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How to build a Successful Content II

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Think of your favourite newspaper or magazine. Every month you go to the store to buy it and this has not changed for years. What is it in it that makes us come back and buy another issue? We like it – of course. But there are also two major factors which subconsciously influence our mind. Those will be: frequency and quality.

As for frequency – there is probably no need to explain it further. Nobody wants to “hunt” for their favourite treat or wait anxiously to buy it again some time in the future. On the other hand, if we know exactly when our favourite pastime is about to appear, we can schedule it and that way make it our regular “must have”.

And what about quality? Just because something is published does not mean it is good. High quality is for sure the most important thing which had attracted us in the first place. Different people equals different needs. The editor of our favorite press knows exactly about it and consequently sticks to the plan. That is why we can count on e.g. pictures of cute girls in manly magazines, a little bit of humor in less serious newspaper, hot celebrity gossip in tabloids or some accurate and professional advice in business press.

Writing our lingerie store’s blog, visiting social theme forums or running our professional profile we want to be such an editor. And our newspaper is the online content signed with the logo of our company or brand. How to make it successful? There are some practical tips we have collected for you:

1. Be Regular – it is said that nowadays individuals need about 10.4 sources of information before they make a purchase decision. In a world of such a competition systematic publishing a valuable info is a necessity.
2. Do Not Repeat Yourself – do not sacrifice creativity under the pressure of production. Content made for content’s sake may lack originality and become simply boring.
3. Run Editorial Calendar – planning your long-term projects and writing down all your ideas immediately may be very helpful while organizing and reviewing your work.
4. 70/20/10 Rule – according to its author Eric Schmidt, the rule introduced to Google in 2005 requires the employees to dedicate 70% of their time to core business tasks, 20% to related projects and 10% to unrelated activities. In our case, it means that the majority of our content will be lingerie business’ core expertise and satisfying the customer’s top needs. Remaining 20% of our space we can fulfill with some related topics and leave about 10% of it to run experiments with some new ideas (room for risk and steps into unknown territory, to explore further opportunities maybe.)
5. Being on Top – this way we have come to another point – being “it store”. If there are “it girls” nowadays and some “it magazines” there can also be some “it stores”. Expertise in your field and create your contents as a girl creates her outfits – focusing on being noticeable but not wearing too much, with all the trendy accessories but being faithful to the individual style at the same time.

Following those rules you can be sure to build something strong and something “real”. That means, if you maintain to a content mix which keeps your audience interested, presents your brand capabilities and provides space for some new ideas – you will create your own, individual style at the same time. And if there are people looking for it, you will easily be “googled” (well found in search engines’ results).

Once published, if it is reliable and accurate, it can become more and more popular without your further help then. As people are bored with clichés today you need to be original and often share your experience, sometimes educate your readers.
To attract their attention – provoke them a little and try to inspire them. Sometimes, it is a good idea to arouse some controversy.
Being published regularly on your website, taking care of the details and sharing your experience and ideas in discussions with other experts at their blogs or some theme forums should encourage them to revisit.
This way, building so strong and consequent content, you will create original and noticeable image of your company at the same time.

In the next article please read about some further ways to enrich your content – that is: image building at numerous social media sites and the specific description of their roles and possibilities they give to its users.

Content in king