What makes a good photo

What makes a good photo in the Pinterest reality?

As you probably know – good content is everything in the world of Internet search engines results. If your content consists of articles or essays – they’d better be brief and clear. If it’s all about pictures – you need the best pics only. Our Pinterest marketing campaigns have been so successful and effective not only because of consistency and consequence of our team but also thanks to the photos we use. Today we would like to present you some of them as an exemplary curiosity. So maybe, some day, you want to think of: what makes a good photo? It seems to be obvious, but won’t hurt you to take a minute and just think about it. What do they all have in common? Just take a look:

  • they’re all funny and colourful (it attracts the attention – the most important factor in the Internet ocean of pictures)
  • they’re of the good quality (never use so called ‘sweet photos’
  • homemade taken in front of the bathroom mirror by your mobile phone camera)
  • they’re beautiful, sexy, catchy (a little provocative maybe – it turns people on)
  • they associate with good things (summer, sun, holidays, sports, relax, music, etc. etc.
  • everyone likes to collect such moments in their lives, so naturally we also like to collect the photos capturing these moments)

From our observations – this is the type of photo content that most people like and want to share or pin.