Salon de la Lingerie Paris Fall Winter 2014 2015

Visiting Salon International de la Lingerie 2014 in Paris

Paris, Paris – yes, indeed – it is beautiful! However, is there anything more exciting than the worldwide known capital of love and romance – yes, there is! It is lingerie in Paris and the most important trade show in Europe – Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.

We are so happy we could have visited this exhibition this year. Every year in January – 3 busy days of meetings, shows and conferences. New trends and designs, presented by the best brands and manufacturers.

Like previous editions of Salon International de la Lingerie, also this year – strong presence of Polish brands. We have visited stands of Obsessive, Axami, Mat, Tessoro, Kinga, Gorteks, Gabriella and Gracya. By the way – going to Paris is the best opportunity (probably the easiest as well) for us to meet many of our suppliers in one place. We could discuss with our partners and see their latest collections – new products soon in our offer.

Of course we haven’t limited ourselves to Polish manufacturers only as we are always very opened for new products and trends. French and Italian lingerie – breathtaking – no point to describe it – the best way would be to show the photos. However only journalist are allowed to make them and we must confess that organizers and exhibition staff are very strict about following this rule – unfortunately.

This year the strong emphasis was placed on hosiery and erotic lingerie products. Except mentioned above Gabriella there was another stand of Polish tights and pantyhose manufacturer – Adrian – we hope to start the cooperation shortly.

It is also worth mentioning a new offer of Shirley of Hollywood and very seductive products of FeverCollection.

We can’t wait for the next year edition. In next articles we will tell more about upcoming trends and hope to see more photos from Paris.

salon international de la lingerie

Salon international de la Lingerie 2014 – trade show introduction

salon international de la lingerie

Upcoming week we will witness the next edition of Salon Internation de la Lingerie trade show and Interfiliere, its partner event dedicated to fabrics and lingerie accessories. After the last year celebration of the event’s round fiftieth anniversary, abounding in additional events and attractions, it is time to return to the roots and concentrate on what is most important: the lingerie. Effectively, it is for the lingerie that the Port de Versailles gate is to be crossed by up to 15.000 visitors from the entire world.

Once again, 500 underwear and homewear brands will present their collections, among them the brands with long-standing tradition, such as Anita, Axami, Felina, Lise Charmel or Lejaby, on which the whole event is founded. The promotion of yound designers is another goal of the event. In a separate zone, they will present their original, limited collections made for sale in exclusive boutiques searching for something more than mass production. It is a perfect place for young and ambitious designers wishing to become known in the trade and find their first customers.

This trade show, when compared with Mode City trade show in July, has a more noticeable Polish accent. Apart from regular trade show visitors, such as Axami, Ava, Kinga, Mat, Gorteks, Gracya, Gaia, Gabriella, other companies like Obsessive wishing to promote themselves on western European markets.

The organizers themselves admit that during the following edition one of the strongest accent will be put on hosiery products, arousing more and more interest. Another strong accent will be put on men’s underwear which, after many years of staying in the shadow of lingerie, came out of hiding to have its own, separate section.

This time the trends (one of the reasons why everyone connected with the trade come in crowds to Paris) will be presented inside a real-size lingerie boutique. Exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to take a look on the propositions for winter 2014/2015 as well as draw inspiration from the latest ideas on sales, window dressing and the products themselves.

There will also be some differences concerning the shows. Two different shows are to be performed twice a day and additionally by the end of each day the Selection show presenting the most interesting propositions of exhibitors for winter 2014/2015 will be also performed.

Moreover, Salon de la Lingerie offers the most interesting conferences. The schedule will include a presentation of the trends proposed by the greatest trend houses such as Promostyl or Nelly Rodi. The trade experts will suggest some ideas on the brand development on new interesting markets and share their experience concerning introduction of innovative products.

Even though Paris is enchanting when covered in snow – we hope that this winter will be mild and everyone interested in the event will be able to appear and see the most important lingerie trade show in Europe.

We are sure to be there – see you there then.


Plus Size Lingerie Wholesale

In we love all the types of female figures – cause they are all beautiful! That is why we want to provide women with the lingerie perfectly sized for each of them. Ergonomic constructions and innovatory designs go well together with a rich variety of forms, breast modeling cups and a wide range of sizes. Each designed for women to feel pretty and comfortable. Don’t wait anymore, just check our plus size offer!


Santa and Christmas – Lingerie

Another great occasion for a little role-play just around the corner… Santa Claus Day is coming! And this time, has got breath-taking Santa’s outfits for ladies. Cute, elegant or naughty – which Mrs Claus would you like to be this year?


Fashion Week Poland – the essence of Pinterest

As usually we visited Polish Fashion Week. It was the 9th edition of this event organized in Lodz – the most fashion industrial city in Poland.

I think I understand now why Pinterest pays so much attention to the Fashion Weeks events. In one place you can find fashion designers, photographers, fashion journalists, bloggers, models and what is most important lots, lots of fashion design and products. You could make thousands of photos and all of them would be repined immediately. Everything what is most important for Pinterest – just its pure essence.

It would be pointless to compare Polish Fashion Week to the biggest events from New York, London, Paris or Milan, as those cities attract the most popular designers in the world. Fashion Week Lodz is for local designers rather. However, Pinterest should take into consideration being present at smaller fashion shows as well. It is a very good opportunity to make it popular (I mean Pinterest) on local markets. Especially if it is a country of 40 million people, where social media are very popular and e-commerce sector is one of the highest developed in Europe.

Unfortunately, the Pinterest awareness among Poles is not yet as high as it could be. I talked to the most influential Polish fashion bloggers and I was a bit surprised. Of course they have heard about Pinterest but they don’t use it yet. It seems to be kind of a mystery to them or they prefer Instagram.

Anais Lingerie

Anais Lingerie

Anais Lingerie

Anais Apparel – sensual lingerie

“Probably the sexiest in the world” – that is a promise of Anais Apparel’s producer. The company has existed at the Polish market since 2003 and it specializes in producing lingerie for young, independent and emancipated women. Those are very originally designed pieces of underwear and if you have ever wanted to buy something different, something bold and not so repeatable – you should certainly invest in some Anais Apparel collections.

It is worth mentioning that Anais lingerie is integrally produced in Poland – the fabrics used are of European origin only. Designed and manufactured by young, enthusiastic people in a very creative way the lingerie reflects the newest European fashion and design trends.

The brand is manifesting its passion of creating some innovative and fresh patterns which are supposed to inspire their customers and to excite the senses. The customers are supposed to follow their dreams choosing some unique products of Anais. The producer invites to trying some erotic collections (such as: “angelic seduction”) and promises to extract and emphasize the feminine beauty of each woman wearing it. To explore their sexuality, fulfill their dreams, visit the world of sensual desires and dive into the ocean of passion – women frequently choose Anais Apparel.

Anais Wholesale at

What pieces of this seductive lingerie can you get at our page of luxurious lingerie Some erotic, sexy, arousing bras. Seductive, sensible, appealing panties. Charming, alluring, tempting nightwear. Elegant and glamorous body corsets with some provocative and inviting elements of hosiery. All of this you can find under one world: “erotic”. Probably the sexiest in the world? Go for it! 🙂


Gorteks Lingerie

Gorteks Lingerie

Great quality and beautiful, unique design – those few words describe perfectly our next famous Polish producer of only luxurious lingerie:

Gorteks Lingerie de Femme

The company was founded back in nineties in Poland. Still developing, Gortex has become one of the biggest national brands. It uses the newest technologies (ions of silver) and belongs to the most famous Polish lingerie group, associating Polish producers of lingerie.

Gorteks Line Characteristics

The brand’s bras, panties, t-shirts and lingerie accessories are very chic, stylish and ladylike. Made with a touch of fantasy and imagination. The collections are based on the most current trends, launched on European runways and international expositions combined with traditional Polish school of design. There are not only classics, but also mysterious, cabaret charm and theatrical costumes inspired stylings. Therefore, in the collections you can find a mixed style taken from four designers inspiring cities: Paris, Moscow, Düsseldorf and Warsaw. The basic color is former sepia mainly but there are also some new, futuristic elements in tones and drafts – according to the current trends and variations from fashion catwalks. You can easily notice that Gorteks Lingerie de Femme is a place where classic tradition meets some fresh and bold ideas.

The brand quality

Only the best resources are used in Gorteks production line. The perfectly finished designs are ones of the most popular in the whole European Union, the USA and Canada as well. Their unquestionable attribute is the highest quality in very reasonable prices.

Gorteks at

In the offer there are bras for every type of a figure. The brand specializes in designing plus size brasseries. They are exceptional because of their ergonomic constructions, innovatory designs and the variety of forms: from push-ups, semi-soft and soft cups (full and half) to balconets. As a perfect complement to the collection of bras there are also: flirty panties, thongs and shorts, various pieces of charming nightwear and sexy hosiery with a little bit kittenish garters.


Gabriella Lingerie

Gabriella Hosiery

Can you imagine beautiful and luxurious lingerie without some smart and high quality hosiery elements? Because we absolutely cannot do that and this is the reason why we would like to introduce the next producer presented at to you – a hosiery expert – Gabriella.

About the company

Currently one of the largest and most expansively developing brands at the hosiery market, it was founded in 1996. From the beginning, the yarn of the most renowned companies (Lycra, Fulgar, Nilit) has been used in Gabriella’s production line. The products have been licensed to use INVISTA trademark (the license no. LBA2075).

About the products

Using Italian, British and Japanese machinery, the brand pays particular attention to the quality of its products. They are made of the highest standards of course. Optimization of Gabriella’s production process and purchasing raw materials straight from the producers make the brand’s offer one of the most attractive at the market – of the best quality and reasonable prices at the same time. Numerous Polish consumers’ awards for the best national brand can prove that fact (awarded with “The Best in Poland” twice and the title: “Discovery of the year 2011” in the Consumers’ Laurel Plebiscite).

Gabriella Wholesale at

Two entries you may want to check looking for some products from the Gabriella producer: body corsets and hosiery of course. “Abdominal line correction, slim look and waist lightness” are guaranteed if you chose a special collection of the producer,  called: Medica. The rest of Gabriella’s hosiery offer consist of: exclusive tights, elegant and sophisticated stockings, comfortable leggings and charming knee-ups.



MODE CITY PARIS 2013 – Salon International de la Lingerie et du Swimwear

Mode City is organized by Eurovet and every year it takes place at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris. It is without any doubt one of the most important events related to the apparel and clothing sector in France. This year, the event was held between 06 July 2013 and 08 July 2013. Visitors from all over the world could admire intimates and beachwear trends for Spring-Summer 2014.

Mode City is considered much more than just a traditional trade show. This international fair for lingerie and swimwear brands is the meeting point of the whole industry people. It is a sophisticated, exclusive environment filled with the aura of elegance and luxury. The largest leading international brands and latest trends find new agents, importers, retailers and trade buyers there.

In our opinion it is very important to show up at such events regularly.

Here are some reasons why:

–          it is very important to be an active part of intimates, beachwear and wellbeing family and take a part in building this specific community

–          to be an active part also means: to play an active role in the whole industry

–          it brings together all the important key players of the market – this means that you will meet all the most important lingerie and swimwear fashion people in Paris Salon International de la Lingerie et du Swimwear

–          Mode City has got 30 years of tradition, so you can be sure to find products of 100% reliable and innovative suppliers only

–          on the other hand, it is still possible to discover some new brands and future talents. That means you will develop yourself in the sector – and this is important because you always want to look out for the new directions!

–          besides meeting your suppliers and getting your presence noticed, the most important, however so obvious – being a participant of the fair you can discover the latest trends and focus on future sourcing directions

As you can see there are plenty of advantages to be a guest of the fair. This year (in this exclusive environment of the largest leading international brands and new brands coming together where visitors could inform themselves in detail and comprehensively about the latest trends and products) also Polish representatives could be found. Our country and its lingerie market was represented by a famous Polish hosiery expert – Gabriella. This manufacturer’s products are also, of course, presented at More about Gabriella’s fashion you can read soon.

AV 1025

Ava Lingerie


Yes – it is exclusive, yes – it is hot, and yes – it is all about being comfortable and of the best quality. But what distinguishes Ava from other luxurious top selling brands in Western and Eastern Europe is its tendency to focus on individual needs of the customers. That is why Ava’s products differ so much in its offer. At first glance very universal – consisting mostly of two leading lingerie colors – black and white. Alluring and very smart – elegant in a way opposite to being ‘kitschy’. But taking a closer look at Ava’s products you will easily notice previously mentioned variety in the offer of the brand.

From A to… I

Present at the lingerie market from 1998, Ava’s collections consist of beautiful,  sensual and unique products made from subtle fabrics, lustful embroidery and lace. What the brand is really famous for is its wide range of sizes and designs. For instance Ava’s bras differ in a following way: there are push-ups, full-cups, half-cups; semisoft or soft; girth: 65-100 cm, cups: A-I. Of course Ava is not only a producer of bras – you can also find knickers, enticing corsets and nighties there. And all of the you can find at our site!

AVA Wholesale at

Presented by beautiful (often plus size) models Ava’s collections seem to be very accessible and clear. Because of its popularity women most willingly reach for elegant and exceptionally comfortable bras and panties. Also charming and firm hosiery is worth your attention. If you look for something sexy, seductive and erotic, you will find a few adorable and sensual items of Ava’s nightwear. Nighty night!