Advertising revolution

Internet Advertising Revolution

Internet Advertising Revolution – Inbound Marketing

Today we would like to tell you about the marketing and advertising Internet revolution that is taking place nowadays because the old method has just stopped working.

What was the old method? We may call it: outbound marketing.
In traditional, outbound marketing, we focus on finding customers. However, the techniques of it are poorly targeted and that interrupts people. They involve: cold-calling, display advertising, junk mail, spam.

Now we want to change our attitude and approach to the subject. Our customers are tired and they got advanced in Internet and advertising field. That is why Inbound Marketing will be focused on getting found by customers, not looking for them itself.
What do we need to do to be found by our customers? Certainly we have to attract their attention.

There are three key components of a successful Inbound Marketing campaign for our lingerie online store:

– Content – the core factor of our campaign. We have to create content which shows that our brand is an authority in the lingerie field and it is worth buying products from us. Building the content may include: blogs, videos, ebooks, etc.

– SEO – in the article about a search engine Google we have precisely explained how important it is to be present in its results. We also know that SEO (search engine optimization) for the beginner users of our online lingerie store (those who do not have a lot of experience) may seem to be a little difficult at first. So we have advised to start with Google Adwords. However, both methods are worth using.

– Social Media – using social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, blogs and forums) strengthens and develops the impact of our content. When the content is distributed across and discussed on numerous social networks, it becomes more authentic, popular and that way it may draw qualified customers to your site.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing:

– it costs less than traditional advertising – if we know enough we might even do it for free (of course spending our time). We need to be creative and would want to share some information educating our customers

– better targeting – we approach people who are interested – they demonstrate an interest in our content, so they are likely to be interested in our products.

The main advantage of Inbound Marketing is that all those three parts (components) of it:

– content


– social media

have a big impact not only on each other but also on the whole marketing itself. We can say that they act together and affect each other at the same time. And we can observe their biggest influence on SEO. Why?

We build content that gives signals to Google – that our lingerie store is worthy and might be shared in social media. We are getting more popular in social media and this also gives signals to Google algorithm – that our content and our lingerie store is trustworthy and people like it.

So now we see that we at least double our results – of time or money spent on advertising campaign.

We encourage you to read our next articles where we write more about the components of Inbound Marketing separately.

Advertising revolution