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Advertising via Internet Search Engines

As we already know from the article about Effective Advertising the search engines are considered to be the most important and influential source of powerful advertising. We also highly recommend using them. There is probably no need to give the further explanation of a search engine here. Just a quick reminder – it is a program or a website which helps to find some answers to the questions and queries given by us. To dispel all the doubts we will also say that the most popular one is of course: Google. On the basis of it we would like to show how the typical search engine works in the following article.

Ok. Typing the query into the search engine box we will get the series of results most adjusted to our question.

There are two kinds of results possible:
– organic search results – they come “naturally” and usually those will be top ten results per page of our search listings. The engine will show them in terms of their accuracy and relevance to the question given.
– non-organic search results – those are sponsored links of Google Adwords – that is an official Google advertisement. In a CPC (cost per click) model we pay each time someone clicks our ad . The links are located on the right at the search results page or it can be also placed as the top three positions over the natural listings.

Right, so how is this all relevant to your online store and why do we recommend this form of advertisement?

Imagine the potential customer wants to buy some lingerie online and he is looking for the “online lingerie store” results. Our website is shown among many other listings, the client finds it and enters the page. Of course, it depends mainly on our offer – whether he likes our products and prices, considers them more attractive than those of our market competitors’ and if he finally decides to make a purchase and place an order. However, assuming that the client was searching for the phrase we can say that he is obviously interested in that particular kind of offer. So we can say, that it is him looking for us, not really us looking for him. And that is the main advantage and superiority of a Google search engine over the other advertising ways, which decides about the effectiveness and efficiency. We can also be sure that our advert in Google will not seem to be too insolent. If it does not suit the query of a customer, it will simply not be showed in the results.

Having in mind how important it is to be present in Google, let us go back to two kinds of search results and let think how they differ and which way to choose.

Organic results – SERP (search engine results positions) – those are theoretically natural listings and for showing them Google does not want any payment. In practice, it looks quite different and it is far more complicated. The process of getting high in search results is called SEO (search engine optimization). You need to follow the Google specific guidelines in order to get the optimal position. Google shows pages on the basis of its index algorithm. It involves over 200 different factors and nobody does exactly know what they are (except for Google itself of course). The SEO techniques and the website setting adjustments are the themes of numerous books and it is a whole separate field – very developed one. We would like to make some things easier here and teach you as much as possible.

In short: SEO is a long-term process. Because of how competitive the keyword is (for example: “the lingerie store”) getting some satisfying results may take even a few months. Of course, taking into account that we know how to do it and have enough time and money for it. As we have already mentioned, Google does not charge for its services, but the SEO companies do.

To sum up – optimization of being high in the search engine result pages is a key issue and the foundations of our lingerie store working. It may seem to be a little complicated at the beginning of an online activity. That is why we recommend the beginners starting with the Google Adwords and buying some paid advertising in Google. Setting it is much more easier and does not require any advanced skills. Results (online ads) we can get immediately and we can fully control the budget at the same time. More about the improvement and development of our strategies soon.

Search engines

Facebook targeted ads

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising (Facebook etc.)

In the traditional Internet way of advertising our ad is being shown to all the visitors – even to those not necessarily interested in it. We can, for instance, expose the bra campaign to men but it does not quite make complete sense. Sometimes they may click it just because of curiosity, the other time while looking for some presents for their girlfriends (although even then they will probably tend to look for something more specific, erotic perhaps, etc.). Generally such a form of advertising will be less effective than an exposition in which we personally choose our target group. And that is why we can call it: the target market advertising.

What does it look like? We will try to explain it on the paid Facebook advert example. This portal owns a lot of detail information about its users so it gives us large possibilities of defining our target group.

Let us start with defining the exact location of the target group. We can choose the country, the region, the city and the zip code. The next step will be choosing the age group with the opportunity to fine-tune. Then we go to the sexes of our customers. Those three criteria are certain, users usually give some standard similar information.
Additionally, facebook offers adjustment to some more advanced criteria:

– Interests and groups of interests
– Marital status
– Language
– Education background
– Work experience
– Occupation and work place

It is worth noticing that not everybody gives such an information on their profiles. That means we can not be seen to some more discrete users. And this may significantly lower the range of our ad. On the other hand, the advertisement will be exposed to those more exact users of the target group and this may give us a better return on investment (ROI). There is also one more interesting curiosity: a counter of amount of the target group members.

Facebook targeted ads


Ag+ as a natural bacteria killer

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we have been using an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the fibre polymer, allow to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies” – this is what the manufacturers of luxurious lingerie lines say about the newest technologies used in the production of their underwear. would like to familiarize a little bit with the concept of producing antibacterial underwear. To do so, we want to describe how the usage of silver ions in the materials works.

It eliminates odor. Non-sensitising and non-irritant. Excellent durability and wash results (exceptional reduction of bacterial grow even after 100 launderings). Those are some facts in a nutshell.

To compare: wearing clothes made of some untreated fabrics allow some bacteria and organisms to multiply in larger populations. That can be dangerous for your health – increasing body odor, allergic reactions and numerous infections caused by some organisms such as popular today: MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Legionella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Coryntbacterium spp, etc. Tests show that after 10 hours in the untreated fabrics bacterial growth rises up to 100.000.000 colonies. At the same time Ag+ treated fabric has over 99.9% less bacteria with only 10 bacterial colonies! The reduction of bacteria and organisms on fabrics worn close to the skin provides comfort and a feeling of freshness. Not to mention that it is completely safe for your health. And with no comparison – much more safe than wearing fabrics of a questionable quality.

As ‘silver control’ or ‘silver protection’ technologies restrict the grow of bacteria to reduce the threat of their harmful growth effects, they have been described by the manufacturers as “tackling infections and organisms at source – a natural silver bacteria killer”. We are very happy to hear it and exciting to tell you all about those innovative technologies created for health and comfort of wearing.

Brand name

How to Choose a Brand Name of your Online Lingerie Store I

Choosing your new brand name – PART I

As everybody knows, a good brand’s name is crucial and it can be a real ‘catch’. So choosing it is a very important step starting your own business. Especially when you run your business on the Internet and if it is a shop for example. Internet shop of lingerie would be even more demanding. That is why we think it is worth taking your time while choosing a really good name.

Firstly – starting an enterprise we aim to develop it further in the future and it is possible that our brand will become popular on a wider scale or even internationally. There are several factors and strategies to be considered during this process and we would like to encourage you to think of the following points: our brand’s name length, its origins and the meaning associated. It is also worth following your intuition and imagination to create something really special.

The brand name’s length

As everybody knows – size matters 😉 In our opinion the length of the name makes a difference. As far as the online lingerie stores are considered – it should be short, brief and catchy. Certainly no longer than about 15-20 words in it.

At this point, we need to take into account that one word names may have already been taken. Especially if they suit to the specific kind of a lingerie offer – for example popular female names and nicknames such as: Lola, Melisa, Adriana, Mimi, Sarah. The same if you choose a name characterizing your products’ features like: intimate, seductive, sensible, etc. Therefore, choosing a one word name we need to be a little more creative and sometimes just use our imagination.

The origin of our label

All of the biggest online companies have short, brief names and their meanings often come from another words or they are simply – made up. Sometimes, the companies just mix and rearrange the letters order in some names, for example: Google originates from the word “googol” which means: the number followed by one hundred zeros. Another popular, catchy names: Yahoo, Asos, Ebay, Allegro, Onet.

What does it mean?

So how can you get inspired to create the perfect label…
We should remember that what we sell is lingerie and that goes well with some fashion capitals’ languages. French, Italian or some exotic dialects may be really helpful while looking for our desirable vocabulary.

Sometimes you can simply use the Google translator and check the meaning of your potential choice or find some synonyms of the words connected with lingerie and feminine intimate accessories (e.g. sexy, sensible, delicate, seductive, etc.) You can be really amazed at how surprisingly good they sound in different languages.

Use your imagination in the process of creation

At this point we should make a list of our potential word choices. Use your imagination and check how those names sound if you reorganize the letters inside or add something personal to the label.

For instance, Italian word: sensuale sounds very well, but… We can create a new, more unique name going from there: sensual => sensel => senselle.

Of course, if we run an online lingerie store, we have to remember that our brand is supposed to be associated with the characteristics of the products sold and the general vision of the whole enterprise. That is certainly something very feminine here.

Some more ideas

Let us check women’s names mentioned before:

Veronica is in French: Véronique, but if we get rid of the accent there is an easier word: Veronique.

As a man I would say that some southern words, especially Italian or Spanish names of towns and regions, sound really nice and a bit sexy as well. You can also use them. Optionally – with some slight modifications.

Take an Italian region Molise – a perfect online shop name. It is similar with the names of towns: Modena, Ferrara, etc. Écija modified a little becomes Desija and additionally it can be associated with the word ‘desirable’ now.

You may not only add something to your original word but also mix two different names into a one. In our opinion it is a good compromise between the two-words label but not too short on the other hand. And this is exactly how our brand name: Lingerose was born. As you can easily guess it comes from two words: lingerie and rose. Both of them are commonly associated with lingerie and sound quite good – not only separately but also very well together.
Another example – Bianti. Originated from Italian: bianachera intima which means simply – underwear.

Let us take a closer look at the two-word names’ examples. Those two parts may both mean something or be associated with something, e.g. Lingerieboutique – the label consisted of two separate words – no need to explain their meaning.

Not only meaningful names may sound good. Example: LouMarie. Two separate, short female names, sound very sexy and catchy together.

The second part

In the second part of this article you will read more about some external factors and techniques which make your chosen brand name outstanding and distinguishing from the crowd.

Now, we would like to encourage you to follow your intuition and write down all the ideas coming to your mind.

So let us assume that we have had no problems creating a list of catchy names and there is some impressive base of our potential labels. The next question is: how to verify them and decide which one is absolutely the best. There are also some interesting external factors affecting future popularity of our brand’s name so we would like to mention them as well. Listed randomly, they need to be considered all together while choosing the best one.

The key words in our domain (in the name of our online store)

It is worth noticing that the usage of the key words in our domain can be very important considering SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP (search engine results pages). However, it has been observed, that this tendency is declining nowadays. In our opinion – worth considering, but certainly – not the most important factor anymore.

Sound and meaning

As we have already written in the previous article – good sound and hit meaning make a huge difference. Those two questions are very individual for many different countries and languages, so we want to have in mind the specifics of our target market.

Melody makers

Once again talking about sound – it is important that our name is not too difficult to pronounce. We have to take into account the potential pronunciation difficulties of our future consumers. It often happens when we choose some too rare and sophisticated words, especially in the foreign languages.

If spelling is too different from pronunciation and the word is not popular at all, our future customers may not want to say it at loud – because of the fear of failure (being “funny” saying it at loud or being not comprehensive). In some extreme cases it can even lead them to avoid buying our products… And that is definitely opposite of what we want.

Another essential matter is spelling. Running own company it often happens that we must spell our company’s name, e.g. on the phone. As we have already said in the previous article – it is good for the label to be short.

Excuse me, once again – what did you mean?

No harm to do a little research and make sure that there is no negative meaning associated with our chosen name in its original language. It is easy to “feel it” in our local market but when you try to sell your products to some foreign customers – that may sometimes be tricky. Easily revealed – just ask some native speaker of the chosen language – either your friend or some stranger met at any Internet language forum. The other way is to use Google Advanced Search. If you set the target language, look for the word and do not find any answers – there probably are not any connotations. If you find many entries – you may want to make sure about it and check most of them. Google translator is very helpful there or once again – asking some native speakers.

The art of choosing

So now we have narrowed the list of our potential names – it is high time we chose our best of the best. What needs to be remembered here is a following point of order: the availability. The only thing needs to be done here is to go to our domain supplier and check if our dream name is not used by anybody else. The website: is very helpful here and we can strongly recommend using it. Of course, there are many other sites providing similar services here.

Another important factor is your domain extension – that is what follows your website name after a dot, e.g. in the website address: the extension is: “com”.
This determinant depends on the country (or maybe the target market rather) in which you plan to work. If it is one country only you will probably want to choose the extension typical for it.

For instance:

The UK –
France – .fr
Italy – .it
Germany – .de
Poland – .pl

Et cetera, et cetera…

For more international enterprises we encourage you to choose the most popular:


…and so on.

The End

If we are at the finish line of all those complicated recruitment processes – let us get a little break. Then, go back to the topic with some ‘fresh head’. Say it at loud, listen to yourself and check how it sounds. Ask some friends – their first reaction will always verify your choice, as it can be very easily observed if some word is a catch.

Hopefully, you have succeeded and there is no need to start our “castings” from the beginning… It is the high time you registered it now! 🙂

Brand name