earlier), the other 5 were added about 3-5 days earlier. However, in the “Sexy” board I added much more pins than those displayed above. So, why did Pinterest select these pins not the others? Looking at the numbers of signals (likes and repins) received at that day and checking the same pins today, I may say that Pinterest selected the most popular pins.

23th – 25th of August 2013
On the 20th of August, a part of new products appeared in Lingerose.com. The same day their photos were added to Pinterest. It took them about 2-3 days for being indexed and displayed in the search results list:

47. lingerie wholesale 23.08.2013

The results were not changed in another 2 days, despite the fact that many other pins were added to the other board of Lingerose’s account. However, it was the board “Hosiery Wholesale”, so all the pins contained “hosiery wholesale” in their description.

26th – 30th of August 2013
There was another part of new products introduced in Lingerose.com on the 23th of August. 3 days later, on the 26th of August, Pinterest indexed them and displayed at the very top of search results:

48. lingerie wholesale 26.08.2013-1

The new pins overtook the pins which were displayed a day earlier. That situation remained the same for another 3 days – till the 30th of August.
The last days of August I started again adding new pins to the brands’ boards. Just to remind – the last pins I had added to the brands’ boards about the middle of April 2013.

30th of August 2013
I got the following results:

49. lingerie wholesale 30.08.2013-1

As you can see, on the top of results we have 4 Mat’s pins and 3 Ava’s pins added 3 days earlier, and 1 Miran’s pin added 2 days earlier. They “pushed down” the pins from “New products” board.
The next day the same results were displayed.

1st of September 2013
On the 29th of August we had again a part of new products introduced to Lingerose.com. This time it took them only 2 days to be indexed by Pinterest:

50. lingerie wholesale 01.09.2013-1

As we can see among the pins from “New Products” board there is one from “Ava” board.

4th of September 2013
From the 29th of August to the 4th of September there were many pins added to the brands’ boards of Ava and Kinga.
As we can see at the print screen below, freshly added pins of Ava and Kinga “pushed down” the pins from “New Products” board.

51. lingerie wholesale 04.09.2013-1

It is time to sum up the results presented above.
1. Pinterest displays pins which contain our searched query only. It is also related to the name of the board where pins come from. For example, Pinterest didn’t display pins with “hosiery wholesale” added to their descriptions. Those pins came from the “Hosiery Wholesale” board.
2. Pins from the biggest board “Lingerie Wholesale” were not displayed in search results. I think the answer is very simple: there are more than 3000 pins contained “lingerie wholesale” in their descriptions. Pinterest comparing those pins to the pins from some other boards decided that “Lingerie Wholesale” board might be keywords overstuffed.
3. Pinterest likes to display fresh results. This is a very important factor for the algorithm used by Pinterest.
4. Signals which pins receive are also one of the factors which matter to Pinterest. However, checking all my results gathered and looking at the results for other (much broader) keywords, I must say that more important factor is a powerful account and strength of a particular board. In the next part of this book “Boards search results” you will see what factors create the strength of a board. I also encourage to compare the orders of pins displayed in results above to the strength of the Lingerose’s boards.

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