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Pinterest impact on Google – June – part 6

Read the fifth part of Pinterest impact on Google June March, April and May were the months when I was creating a very strong account of Lingerose in Pinterest. As I gathered 1000 followers with no tools or any other illegal techniques involved, I was sure that both – Pinterest and Google appreciated my efforts. […]

Pinterest impact on Google – April – part 4

Read the third part of Pinterest impact on Google April And that’s how we came to April. This was another month of a very hard work. The main strategy had already been created and what was more important – it worked really well. Our SERP were constantly improving. However, I wasn’t going to stop testing […]

Pinterest impact on Google – March – part 3

Read the second part of Pinterest impact on Google March As mentioned above, March was the first month of proper Pinterest campaign for Lingerose.com. This was the month of creating the strategy and many tests. I tried many different ways to gather followers and make Lingerose’s pins viral. Below, I present the stats of Pinterest […]

Pinterest impact on Google part 2

Read the first part of Pinterest impact on Google In this chapter I want to analyze how my Pinterest activities affected Google search results for specific keywords. I chose the most useful keyword for the SEO’s purposes of lingerie wholesale company – „lingerie wholesale”. Additionally, I selected some other keywords related to the offer of […]

Pyjamas and Nightwear Collection 2014/2015

The autumn has finally come and so the first cool nights – it’s high time we pulled out of the closet warm pyjamas and dressing-gowns. Today we present the latest nightwear products from Autumn and Winter 2014/2015 collections. Let’s start from soft and pleasant to touch dressing-gowns. They are just perfect for the morning coffee […]

Special Task Bras

I guess any of us have ever had that kind of problem – our amazing prom or elegant dress and our bra’s strap mess up the whole look. Don’t worry might be worse – a dress with open back and your visible bra’s back closure. How do we feel then – annoyed and definitely not […]

Latest lingerie collections autumn-winter 2014-2015

Like every year after the hot summer, time for autumn and winter and it’s time to present the latest lingerie collection of autumn/winter 2014/2015 as well. Also designers’ imagination try to follow the upcoming cold season focusing on the following colors: black, gold, navy blue ink, subtle plum, burgundy, gray, etc.. However, in order to […]