Pinterest’s popularity according to Facebook

As Pinterest continues to gain popularity around the world, we wanted to check exactly in which country is the most popular. There are many data based on site like Alexa, Google website trends etc. and … there is also Facebook and its data that helps targeting ads. In advanced targeting option Facebook lets us specify our interest. Typing in “Pinterest” we get a number of people in a particular country, who are interested in Pinterest. This group contains Facebook users who liked Pinterest or it appeared in their activities and interests. It may also include people who use Facebook to log in to their Pinterest accounts.

Below we present the map – how popular Pinterest is around the world according to Facebook:

As we could predict the most popular Pinterest is in the United States – Facebook showed 22 million people interested.

This is the top 10 countries:

1. United States – 22 million

2. Brazil – 3,4 million

3. Canada – 1,6 million

4. United Kingdom – 1,24 million

5. Mexico – 1,18 million

6. Colombia – 1,16 million

7. Philippines – 1,02 million

8. Italy – 0,94 million

9. India – 0,88 million

10. Australia – 0,82 million

In the top 5 we could find all three North America’s countries. In the top 10 we have 2 countries from South America, Europe and Asia. In Africa the most popular Pinterest is in Egypt – placed 16 with 0,44 million users.

Of course this ranking depends a lot of popularity of Facebook itself (in China there are only 10400 people interested in Pinterest), however it gives additional view on popularity of Pinterest around the world.


Pinterest search results are not random

We start our series of articles focusing on Pinterest search results for the most popular and competitive keywords. Last few months we’ve been doing daily check of the following search queries: clothing, fashion, fashion blog, food, home, lingerie, style and travel.

What was the purpose of such a choice?

As you can see, we selected 5 terms related to the fashion industry, as this is the “most e-commerce” market advertised on Pinterest, with the highest potential for online sales as well. Three other keywords (food, home and travel) are the top searched queries expressing our dreams or things we plan to do in the future.

Lately we have received many questions about Pinterest’s SEO. The most common question was whether Pinterest displays results randomly or if there exists any correlation between some factors and order of pins showed up in the search results.

In this article we’d like to prove that Pinterest doesn’t display pins randomly. I guess this statement might worry some of pinners. Why? Mostly, because we like to simplify things around us. Although Pinterest’s popularity grows very fast, it is still a very young social media site. Probably the youngest one among all the biggest social platforms. We want to believe that it is still not developed much and the Pinterest’s algorithm is easy to get around. Checking search results and looking for any correlation we take into consideration only few factors. Couldn’t figure out what really has impact on search list we finish our research saying that there is no correlation and pins must be displayed randomly.

Unfortunately both answers are wrong because there is correlation or rather there are many correlations. The whole process is called Pinterest’s SEO and it is definitely much more complex than we want it to be.

Today we present again the results of our first Pinterest’s campaign for Lingerose.com – lingerie wholesale site. As a quick reminder – this campaign let us discover the impact of Pinterest on Google search results (our publication at SocialMediaToday.com). It’s been also very successful in Pinterest itself where pins which come from this account rank very well. Till the end of September we were focused mainly on the “lingerie wholesale” query. Since the middle of March 2013 we have conquered search results list for these keywords.

These results showed that our pins are regularly indexed and displayed by Pinterest and could be considered as a proof that search list is not created in a random way. However, some of you are not convinced that it is enough to give the final answer as the “lingerie wholesale” query is not as competitive as the keywords mentioned at the beginning of this article. We decided to expand the scope of our research and get focused on the “lingerie” query. We were sure that the account of Lingerose is strong enough to reach the first 100 results for this keyword. It’s important from the research point of view. Basing on the experience from the other campaigns we knew that creating a new board provides an additional signal for Pinterest to index pins.

At the beginning of September we created “Lingerie Wholesale Blog” board and started adding photos from the Lingerose’s blog articles. As predicted the new pins ranked very well. All the pins descriptions contained the names of the articles they came from (mostly “brand’s name + lingerie”) and additionally we included “lingerie wholesale blog” there.

After a few days on the 10th of September Lingerose’s pins appeared in the top 100 for the “lingerie” query:

What was interesting they were very similar to the results for the “lingerie wholesale” query:

That means that Pinterest displayed pins in similar order. If a particular pin was important enough to be displayed as the first one for the “lingerie wholesale” – it also occupied the highest position among our pins in the “lingerie” search results. Pinterest changed its results and displayed new pins every few days for both of the queries.

On the 14th of September our pins showed up in the top 60 for the “lingerie” query. During the next few weeks some new pins from Lingerose’s account which were the highest ranked, appeared always between the 50th and the 70th position.

On the 20th of September we decided to check how many pins are displayed for the “lingerie” query. We found 100 pins in the first 600 results displayed by Pinterest. So one of each 6 pins which showed up belonged to Lingerose’s account. All of the pins came from the new board “Lingerie Wholesale Blog”.

By the way I want to say that having so many pins displayed for competitive keywords brings great results – number of repins, likes, new followers and visits to your account. Further information soon, below I present some pins from the “Lingerie Wholesale Blog” board.

At the beginning of October we started our tests, optimizing pins description to find the best possible one. We tried many possibilities changing the order of keywords or removing them from the description. Whenever we changed the description’s pattern we noticed some discrepancies of our pins’ positions in search results. For some patterns the highest ranked photos were placed lower than usually or there were not so many pins displayed in the first 200-300 results.

In the meantime one of our pin reached the top of search results for the “lingerie” query and was indexed as the first one:

As you can see this pin contained the first pattern of descriptions that we used for the purpose of our research. After almost 4 weeks of tests we also noticed that this is the most effective pattern from all we tried. Few days ago we decided to use again this description. The positions of our pins in Pinterest search results have been exactly the same as they were in September. There is also the same correlation between results for the “lingerie” and “lingerie wholesale” queries.

Below results from the 28th of October:


Lingerie wholesale

Our research definitely proves that Pinterest doesn’t display pins randomly. There are many factors which play important role for the Pinterest’s algorithm. There also many strategies which help optimize our pins. In the next articles we are going to show more analysis of the results for the most competitive keywords in Pinterest. We will also demonstrate how worthy and important is being ranked high in search results.

fame 1601

Pinterest Group Boards Strategy for Lingerie selling

In the article published at SocialMediaToday.com we described the impact that our Pinterest’s campaign had on Google search results. Thanks to Pinterest we reached the top of Google for the “lingerie wholesale” query. This time we’d like to give more details why the Group Boards strategy which we followed has been so successful.

First months of our Pinterest adventure wasn’t really exciting experience and didn’t happen a lot. Till the 2nd of March when we received an invitation to one of the biggest lingerie group board on Pinterest. And that’s how it started.
We were lucky that someone noticed our photos and invited us to a very popular lingerie group board. Finally, our pins could be displayed to thousands of pinners and the account was getting stronger receiving new followers. Each pin added to the group board was liked and what is more important – they were repined going viral. Pinterest’s search engine started indexing our account. After two months of sharing our photos with other pinners from all the group boards we contributed to, our account reached 1000 followers.

How to get a group board invitation – Board Inviter is the answer

Unfortunately, you are not invited to a new board every day. Pinterest doesn’t facilitate pinners communication in order to exchange invitations. Pinterest gives you just one opportunity to communicate to other users – by leaving a comment under pins. It doesn’t seem to be very professional to me. BoardInviter.com was created – the platform where you can easily exchange group boards invitations with other pinners. To get invitation from other users, you use points which you may gather inviting others to group boards where you belong to. Of course you decide who you invite or not – you may refuse any invitation request you don’t want.

We reached the top of Pinterest for the “lingerie” keyword


Thanks to the group board strategy our pin was indexed as the first one for the “lingerie” query (very competitive one). Within three days only it received 350 repins, 50 likes and our account – 60 additional followers attracted by this pin.

Below we present the gallery of our most popular photos on Pinterest.


Fashion Week Poland – the essence of Pinterest

As usually we visited Polish Fashion Week. It was the 9th edition of this event organized in Lodz – the most fashion industrial city in Poland.

I think I understand now why Pinterest pays so much attention to the Fashion Weeks events. In one place you can find fashion designers, photographers, fashion journalists, bloggers, models and what is most important lots, lots of fashion design and products. You could make thousands of photos and all of them would be repined immediately. Everything what is most important for Pinterest – just its pure essence.

It would be pointless to compare Polish Fashion Week to the biggest events from New York, London, Paris or Milan, as those cities attract the most popular designers in the world. Fashion Week Lodz is for local designers rather. However, Pinterest should take into consideration being present at smaller fashion shows as well. It is a very good opportunity to make it popular (I mean Pinterest) on local markets. Especially if it is a country of 40 million people, where social media are very popular and e-commerce sector is one of the highest developed in Europe.

Unfortunately, the Pinterest awareness among Poles is not yet as high as it could be. I talked to the most influential Polish fashion bloggers and I was a bit surprised. Of course they have heard about Pinterest but they don’t use it yet. It seems to be kind of a mystery to them or they prefer Instagram.


Exact match and keywords order matter for Pinterest’s search results – part II

According to the last discoveries and the article about the exact match keywords and the order of keywords, I decided to do some test to check my observations.

I added 7 pins with the following descriptions:
4 – “Axami Lingerie Blog” – to see if it is better indexed for the “lingerie blog”
3 – “Axami Blog Lingerie” – to see if it is better indexed for the “blog lingerie”

“Lingerie Blog” results:

As I supposed, the new added pins with exact match keywords “lingerie blog” in their descriptions are displayed much higher than my previous pins. However, I didn’t expect they could be displayed on the very top of the search results. That shows how strong and powerful is the Lingerose’s account.

“Blog Lingerie” results:

We’ve got analogical situation with the query “blog lingerie”, also here my pins conquered the top of search results.

These tests confirm my theory. To display the most relevant results, Pinterest check the exact match and keywords order used in pins descriptions. Of course the strength of an account also matters.