Kinga lingerie

Kinga Lingerie

An exclusive lingerie wholesaler proudly presents one of the leading Polish lingerie distributors and producers:

Kinga Lingerie de Femme.

The producer has been present at the lingerie market since 1996. Kinga specializes in creating the exclusive lingerie which is supposed to be tempting and inflaming our senses. The offer consists of push-up type of lingerie and a vast color range of brassieres, briefs, thongs, corsets and chemises. Sewn combining the highest quality fabrics such as: satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique furnishings, Kinga has become famous for being exquisitely elegant and exceptionally feminine.

Kinga photoshoot backstage

Created by women – for women

As Kinga’s distributors and producers say – it is a lingerie created to meet women’s needs and their clients’ satisfaction – and that is the biggest determinant of brand success. As a woman customer I decided to check those guarantees personally and to try Kinga product wearing them on my own. And you know what? I was not disappointed! Laser-cut, delicate and soft underpants and push-up, elegant bra proved to be very comfortable and close to my body in every situation… As a woman I can highly recommend Kinga’s lingerie and ensure you that the awards of Golden Consumer Laurel in brand’s history did not come for nothing.

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Twice a year, for seasons spring-summer and autumn-winter, Kinga Lingerie de Femme offers its new, trendy collections and all of them you can find at our website of lingerie wholesale To find some sensual, tempting products look for many of Kinga’s  Bras and Panties. You will be also interested in overlaps: Body Corset, Hosiery and Nightwear, where some high quality, sexy (or even erotic) items of Kinga distributor can be found.


Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive in other words: addictive, hooking, overenthusiastic, extreme, mad, passionate, excited, burning, maniacal, delirious, wild, haunting, unforgettable, ongoing, persistent. Obsessive Lingerie… Coincidence? Do not think so 🙂

We could endlessly describe the further characteristic of Obsessive products. However, three major words are the keys here: sexy, spicy, fun. And those are three major categories of Obsessive collections. The closest to some classic seductive lingerie lines are some elegant “sexy” pieces. “Spicy” determines the items a little bit more bold and provocative, but still very alluring and fetching. The most amusing are of course the products tagged with the word “fun”. Wanna be some crazy bunny for a while? A naughty maid, secretary, doctor, sailor, soldier, nurse, teacher… Marine or a pirate? Those all and many, many more – waiting for you in the offer of Obsessive.

Obsessive commercial presented in Fashion TV

All the products bold, fresh and in a wide range of colors. At the very reasonable prices for the highest quality. Not only original lingerie outfits but also very comfortable underwear. Designed and made of the most delicate and elastic fabrics. Because of all those qualities mixed together – Obsessive happens to be an annual laureate of numerous awards (Year Quality, Consumer Laurel, Business Gazelles, etc.) The lingerie has also adorned the covers of many popular magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, Men’s Health, and many others. This certainly makes the producer one of the most popular amongst all the manufacturers offering erotic lingerie at the market.

The making of Obsessive: Inspire Your Desire 2011, with Brazilian supermodel, Playboy centerfold, and Miss Brazil in the US – Sasckya Porto

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Not only traditional bras but also, for example, some nipple covers. Full lace, comfortable panties or extremely hot body stockings if you go through some hosiery. Perfectly shaping body corsets and extremely comfortable nightwear. All those under the overlap: erotic. Dirty or flirty? It is all your choice!


Trends – Spring/Summer 2013

The latest trends – Spring/Summer 2013

Femininity in retro style – in the upcoming season lingerie fashion will come back to its boudoir, intimate and girlish roots. It will be very feminine – in the delicate and subtle way as well as that a little bit more wild. Lingerose Network would like to present some leading trends from European designers.


Delicate skin tones, antic whites, pale roses or ivory. The palette of powder colors. Laces and transparent materials, asymmetrical cuts and lacings. These very romantic items you can easily find in our new products offer at Lingerose website. There are, among others, some beautiful, creamy sets of girly underwear from Milena and Gorteks:


half-transparent half-lace panties of Nipplex or Gorteks:


again and extremely feminine and seductive lingerie from Kinga manufacturer:



Classic, sweet and girlish styling. Chequered and stripped patterns or pale flowers. Pastels again! Delicate, thin materials with ruffles and transparent fabrics you can see through. This trend definitely adds femininity to each woman wearing it. Those sweet pastel sets you can find in the version of the newest feminine models from the Niplex producer:


or even more girly and cute – pale pink items from MAT’s:


Rizzo and the Fifties

Another two trends go back into the fifties’ decade. “Rizzo” (a fashion trend called after the heroine of ‘Grease’) is the style of a naughty girl from the fifties. Rock-and-roll inspirations found their way in luxurious tulle materials, body corsets and even tattoo motives hidden in some designs of the newest lingerie collections. Other “back to fifties” inspirations derive from the sweeter side of that period’s fashion and they are mixed together with some modern tendencies. So you can find some charming full-cups bras or the high waist panties there. Also some flowers, little cute crystals, ruffles and checked patterns are present in the new products inspired by this trend. For some items derived from the fifties check new products on our site – For example: full-cup bras of MAT or Gorteks:

mat-162212-kimbra gorteks-sallyf

and absolutely the hottest one – Mat sensual hosiery:


Some other top trends from Paris:

ruffles (MAT, Milena)

lace (Gorteks, Kinga, MAT, Milena, Nipplex)

triangular cups (Gorteks, Kinga, MAT, Milena, Nipplex, VERANO)

sequins (MAT, Kinga)

– halter straps (VERANO – swimwear)



Axami Lingerie

As a lingerie wholesale distributor of the most luxurious brands, is proud to introduce to you one of the most desirable and trendy marks:

Axami Lingerie

Honored with many national awards and prizes, Polish brand of luxurious lingerie – Axami, is among others the laureate of: The Quality of the Year 2008, Customer’s Choice – Discovery of the Year 2009, Polish Product of 2009 & 2010 (Golden Certificate of Polish Product and Pearl Certificate of Polish Product), EuroCertificate awards of 2009, 2010 & 2011, Certificate of the Highest Quality “Quality International 2011”, etc.

Collection Extravaganza – Certificate “Quality International 2011”

Brand history:

Sharing hereditary passion for designing and creating beautiful lingerie of the highest quality the founders (mother and daughter) of Axami decided to start the family business back in ’90-s. The brand has immediately succeed gaining incredible popularity as a producer of luxurious women’s lingerie at the market.

Philosophy of the brand:

Designed to satisfy women who value high quality of fabrics combined with unique, subtle but sexy patterns, Axami products have become famous for being both: comfortable and classically elegant. The collections consist of:

beautifully shaping the bust Push-Up or Open (Shelf) Bras; Thongs, Shorts, Briefs; Garter Belts and Stockings, Corsets, Babydolls and Accessories (Gloves, Masks, Peniuars).


As Axami is far more than just a sophisticated, seductive and trendy design, the company uses the most luxurious fabrics imported mainly from Italy, Spain, France and Austria in order to meet the highest expectations of its customers. Women who chose Axami may be sure that the lingerie is 100% adapted to their body needs – made with objective to be healthy, safe and comfortable, do not cause allergies and at the same time to protect body from the growth of bacteria, killing odors it helps to feel fresh for long hours. Thank to its innovative technologies the products are made of the most delicate tulles, exceptional laces, smooth satin combined with nice in touch microfibre and the softest cotton.

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Visiting our page you can easily find many products of Axami there. Looking for some exceptionally sexy and seductive items, you should check the overlap ‘erotic’ – beautiful bras, charming hosiery or luxurious body corsets are presented there. Something more subtle but still very comfortable? Try under ‘panties’ or ‘nightwear’ – there you can be sure to find many high quality sensual designs as well.