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Pyjamas and Nightwear Collection 2014/2015

The autumn has finally come and so the first cool nights – it’s high time we pulled out of the closet warm pyjamas and dressing-gowns. Today we present the latest nightwear products from Autumn and Winter 2014/2015 collections.

Let’s start from soft and pleasant to touch dressing-gowns. They are just perfect for the morning coffee and breakfast or a gentle stroll before bedtime holding a glass of warm milk. There is a wide range of colors, the nightwear products are decorated with subtle flowers – roses mostly – and dots, so each customer can find the favorite design. All the robes are long sleeve and tied at the waist. You can easily find the perfect length for yourself – above the knee or mid-calf.

Esotiq 32635 Regis bathrobedressing-gown LL Jovita bathrobe

We never forget about anyone and for all of you who suffer the most, because of the lower temperatures we prepared something really special – socks to bed. They ideally match your bathrobe or you can use them as bedside slippers.

L Milla dressing-gown bed socks

Let’s move to pajamas and the wide range of them. We offer fashionable plaid flannel shirts, classic pajamas and comfortable, traditional nightdresses. Made of best selected fabrics – your attention will be grabbed by amazing colors combination and the most trendy designs.

nightweat flannel shirt night dressnightweat shirt

Classic two-pieces pajamas are available in variety of colors from the wide range of delicate pastel shades to heavy dark colors. All pants designs perfectly match the printed long-sleeve tops. We want to highlight our favorite one – cow patches design – it’s so delightful and cute. Pants can be classic or cuffed and are really comfortable.

pyjama cow pajama two-pieces nightwear pyjama

Ok, I got a bit cold – to warm up ourselves or maybe rather partners and their imagination, at the end I present 3 sexy nightwear sets. Their colors are perfectly matched and they are very sensual and …short. Guarantee of a hot night. Which one is your favorite?

nightwear Tessoro 276 Silver Jasmin babydoll nightwear sexy set


Axami Strapless Bra in black

Special Task Bras

I guess any of us have ever had that kind of problem – our amazing prom or elegant dress and our bra’s strap mess up the whole look. Don’t worry might be worse – a dress with open back and your visible bra’s back closure.

How do we feel then – annoyed and definitely not confident – all eyes on us or our underwear rather – ok maybe I exaggerate a bit, but definitely we don’t feel comfortable as we’d like to and we deserve to. We just want to look beautiful and in this case our everyday bra just doesn’t match.

Don’t worry, of course in today’s article we try to address this issue with the proposition of special task bras. The first presented model is V-5780 Basic by Axami Lingerie with amazing designed cups – padded with additional push-up to enhance your bust. Silicone straps and transparent strip on the back guarantee the desired effect – being invisible. The result really goes beyond our expectation as the bra perfectly matches your v-neck or dress with open-back. This model is classic and multifunctional available in the following colors: white, black, beige.

But that’s not all what we have prepared for you. Below we present 3 products that might replace traditional bra and meet our needs.

Low Back Strap

Silicone Strap Bra Axami Black Silicone Strap Bra Axami Beige Silicone Strap Bra Axami White

You may wear your favorite backless top without any concern. The clasp might be easily hidden under your clothes and the bra supports your bust very well at the same time.

Specialist Silicone Bras

Low-Back Strap Bra Nipplex Ava 69 Low-Back Strap Bra Nipplex Lena 02

They are literally self-supporting, providing you with full wearing comfort without any straps and the back strip or closure. The fastening has been positioned at the front, between the cups. The silicone material features the special property of adjusting itself to your body temperature very quickly. Might be worn under other bras as the additional push-up support.

The other silicone model is coated externally with fabric that imitates a classic bra. In order to be held well on the bust the internal side is coated with a special medical adhesive. Unfortunately this model is dedicated for small breasts only.

Nipple Covers

nipple cover black flower Nipple covers in beige flower shape nipple covers heart shape

The last product we want to present today are nipple covers. They provide comfort, protection and discretion. Perfectly for smooth, lace or transparent tops and dresses. Available in two colors: beige and black and various patterns.

Lingerie set Mat Mirra

Latest lingerie collections autumn-winter 2014-2015

Like every year after the hot summer, time for autumn and winter and it’s time to present the latest lingerie collection of autumn/winter 2014/2015 as well. Also designers’ imagination try to follow the upcoming cold season focusing on the following colors: black, gold, navy blue ink, subtle plum, burgundy, gray, etc.. However, in order to enliven subdued colors they didn’t forget about using motifs of wealth and abundance. So underwear products are decorated with charming ribbons and glittering details. They perfectly match delicate lace, beautiful embroidery and the sheen of silk satin.

Everyone can find something really interesting and … alluring.


Boring Color of Lingerie?!

What is the most dull lingerie color? According to many customers reviews it is beige or flesh color – boring, subdued and with no sex appeal. Is it really so bad? In today’s article we are going to present advantages of beige underwear, indeed – always look on the bright side of life.

Ok, so what are the pros of flesh color lingerie?

It is a better version of classic white color and it perfectly matches your black or colored apparel. As the so-called “second skin” it is less visible under clothes than any other color lingerie. It also matches to all kind of light, translucent and bright outfit. Imagine white dress or seamless skirt with beige panties – they just disappear and become invisible. Many women don’t like the contrast created by different colors of worn lingerie and clothing, so flesh color underwear will be very good idea as it is presented very gently and feminine, despite of many objections.

In our Lingerose offer we have a lot of smooth, seamless and silicone cups bras as well as more sophisticated ones decorated with lace and embroideries, all of them in beige – charming, delicate and alluring.

Despite it might be not the best idea for your hot date wearing this particular color of lingerie, it is really worth to have “invisible” underwear for everyday purposes.

Below we present our beige bras offers, available at Lingerose:


Axami Apparel – an absolute shock Collection

An absolute shock – that’s how world of fashion described the last decision of Axami Lingerie. Who would have expected that the famous manufacturer of luxury lingerie is going to enter the apparel and fashion market … with such a great project!

Sporty and glamorous look!

The latest collection of Axami is inspired by sporty chic. You can feel freshness, youthfulness with comfort provided at the same time.

I exactly remember the time when knit in shades of gray was associated with a gym or fitness outfit or loose tracksuit. Nowadays everything has changed. You can combine your sportswear with elegant apparel like high heels, jackets, sensual lace and even with evening fashion and wear. Thus, our favorite hooded sweatshirts, dresses, sweatpants skirts, shorts and pants made ​​of soft fabrics can be worn again without any fear that someone laughs or points fingers at us.

Tracksuit’s look and cut provides comfortable freedom of movement and what is more important you don’t need to waste your precious time ironing your apparel.

Simple or high sneakers and comfortable ballerinas will perfectly match your new clothes from the latest Axami collection. For best result we suggest combination of high hills with stylish handbag that will definitely add your look a sophisticated chic and hint of extravagance.


How to properly wash and store Underwear

The real treasure – that’s what we really mean thinking about our favorite set of underwear – don’t we?! Our precious jewel is mostly made of the most delicate fabrics such as satin, silk or lace. It usually includes subtle embellishments like ruffles, bows, exquisite diamonds and zircon. The average lifetime of a bra is about 6 months. Of course it depends on many factors and the most important one is how much we care about our lingerie.

Similarly as in the case of shoes, it is strongly advised not to wear the same lingerie set two days in a row. After a suitable long pause the fabric easily recovers its original shape. It is also important to wash underwear very often, as perspiration and all cosmetics we use everyday like deodorants, lotions or perfumes penetrate deep into the fabric structure. If they are not removed or washed quickly enough, they can remain there forever creating unaesthetic discoloration and stains.
By the way, we also suggest washing your underwear before first wearing both for hygienic reasons and as well as in order to get rid of any chemical residue that could have left after the production process.

The Label – a treasure trove of knowledge

Yes indeed, this is the label where you can always find the most important information about how to take care of your lingerie:

–         what is it made of

–         how to wash

–         how to keep it in good condition

Make sure to learn it, especially if the label disrupts your comfort and you are going to cut it off.

Hand washing vs. Machine washing

Mostly, machine washing of your underwear is prohibited, because it might have a negative impact on the color or cut. Underwired bras must be hand washed – this is the rule that should be strictly followed – otherwise the wire used to support your bust may be damaged or broken. There were also recorded cases when the wire pulled out of the cups of bra and damaged the washing machine. It seems like we shouldn’t machine wash our lingerie at all. No, of course we can do it, we just need to be very careful.

How to properly machine wash your lingerie?

–         use washing liquid intended for baby clothes

–         put your bras into special bag or small cushion cover

–         do not wash your underwear with other clothes

–         make sure that all the hooks and buckles are fastened, otherwise they might damage the fabric

–         wash at low temperature

–         set a program for delicate fabrics or hand wash mode

–         do not spin

–         use softeners to provide softness and fresh smell of your underwear

You can also try special laundry balls made of high-strength plastic, to prevent destructions of the cups shape and delicate fabrics.

How to properly hand washing your lingerie?

–         separate light-colored underwear from dark ones

–         soak your garments in water for 30 minutes at the temperature of 30ºC = 86ºF

–         use softeners or soap flakes

–         wash gently, any kind of friction destroys fabrics

–         rinse lingerie in warm water and again in cold water to prevent fabrics stretching

–         wring your washed underwear gently

–         dry flat on a towel

–         do not use a dryer, it destroys, discolors and causes shrinkage of fabrics

By following all the rules presented above we can be sure that underwear keep perfect shape and colors.

How to store bras and lingerie

1. Store it separately.

Storing your lingerie with straps and fashion accessories in the same place is one of the most common mistake. The sharp edges can easily damage delicate fabrics that underwear is made of.

2. Store it in the right place.

The place where you are going to store your lingerie and bras should be clean, warm and dry. Ideal furniture is a chest of drawers, so find one at your home and select separate drawers for each kind of lingerie (bras, panties, socks, tights). It is also good idea to put paper into the drawers to make sure that the wood will not damage your garments.

However, if you have a large wardrobe, you can hang your underwear on special hangers, the same way as products are displayed in lingerie stores. Try to keep your intimate garments close to blouses, dresses and skirts, rather than shoes or coats, as the undesirable odors can penetrate delicate fabrics.

Additionally you can buy fragrance bags and put them into places where your underwear is stored.

3. Store it right way.

You can put each item into separate special bag or box. For this purpose you can use the boxes that your lingerie was originally packaged. In this case it is important to fold your bra putting one cup into the other one. Remember, do not twist your bra or invert your molded cups.

Another way to store your underwear, especially bras is the vertical position – one after the other, without folding. There are many special separators available, that let you maintain your intimate garments in the right order and sort them by colors or other criteria.


How to choose Summer Lingerie

Similar to apparel, also lingerie is a product that its popularity depends on the seasons and the latest trends. What about our intimate garments in the summer, do we really need different products than those we wear in the winter for instance?

In short – yes we do. Of course with the advent of summer our optimism grows, our mood improves and the desire of colorful joy and refresh awakes. We also want our lingerie to perfectly follow these feelings and meet our summertime needs.

As the confirmation and curiosity as well, we can say that in France the best lingerie selling months are June and July indeed.

Let’s go back and try to answer the other part of our question we asked at the beginning, do we need different types of underwear for the hottest season?

Yes, in the summer the most popular products are:

–         soft bras

–         bras with fancy and sophisticated straps

–         multi-functional bras – various methods of fastening

–         bandeau

–         multifunction products

–         sets invisible under clothing

–         one-piece swimsuits

–         sleepwear with loose shorts

The most popular color chosen by us are flesh and white. We also choose colors that follow fashion colors trends to match lingerie to our outfit. The importance of the right color selection increased at the beginning of XXI century, when we started wearing our underwear products on the top, often instead of some parts of clothing. As the lingerie becomes the part of mass collection, some products like a silk linen top under a jacket or petticoat dress shirt get very popular. Multifunction products give us a lot of possibilities to satisfy our needs and new fashion ideas. It is also easier to expose our intimate garments during hot days, that’s why our summer underclothing is so unique and elegant.

Lingerie and the beach

Lingerie and beachwear has never been so close to each other. There are more and more things they have in common:

–         similar fabrics

–         parts of the sets can be separated and match with others, depending on our imagination and needs

–         the same design might be printed

–         similar colors

Invisible and light

Although we want to wear invisible lingerie the whole year around, this is the summer time when light items selling rapidly grows. We are looking for very subtle products. This is where loose classic briefs and strapless bras with smooth cups come to meet our needs. Wearing comfort might be provided by modern molded cups, half-cups, invisible seams and discreet straps. Producers never forget about high temperatures and use the lightest and most delicate fabrics. Natural cotton, linen stamina, silk, mesh, lace and microfiber will definitely allow our skin to breathe.

So going back to our question – yes – summer underwear always changes its style to follow our desires and comfort.


Kinga Lingerie – 2014 London Collection

Today we want to present the latest collection of Kinga Lingerie. The Spring/Summer 2014 proposition has been inspired by London – one of the 3 European capitals of fashion and design, vibrant and truly multicultural megalopolis full of ideas and energy, the city where tradition meets modern lifestyle. The same is the Kinga’s proposition, designed for admirers of the British chic.

To create final very unique and harmonious lingerie products, the designers used classic lace, geometric patterns combined with delicate pastels with resolute color. Changing British fashion over the past decades with particular emphasis on the 70’s was the leitmotif of this collection, that consist of:

–         alluring bras

–         tempting briefs

–         seductive thongs

–         sensual baby-dolls

The current collection follows the latest lingerie global trends. Of course Kinga didn’t forget about its own distinctive and standout style, creating subtle and feminine underwear products.

You can see the latest collection at the images below. Obviously, the photo-shoot was held in London and the most famous places like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge or London telephone booth are the background of the photos emphasizing British style. All the photos are just spectacular and amazing as the real lingerie products from this collection.

AURELIA 32205_32204-09X

Esotiq underwear

Esotiq – one of the top women underwear brand founded in 2006, with more 200 showrooms around the world.

In the Esotiq offer we can find women’s desu, T-shirts, pajamas, dressing gowns and swimsuits. It also offers a unique brafitting technology – Special Effect Collection.

The mission of the brand is to awaken women’s desires and their passions. ESOTIQ is a brand for elegant and modern women – conscious of possibilities of body shaping offered by the professional underwear.

Esotiq brand ambassador is Joanna Krupa one of the world famous top model.


Ava Lingerie Spring/Summer 2014

New spring/summer collection of Ava Lingerie is incredibly fresh and light. Perfectly suited for hot summer days. Inspired by the fruits colors, available in all sizes. Bras and matching panties decorated with elegant lace and floral motifs. Cooler your body with Ava!