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Pinterest Group Boards Strategy for Lingerie selling

In the article published at SocialMediaToday.com we described the impact that our Pinterest’s campaign had on Google search results. Thanks to Pinterest we reached the top of Google for the “lingerie wholesale” query. This time we’d like to give more details why the Group Boards strategy which we followed has been so successful.

First months of our Pinterest adventure wasn’t really exciting experience and didn’t happen a lot. Till the 2nd of March when we received an invitation to one of the biggest lingerie group board on Pinterest. And that’s how it started.
We were lucky that someone noticed our photos and invited us to a very popular lingerie group board. Finally, our pins could be displayed to thousands of pinners and the account was getting stronger receiving new followers. Each pin added to the group board was liked and what is more important – they were repined going viral. Pinterest’s search engine started indexing our account. After two months of sharing our photos with other pinners from all the group boards we contributed to, our account reached 1000 followers.

How to get a group board invitation – Board Inviter is the answer

Unfortunately, you are not invited to a new board every day. Pinterest doesn’t facilitate pinners communication in order to exchange invitations. Pinterest gives you just one opportunity to communicate to other users – by leaving a comment under pins. It doesn’t seem to be very professional to me. BoardInviter.com was created – the platform where you can easily exchange group boards invitations with other pinners. To get invitation from other users, you use points which you may gather inviting others to group boards where you belong to. Of course you decide who you invite or not – you may refuse any invitation request you don’t want.

We reached the top of Pinterest for the “lingerie” keyword


Thanks to the group board strategy our pin was indexed as the first one for the “lingerie” query (very competitive one). Within three days only it received 350 repins, 50 likes and our account – 60 additional followers attracted by this pin.

Below we present the gallery of our most popular photos on Pinterest.