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Advertising – Part One

The Role of Advertisement in Running Your Own Online Store

Effective advertisement is the foundation of trade. How to do it successfully? Take a look at our advertisement of a lingerie online business guide.

Let us assume that we have already set out first online store. We are very optimistic and enthusiastic. Just cannot wait to start! Where to begin?

Obviously – from the most important place which will be successful PR, marketing, promotion and advertisement. We can call it either way but we cannot forget that it is the basis of our Internet activity.


Imagine some simple situation: we open “a real”, stationery shop. However, it is not located in the crowded shopping centre but in the middle of nowhere. It seems to be obvious that the potential clients will not know about our enterprise, but…
Let us assume that we are in our shop, sitting behind the counter and waiting for them… After a few hours, a little confused, we come back home and we hope that it will get better the other day.
There has been a week and still nothing. After some time we close our business. Disappointed, probably we will complain about the market situation, people and how unfair the universe is.

Sounds ridiculous?

Well, not really, if we agree that this is exactly the same how it works on the Internet. That is a typical e-business situation.

Starting the lingerie online store, we cannot just assume that our clients will come from nowhere and without being aware of our activity in the first place.

We are like the stationary shop in the middle of nowhere. To attract the future customers and sell our products, we have to point the right directions, which will lead clients’ way to our business spot. Those paths are determined by successful advertising, especially – in case of online business.

What strategy to accomplish and which forms of advertisement are the most effective – those are our future articles’ topics. They will help you to go, step by step, through the marketing world nowadays.

Online Advertising