Intimate health and underwear

Numerous health problems – from minor infections to serious civilization diseases tend to be determinant of our time. Female body is especially sensitive to that. Most women often complain about some discomforts and the most popular seem to be intimate infections and health problems. Various symptoms such as: itch, rash, whites, strange odors – all of those can disturb our everyday life. And they happen to do that at least once in a life time or at some especially annoying cases – regularly.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to stop being a subject of viruses and bacteria attacks? Or maybe you think that “it is just the way it goes nowadays…”

Is it?

No. It is not.

All you have to realize is to make this fact clear if front of yourself: it is your choice – how you live. You can personally choose where to go, what to do and what not…

What to eat and what to wear to feel better. Simple as that.

Just say it at loud: “I do not agree.” To be a fool living too fast and eating poisonous food. To be a victim of civilization diseases caused by chemicals in the closest surroundings…

“The air is polluted” – you may say. Ok, that is true. One may not be able to decide what to breathe… But that fact does not mean that you cannot decide any of the other important factors. And here we go with the magic word – quality.

It is not a coincidence that for the best quality you have to pay more. However, it is not just a blur vision of some mannered designers creating posh labels. The words: “exclusive” and “luxurious” often mean that the raw materials used during the production processes are simply more difficult to get and more expensive to buy at the same time. On the other hand, European markets have deliberately been flooded with some cheap and often tacky products from Asia, produced not only with the lowest quality, but often even opposite to European standards.

However, “being tacky” seems to be the slightest concern… Women constantly complain about their ‘female infections’ – they go to a doctor and ask some questions rarely getting the accurate, satisfying enough, answers. We look for special cleansing diets, buy more probiotics, exchange fancy cosmetics for some grey soaps, anxiously resign from going to the public swimming pools, wearing tampons and thongs… But. Have you ever considered that what matters is not only “how you wear it” but also what actually are you wearing?”.

What is closer to the female body than the everyday lingerie? Imagine wearing it cheap. “Made in China” chemicals in your most intimate body parts… Those may be panties causing ‘only’ rash or sometimes not very comfortable bras, with oppressive for you breasts – wires… Artificial colors which fade away with every little wash. And the rest of those hazardous substances released with your sweat during some physical exercises or daily routine…

Chemicals in the textile industry.

Nobody talks about it. And nobody will. Simply because of a huge amount of money which the biggest textile companies make out of this monkey business.

Now imagine wearing soft materials designed and adjusted to protect your intimate health. Precisely tailored they are nothing more than comfortable to wear. And the freshness is still there when you undress… Perhaps you will have to pay a little more and buy just one instead of many cheaper sets. Don’t you think it is worth it? To invest not only in the quality of your female accessories, but also in your health…

Do not be a fool anymore. Make a difference. For yourself.