Exact match and keywords order matter for Pinterest’s search results – part II

According to the last discoveries and the article about the exact match keywords and the order of keywords, I decided to do some test to check my observations.

I added 7 pins with the following descriptions:
4 – “Axami Lingerie Blog” – to see if it is better indexed for the “lingerie blog”
3 – “Axami Blog Lingerie” – to see if it is better indexed for the “blog lingerie”

“Lingerie Blog” results:

As I supposed, the new added pins with exact match keywords “lingerie blog” in their descriptions are displayed much higher than my previous pins. However, I didn’t expect they could be displayed on the very top of the search results. That shows how strong and powerful is the Lingerose’s account.

“Blog Lingerie” results:

We’ve got analogical situation with the query “blog lingerie”, also here my pins conquered the top of search results.

These tests confirm my theory. To display the most relevant results, Pinterest check the exact match and keywords order used in pins descriptions. Of course the strength of an account also matters.