Exact match and keywords order matter for Pinterest’s search results

During my Pinterests SEO’s research today, I’ve checked also the “wholesale” keyword to see if Lingerose’s pins are also indexed for this searched term – and they are. The first pin is indexed at about 20th position and was added 4 weeks earlier.

The next pins keep the positions between 60 and 80.

They are almost the same as the highest indexed pins for for the “lingerie” and “lingerie wholesale” query.

Following this path I checked the “wholesale blog” query. The results were quite obvious for me – only Lingerose’s pins showed up.

But what about “lingerie blog”? This query should be definitely more competitive than the previous one that I checked. I found the first results out of top 200.

The indexed photos were also very similar to the highest indexed pins for all the keywords mentioned in this article before. What could be the possible explanation?

I’ve investigated about 50 first results and almost all of their descriptions contain the exact phrase “lingerie blog”.

All my pins added to the “lingerie wholesale blog” board contain “lingerie wholesale blog”. So, there is an additional word “wholesale”. This might be the reason why Pinterest indexed the pins much lower than the other Lingerose’s pins for all the queries checked today. Definitely the “lingerie blog” keywords is less competitive than “lingerie”. If so, my pins for “lingerie blog” shouldn’t be lower than for “lingerie”, but they are.

Before I go further I want to mention about one exception among the first 50 results for the “lingerie blog” query. I’ve found a pin with the following description: “lingerie green”. Where is the missing “blog” word?

As you can see it’s on the image. So, the image recognition system not only can recognize shapes and other things, but it can read as well. What is more important, Pinterest’s search engine may use writings from images as one of the factors which build a list of search results.

Ok let’s get back to my results, if it all is true and Pinterest likes so much exact match keywords, what about the order of keywords, does it matter?

Let’s see

I’m typing in “blog lingerie” and I see completely different results than those for “lingerie blog”.

There are lots of my pins indexed and they keep higher positions. I checked first ten results and the pins descriptions contain:

blog! Lingerie

blog: Lingerie

blog lingerie

Blog. Lingerie

so, Pinterest search engine sees almost the exact queries to our searched one.

After the top ten results my pins start showing up. How would I explain this situation if pins from Lingerose’s account contain “lingerie wholesale blog”. The order is different and there is additional word “wholesale” between our two keywords. I think there are not many results related to the query, the order of words in “blog lingerie” is not natural. So Piterest has displayed the most relevant results first, then selected my pins as they come from very strong account and contain both keywords.