Pinterest’s popularity according to Facebook

As Pinterest continues to gain popularity around the world, we wanted to check exactly in which country is the most popular. There are many data based on site like Alexa, Google website trends etc. and … there is also Facebook and its data that helps targeting ads. In advanced targeting option Facebook lets us specify our interest. Typing in “Pinterest” we get a number of people in a particular country, who are interested in Pinterest. This group contains Facebook users who liked Pinterest or it appeared in their activities and interests. It may also include people who use Facebook to log in to their Pinterest accounts.

Below we present the map – how popular Pinterest is around the world according to Facebook:

As we could predict the most popular Pinterest is in the United States – Facebook showed 22 million people interested.

This is the top 10 countries:

1. United States – 22 million

2. Brazil – 3,4 million

3. Canada – 1,6 million

4. United Kingdom – 1,24 million

5. Mexico – 1,18 million

6. Colombia – 1,16 million

7. Philippines – 1,02 million

8. Italy – 0,94 million

9. India – 0,88 million

10. Australia – 0,82 million

In the top 5 we could find all three North America’s countries. In the top 10 we have 2 countries from South America, Europe and Asia. In Africa the most popular Pinterest is in Egypt – placed 16 with 0,44 million users.

Of course this ranking depends a lot of popularity of Facebook itself (in China there are only 10400 people interested in Pinterest), however it gives additional view on popularity of Pinterest around the world.