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In this category of our blog we focus on marketing strategy for fashion industry, presenting practical tips and sharing our experience we’ve gained over the years of work in the fashion industry. As we truly believe we live in the era of photo and photos themselves are the most important factor and the base of the whole marketing strategy around fashion business, we devoted one of the section within this category to photo marketing only. As we are also aware that many of you need some introduction to the world of marketing and advertisements in the second section basics you can find the fundamental information and explanation of fashion marketing which we hope you find very useful.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords – why to use it

As we know Google Adwords is a paid, official Google advertisement called: “sponsored links”. It is located over the three most popular, organic search results on the page and also as the links displayed on the right. This ad can also be found in Google content network but we want to focus on the search field mainly.

Those are advantages of using Google Adwords:

Choice of language and location 

Creating our campaign we can decide where it is shown and in which language. Very easily we can choose a continent, a country, a city and even – the exact area, for example – 20kilometers from the city centre.

Our advert shows immediately 

In contrast to SEO (described in the previous article) we do not have to wait for a long time for our ad to appear on the first page of search listings. The ad is shown straight away after the Google approval. Usually, this happens in less than 24 hours from creating it. Of course, where (how high) the ad appears and when exactly depends mainly on the way it is created and our cost offered per one click.

Full control of spending

As we have already mentioned – we pay for each click in our ad. However, sponsored links give us full control of how much money we want to spend on it. So if we have achieved our daily limit of clicks (dependent on the budget) the advertisements will stop being displayed. This solution gives us full control of our spending and that is exceptionally important for the beginners – they can create and test some new campaigns with no stress.
Another important factor is a rate per one click, so it is the maximum amount of money we want to spend on each time somebody clicks our link. Google adjusts the advertisement displays in such a way, that the limit of money cannot be over exceeded. Obviously – more you spend, higher you get.

To set the ad you do not need to be advanced
That is the next superiority of using Google Adwords over the SEO techniques. Sponsored links allow us to create and run a campaign individually by ourselves. Google Adwords program is based on logics and being relevant. Those two features are the magic key to a successful campaign.

Logic and exactness – the most effective strategy
So, as we pay for each time our ad is clicked, it is worth considering how to create it with the smallest details to be highly accurate and precise. It depends on our budget – that is for sure. The less we can spend, the more precise we need to be – that is a general rule.
Now it is a good idea to imagine we are in the shoes of our potential client – what will he type in a search engine if he wants to buy some lingerie? More precisely – what exactly does he want, how exactly is he looking for it and thus – what exactly will he type? To bring him to our store we have to be as precise as that.
For sure, it is not worth to focus on such general phrases as: “lingerie” or “female lingerie” only. That is the easiest way and the most popular query of course, the biggest amount of money as well, though.
We recommend you to focus on some more adequate phrases, for example: “bras online store” or: “axami lingerie online” – they show the biggest concern of a potential customer from the beginning and the potential willingness to buy a product. Of course, it can be less popular entry… But more effective one – and the return on investment may be bigger.

Google Adwords

Advertising cheaters

Advertising Cheaters

Advertising cheaters – quality as the most important factor.

Before we decide to start our marketing campaign, it is worth considering if we do it by ourselves or with the help of some external agencies. It depends mostly on our budget of course, but also our knowledge is an important factor and the amount of time we can spend doing it.

We can assure our clients of Lingerose Network to be as helpful as possible explaining different methods of creating effective marketing campaigns. Even if you do not decide to promote your business on your own, you will at least know better what to expect from the advertising company and how to choose the good one and avoid some potential ad defrauders.

We have to remember that there are many pseudo–professionals or just regular cheaters on the Internet. Although we are not able to say exactly how to recognize them, we can give you some real–life examples instead.

We highly recommend you to avoid the phenomena of the following type:

Bargains at the websites such as etc.
There are often some ads of the agencies connected with the SEO industry (search engine optimization). They want to sell their services, previously worth e.g. 1500 Euro at the price of 50 Euro now. Where is a catch?
In this offer, which we pay for, the company is running very elementary page optimization. It is often so simple, that we could easily do it ourselves and it would take about 20-30 minutes. Of course, we can buy it if we want to. Just remember that we cannot expect some miracles just because of this fact and our notes in the rankings of SEPR (search engine results positions) will not impressively grow once we buy the service.

Affiliate companies
Some time ago one of our lingerie stores connected with some big affiliate company. (For those who may not know – that is a kind of enterprise which works as a broker between the store and some portals and websites of different kinds.) In our case it was supposed to be a banner campaign. Our banners were said to be exposed – caution – about 2.000.000 times in many different places. Profits? One customer! We were lucky enough to pay the commission on our profit only. For those 2.000.000 banner displays it was a cost of a few Euro, so we were not too defeated. However, we strongly doubt in the quality of the websites our advert was displayed on.

Fake social media promotions
Sometimes you can “buy” the social media followers who will “like” your website at some portals like, etc. For example: you can have 1000 likes for about 5 Euro – there are many similar ads on the net. In our opinion, there are no more benefits of such a solution, except for maybe some kind of prestige that we have “1000 likes”. Although, you have to remember that those fake followers will never ever come back to our profile, neither comment nor like anything again (unless we buy some further activity of theirs). In this context, “fake followers” literally means “fake” – those people just do not exist in a real world. Sometimes this phenomenon can be even harmful for us and our company. Imagine that one day all of them may simply disappear – banned by the host portal. Do we want to be banned with them?
Another fake promotion is for example: 1000 visits per day. Of course we have to pay for it, for instance – 10 Euro daily. It is also a very popular strategy of some monkey business companies. They usually use some secret techniques in order to achieve that and we do not doubt that some of them may even be illegal. Eventually, our page visitors statistics may show about 1000 entries a day, but how profitable it will actually be for our store?

To sum up:

There are of course many reliable companies and agencies offering similar services of higher standards. Not only the low cost and low quality techniques exist on the Internet. Some of the companies base on a solid work supported by some knowledge and experience. However, we need to remember that this ‘real’ advertisement will cost a lot more than numerous fake promotions. As in a ‘real life’ – quality often goes together with higher price. The Internet advertising is no exception here.

Advertising cheaters

Advertising revolution

Internet Advertising Revolution

Internet Advertising Revolution – Inbound Marketing

Today we would like to tell you about the marketing and advertising Internet revolution that is taking place nowadays because the old method has just stopped working.

What was the old method? We may call it: outbound marketing.
In traditional, outbound marketing, we focus on finding customers. However, the techniques of it are poorly targeted and that interrupts people. They involve: cold-calling, display advertising, junk mail, spam.

Now we want to change our attitude and approach to the subject. Our customers are tired and they got advanced in Internet and advertising field. That is why Inbound Marketing will be focused on getting found by customers, not looking for them itself.
What do we need to do to be found by our customers? Certainly we have to attract their attention.

There are three key components of a successful Inbound Marketing campaign for our lingerie online store:

– Content – the core factor of our campaign. We have to create content which shows that our brand is an authority in the lingerie field and it is worth buying products from us. Building the content may include: blogs, videos, ebooks, etc.

– SEO – in the article about a search engine Google we have precisely explained how important it is to be present in its results. We also know that SEO (search engine optimization) for the beginner users of our online lingerie store (those who do not have a lot of experience) may seem to be a little difficult at first. So we have advised to start with Google Adwords. However, both methods are worth using.

– Social Media – using social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, blogs and forums) strengthens and develops the impact of our content. When the content is distributed across and discussed on numerous social networks, it becomes more authentic, popular and that way it may draw qualified customers to your site.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing:

– it costs less than traditional advertising – if we know enough we might even do it for free (of course spending our time). We need to be creative and would want to share some information educating our customers

– better targeting – we approach people who are interested – they demonstrate an interest in our content, so they are likely to be interested in our products.

The main advantage of Inbound Marketing is that all those three parts (components) of it:

– content


– social media

have a big impact not only on each other but also on the whole marketing itself. We can say that they act together and affect each other at the same time. And we can observe their biggest influence on SEO. Why?

We build content that gives signals to Google – that our lingerie store is worthy and might be shared in social media. We are getting more popular in social media and this also gives signals to Google algorithm – that our content and our lingerie store is trustworthy and people like it.

So now we see that we at least double our results – of time or money spent on advertising campaign.

We encourage you to read our next articles where we write more about the components of Inbound Marketing separately.

Advertising revolution

Online Advertising

Advertising – Part One

The Role of Advertisement in Running Your Own Online Store

Effective advertisement is the foundation of trade. How to do it successfully? Take a look at our advertisement of a lingerie online business guide.

Let us assume that we have already set out first online store. We are very optimistic and enthusiastic. Just cannot wait to start! Where to begin?

Obviously – from the most important place which will be successful PR, marketing, promotion and advertisement. We can call it either way but we cannot forget that it is the basis of our Internet activity.


Imagine some simple situation: we open “a real”, stationery shop. However, it is not located in the crowded shopping centre but in the middle of nowhere. It seems to be obvious that the potential clients will not know about our enterprise, but…
Let us assume that we are in our shop, sitting behind the counter and waiting for them… After a few hours, a little confused, we come back home and we hope that it will get better the other day.
There has been a week and still nothing. After some time we close our business. Disappointed, probably we will complain about the market situation, people and how unfair the universe is.

Sounds ridiculous?

Well, not really, if we agree that this is exactly the same how it works on the Internet. That is a typical e-business situation.

Starting the lingerie online store, we cannot just assume that our clients will come from nowhere and without being aware of our activity in the first place.

We are like the stationary shop in the middle of nowhere. To attract the future customers and sell our products, we have to point the right directions, which will lead clients’ way to our business spot. Those paths are determined by successful advertising, especially – in case of online business.

What strategy to accomplish and which forms of advertisement are the most effective – those are our future articles’ topics. They will help you to go, step by step, through the marketing world nowadays.

Online Advertising