Facebook targeted ads

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising (Facebook etc.)

In the traditional Internet way of advertising our ad is being shown to all the visitors – even to those not necessarily interested in it. We can, for instance, expose the bra campaign to men but it does not quite make complete sense. Sometimes they may click it just because of curiosity, the other time while looking for some presents for their girlfriends (although even then they will probably tend to look for something more specific, erotic perhaps, etc.). Generally such a form of advertising will be less effective than an exposition in which we personally choose our target group. And that is why we can call it: the target market advertising.

What does it look like? We will try to explain it on the paid Facebook advert example. This portal owns a lot of detail information about its users so it gives us large possibilities of defining our target group.

Let us start with defining the exact location of the target group. We can choose the country, the region, the city and the zip code. The next step will be choosing the age group with the opportunity to fine-tune. Then we go to the sexes of our customers. Those three criteria are certain, users usually give some standard similar information.
Additionally, facebook offers adjustment to some more advanced criteria:

– Interests and groups of interests
– Marital status
– Language
– Education background
– Work experience
– Occupation and work place

It is worth noticing that not everybody gives such an information on their profiles. That means we can not be seen to some more discrete users. And this may significantly lower the range of our ad. On the other hand, the advertisement will be exposed to those more exact users of the target group and this may give us a better return on investment (ROI). There is also one more interesting curiosity: a counter of amount of the target group members.

Facebook targeted ads