Axami Apparel – an absolute shock Collection

An absolute shock – that’s how world of fashion described the last decision of Axami Lingerie. Who would have expected that the famous manufacturer of luxury lingerie is going to enter the apparel and fashion market … with such a great project!

Sporty and glamorous look!

The latest collection of Axami is inspired by sporty chic. You can feel freshness, youthfulness with comfort provided at the same time.

I exactly remember the time when knit in shades of gray was associated with a gym or fitness outfit or loose tracksuit. Nowadays everything has changed. You can combine your sportswear with elegant apparel like high heels, jackets, sensual lace and even with evening fashion and wear. Thus, our favorite hooded sweatshirts, dresses, sweatpants skirts, shorts and pants made ​​of soft fabrics can be worn again without any fear that someone laughs or points fingers at us.

Tracksuit’s look and cut provides comfortable freedom of movement and what is more important you don’t need to waste your precious time ironing your apparel.

Simple or high sneakers and comfortable ballerinas will perfectly match your new clothes from the latest Axami collection. For best result we suggest combination of high hills with stylish handbag that will definitely add your look a sophisticated chic and hint of extravagance.