Antibacterial Lingerie

Technologies and Antibacterial Lingerie – innovative underwear with antibacterial active silver ions.

Ever wondered – what does the statement: “products of the best quality” mean? As it goes with the lingerie production, Lingerose has decided to examine the processes involved.

We took a closer look at the techniques used by manufacturers whose products have been presented in our lingerie wholesale offer.

As Polish producers of luxurious lingerie pay particular attention to the quality of their products, those are always of the highest standards.

Firstly, the brands purchase their raw materials directly from the producers. And those will be the most renowned companies such us for example: INVISTA (Lycra), Fulgar, Nilit – the Gabriella’s producers ensure.

Kinga Lingerie: “For sewing our underwear we use the best quality materials, such as satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique complements. Our lingerie not only looks good but also feels comfortable on a woman’s body.”

Another exclusive lingerie producer – Gracya, also ensures about the best quality textiles: laces, embroideries and nets used in their production lines.

Axami manufacturers confirm again about the highest quality of their fabrics:  “Delicate tulles, lace and satin mostly, but also nice in touch microfibre and unique-soft cotton which allows the lingerie to fit perfectly to your body and guarantees the comfort of wearing” – says the producer. Those luxurious fabrics are imported mainly from France, Italy, Spain and Austria

Not only the yarn comes from the most exquisite source, but also the equipment used in the production lines is internationally ‘famous’ for its reliability. As we further find out from Gabriella’s manufacturers, they use Italian, British and Japanese machinery from the following companies: Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocator.

As Gaia lingerie specialists remind – all the models are created in the companies’ studios and an experienced staff of highly qualified specialists is in charge of creating them. The specialists are also equipped very well nowadays – most of the companies own the highest standard computer programs which unbelievably improve those processes. So precisely designed lingerie is almost ready, at this point, to “be born”.

Ava Lingerie about their newest technologies and machines: “In order to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients, the quality and image of our products is constantly being perfected. Since the 1st of December, 2010, we have possessed a highly innovative machine that allows us to tailor all the materials needed for the manufacture of the lingerie. Therefore, the final products formed in the process of mass production do not differ structurally from the prototype developed by hand in the construction department. Additionally, when connecting the materials to each other, the seams are thinner and thus our underwear is even more delicate than before.“

Using the latest technology, machinery, equipment and creating products based on raw materials in the world recognized manufacturers helps the designers to create collections one of the kind.

As the experts from the Gortex company explain, the most modern engine parks and the nanotechnology processes enable producers to make the “antibacterial lingerie” – applying ions of silver. Those happened to be worldwide famous for being a natural protection of a bacteria growth. (To read more about those ‘natural bacteria killers’ please read our next article).


Silver Collection – antibacterial lingerie

Special antibacterial techniques are used by all of our presented producers to create new lingerie lines called “Silver Collection”. They all agree:

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we used an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the polymer fibre, allowed to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies.”