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As we already know from the article about Effective Advertising the search engines are considered to be the most important and influential source of powerful advertising. We also highly recommend using them. There is probably no need to give the further explanation of a search engine here. Just a quick reminder – it is a program or a website which helps to find some answers to the questions and queries given by us. To dispel all the doubts we will also say that the most popular one is of course: Google. On the basis of it we would like to show how the typical search engine works in the following article.

Ok. Typing the query into the search engine box we will get the series of results most adjusted to our question.

There are two kinds of results possible:
– organic search results – they come “naturally” and usually those will be top ten results per page of our search listings. The engine will show them in terms of their accuracy and relevance to the question given.
– non-organic search results – those are sponsored links of Google Adwords – that is an official Google advertisement. In a CPC (cost per click) model we pay each time someone clicks our ad . The links are located on the right at the search results page or it can be also placed as the top three positions over the natural listings.

Right, so how is this all relevant to your online store and why do we recommend this form of advertisement?

Imagine the potential customer wants to buy some lingerie online and he is looking for the “online lingerie store” results. Our website is shown among many other listings, the client finds it and enters the page. Of course, it depends mainly on our offer – whether he likes our products and prices, considers them more attractive than those of our market competitors’ and if he finally decides to make a purchase and place an order. However, assuming that the client was searching for the phrase we can say that he is obviously interested in that particular kind of offer. So we can say, that it is him looking for us, not really us looking for him. And that is the main advantage and superiority of a Google search engine over the other advertising ways, which decides about the effectiveness and efficiency. We can also be sure that our advert in Google will not seem to be too insolent. If it does not suit the query of a customer, it will simply not be showed in the results.

Having in mind how important it is to be present in Google, let us go back to two kinds of search results and let think how they differ and which way to choose.

Organic results – SERP (search engine results positions) – those are theoretically natural listings and for showing them Google does not want any payment. In practice, it looks quite different and it is far more complicated. The process of getting high in search results is called SEO (search engine optimization). You need to follow the Google specific guidelines in order to get the optimal position. Google shows pages on the basis of its index algorithm. It involves over 200 different factors and nobody does exactly know what they are (except for Google itself of course). The SEO techniques and the website setting adjustments are the themes of numerous books and it is a whole separate field – very developed one. We would like to make some things easier here and teach you as much as possible.

In short: SEO is a long-term process. Because of how competitive the keyword is (for example: “the lingerie store”) getting some satisfying results may take even a few months. Of course, taking into account that we know how to do it and have enough time and money for it. As we have already mentioned, Google does not charge for its services, but the SEO companies do.

To sum up – optimization of being high in the search engine result pages is a key issue and the foundations of our lingerie store working. It may seem to be a little complicated at the beginning of an online activity. That is why we recommend the beginners starting with the Google Adwords and buying some paid advertising in Google. Setting it is much more easier and does not require any advanced skills. Results (online ads) we can get immediately and we can fully control the budget at the same time. More about the improvement and development of our strategies soon.

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