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Mat Lingerie

MAT Lingerie

Among leading Polish producers of an exclusive lingerie, today we would like to introduce to you: MAT. There are about 150 items of this brand at our site allbrasizes.com and they are very popular amongst our customers. In January 2013 the brand was also a participant of Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris – famous lingerie expo.

The offer

Push-ups, balconette bras, plus size bras, panties, thongs, shorts, garment belts – all of those you can find in the offer of MAT Lingerie. The products are both elegant and subtle. Very popular in Europe, very feminine. Open to the customer needs, MAT’s new collections always hit the jackpot.

Antibacterial Underwear Protection

For the sake of health and safety of its customers, MAT has invented and developed the special antibacterial technology – “Trevira Bioactive”, to be entered into their collections. Antibacterial protection effect could be achieved thank to the use of silver ions and polymer in the fibers. Killing odors and leaving a feeling of freshness, the antibacterial underwear in an active way protects woman’s body from the bacteria growth. At the same time, the material used to produce MAT Lingerie is totally safe and do not cause any allergies.

MAT Wholesale at Lingerose.com

You can find a wide offer of MAT products in all sizes and shapes on our website. In the wholesale offer of the producer there are as follows:

–          full range of different charming bras designed for every woman

–          subtle but sexy panties

–          fashionable body corsets perfect for some special occasions

–          a little bit erotic but still very elegant nightwear and hosiery


Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bras

The latest decision of Angelina Jolie (famous Hollywood actress, wife of popular movie star – Brad Pitt and mother of six children) about having a preventive double mastectomy shocked the world, caused a storm in a teacup and numerous discussions.

The case of Angelina

A 38 year old celebrity decided to have a removal and treatment of breast reconstruction surgery after she was diagnosed to carry a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which sharply increased her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is different in the case of each woman, but Angelina’s doctors estimated she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. Angelina, who had lost her mother to the same type of cancer, decided to minimize the risk and have a surgery of a preventive double mastectomy.

The celebrity described the whole experience in the magazine of New York Times. In the article “My Medical Choice” Jolie explains why it is so important for women to know they have options, how she personally managed to go through these difficult times and also – that she does not regret it at all. Angelina assured she does not feel any less of a woman: “I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity” and thanked her partner – Brad Pitt, for his love and support.

Now, the risk of having a breast cancer for Angelina Jolie is less than 5% and after the treatment of breast reconstruction she says she looks the same and only some small scars can remind her of that experience. Certainly, she does not have to think about it every day and worry looking into the future of her children. Whether it was a good decision or not, one is certain – the courage of Mrs. Pitt is for sure the best anti-cancer campaign and the greatest inspiration for women all other the world.

Amazons vs. Victoria’s Secret    

Victoria’s Secret, one of the most recognized manufacturers of lingerie in the world, received a petition signed by 130,000 women. It was a request – begin to produce bras for women after mastectomy. The petition was commented by Victoria’s Secret: “We did a research and found out that producing a bra for women after mastectomy is a very complex, almost scientific. As a result, we believe that it is better to our clients the favor by continuing to subsidize breast cancer research. ”

However, there are other companies which, as it turns out, possessed the ability to produce scientific bra after mastectomy for women – one of them is presented at our site: a producer of Medibra.

Mastectomy Bras at Lingerose.com

If you had a loved one suffering from cancer, you know that it is a disease that affects the whole family. Impotence is the most common feeling that accompanies it. If this battle is won there is the strongest dream of returning to normal. For women this normality is also a beautiful lingerie. “I’d rather not Victoria’s Secret fashion show organized Byzantine, but spent the money on making scientific bra.” – many women claim.


Antibacterial Lingerie

Technologies and Antibacterial Lingerie – innovative underwear with antibacterial active silver ions.

Ever wondered – what does the statement: “products of the best quality” mean? As it goes with the lingerie production, Lingerose has decided to examine the processes involved.

We took a closer look at the techniques used by manufacturers whose products have been presented in our lingerie wholesale offer.

As Polish producers of luxurious lingerie pay particular attention to the quality of their products, those are always of the highest standards.

Firstly, the brands purchase their raw materials directly from the producers. And those will be the most renowned companies such us for example: INVISTA (Lycra), Fulgar, Nilit – the Gabriella’s producers ensure.

Kinga Lingerie: “For sewing our underwear we use the best quality materials, such as satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique complements. Our lingerie not only looks good but also feels comfortable on a woman’s body.”

Another exclusive lingerie producer – Gracya, also ensures about the best quality textiles: laces, embroideries and nets used in their production lines.

Axami manufacturers confirm again about the highest quality of their fabrics:  “Delicate tulles, lace and satin mostly, but also nice in touch microfibre and unique-soft cotton which allows the lingerie to fit perfectly to your body and guarantees the comfort of wearing” – says the producer. Those luxurious fabrics are imported mainly from France, Italy, Spain and Austria

Not only the yarn comes from the most exquisite source, but also the equipment used in the production lines is internationally ‘famous’ for its reliability. As we further find out from Gabriella’s manufacturers, they use Italian, British and Japanese machinery from the following companies: Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocator.

As Gaia lingerie specialists remind – all the models are created in the companies’ studios and an experienced staff of highly qualified specialists is in charge of creating them. The specialists are also equipped very well nowadays – most of the companies own the highest standard computer programs which unbelievably improve those processes. So precisely designed lingerie is almost ready, at this point, to “be born”.

Ava Lingerie about their newest technologies and machines: “In order to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients, the quality and image of our products is constantly being perfected. Since the 1st of December, 2010, we have possessed a highly innovative machine that allows us to tailor all the materials needed for the manufacture of the lingerie. Therefore, the final products formed in the process of mass production do not differ structurally from the prototype developed by hand in the construction department. Additionally, when connecting the materials to each other, the seams are thinner and thus our underwear is even more delicate than before.“

Using the latest technology, machinery, equipment and creating products based on raw materials in the world recognized manufacturers helps the designers to create collections one of the kind.

As the experts from the Gortex company explain, the most modern engine parks and the nanotechnology processes enable producers to make the “antibacterial lingerie” – applying ions of silver. Those happened to be worldwide famous for being a natural protection of a bacteria growth. (To read more about those ‘natural bacteria killers’ please read our next article).


Silver Collection – antibacterial lingerie

Special antibacterial techniques are used by all of our presented producers to create new lingerie lines called “Silver Collection”. They all agree:

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we used an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the polymer fibre, allowed to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies.”


Ag+ as a natural bacteria killer

“For the sake of health and safety of our customers, we have been using an innovative technology Trevira Bioactive ®. Silver ions, embedded in the fibre polymer, allow to obtain the effect of antibacterial protection which actively protects the body from the growth of bacteria, kills odors and leaves you feeling fresh. The material used in the lingerie is at the same time completely safe and does not cause allergies” – this is what the manufacturers of luxurious lingerie lines say about the newest technologies used in the production of their underwear.

Lingerose.com would like to familiarize a little bit with the concept of producing antibacterial underwear. To do so, we want to describe how the usage of silver ions in the materials works.

It eliminates odor. Non-sensitising and non-irritant. Excellent durability and wash results (exceptional reduction of bacterial grow even after 100 launderings). Those are some facts in a nutshell.

To compare: wearing clothes made of some untreated fabrics allow some bacteria and organisms to multiply in larger populations. That can be dangerous for your health – increasing body odor, allergic reactions and numerous infections caused by some organisms such as popular today: MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Legionella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Coryntbacterium spp, etc. Tests show that after 10 hours in the untreated fabrics bacterial growth rises up to 100.000.000 colonies. At the same time Ag+ treated fabric has over 99.9% less bacteria with only 10 bacterial colonies! The reduction of bacteria and organisms on fabrics worn close to the skin provides comfort and a feeling of freshness. Not to mention that it is completely safe for your health. And with no comparison – much more safe than wearing fabrics of a questionable quality.

As ‘silver control’ or ‘silver protection’ technologies restrict the grow of bacteria to reduce the threat of their harmful growth effects, they have been described by the manufacturers as “tackling infections and organisms at source – a natural silver bacteria killer”. We are very happy to hear it and exciting to tell you all about those innovative technologies created for health and comfort of wearing.

Fashion Week 2013 Poland

Fashion Week Poland 2013

FashionPhilosophy – Fashion Week Poland 2013

There are several well-known fashion events in Poland (Warsaw Fashion Street, Sopot Fashion Days, Warsaw Fashion Weekend, Poznan International Fair, Wroclaw Fashion Meeting) but: FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is certainly the most important one. Held twice a year in Lodz, it attracts the best designers, fashion experts, special guests and many representatives of Polish and international media.

 This year April edition was the eighth one in the history of Fashion Week Poland (from 2009). It took place between 17th and 21st of April, 2013. Lingerose.com decided to take part in this fashion festival and appear in Lodz in person. So now we can tell you all about it personally. Enjoy!

Fashion Week Poland 2013 at Fashion TV

“Lodz City of Fashion”

As the FashionPhilosophy crew members say – Lodz is more and more fashionable nowadays. Tied to fashion industry for over a century, once an exclusive place for factories and heavy textile industries, now changes very fast. Twice a year the fashion capital of Poland, we can say that Lodz becomes the fashionable direction. And FashionPhilosophy itself is a great inspiration for the city to develop, bloom and give new opportunities to grow and create new trends.

On our way to Lodz we decided to drop into and visit one of the most famous manufacturers presented at Lingerose.com – Gatta. Its house is located close to that industrial area.

Gatta hosiery logo

“Ladies and gentlemen…

…please take your seats now, this is FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland” – that intro was repeated before every show which took place in Lodz during those four exciting days. Of course, we are talking about “Designer Avenue” here – that is the most desirable place to be during the whole event. On the very long catwalk all the best collections for next seasons are always presented there.

During this edition we could admire trends for fall/winter 2013-2014 of such well-known Polish designers as Łukasz Jemioł, Berenika Czarnota, Tomasz Olejniczak, Natalia Jaroszewska, Wiola Wołczyńska, Kamila Gawrońska-Kasperska and many, many more. There were also special quests from abroad invited: Yulija Hilevich for Fur Garden, Slava Zaitsev, Marta Wachholz – Biczuja, Rokosolana Bogutska. As for the famous brands, there were among the others: Mohito and Orsay – which was also the main sponsor of the event.

Every hour perfectly prepared shows on the main catwalk invited guests inside Designer Avenue. That was without any doubt the essence of Fashion Week Poland. However it was not the only attraction. The other scene – “OFF Out Of Schedule” – was dedicated to avant-garde and intriguing collections of young, adventurous designers.

Let Them Know – Concept Store – Showroom

The ideal complementation of Designer Avenue and OFF Out Of Schedule was another pavilion dedicated to passion for fashion – a big hall with Showroom and Concept Store. Several hundred square meters of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry from the latest collections of independent designers and brands at our fingertips… Heaven for all fashion freaks. 😉 So you could not only check or buy some exceptionally original and unique pieces of Polish fashion in Showroom, but also learn more about the philosophy of each brand presented in Concept Store. As if that was not enough for some aesthetic senses, at the end of the hall there was an exhibition of young and talented fashion photographers, called simply: “Young Fashion Photographers Now”.

“Let Them Know” – the last attraction of FashionPhilosophy to describe, was a series of annual lectures, seminars and professional training for designers, manufacturers, owners of clothing companies and marketing professionals. This edition’s schedule consisted of lectures on social media, technologies, fashion photography in press, problems facing the industry and of course the latest trends – S/S 2014!

 Lingerie at Fashion Week Poland

Wandering along the alleys of the Concept Store, we were more than happy to discover the stall of our familiar lingerie producer there. Presented at Lingerose.com, KrisLine is a manufacturer of luxurious lingerie designed for ladies of every group age or size. You can find some sensual body corsets, plus size bras, comfortable and elegant panties or even men’s tops in the offer of KrisLine Lingerie at our site.

Summing Up

Over 12 thousand guests from Poland and abroad. More than 47 fashion shows (including 35 in Designer Avenue and 13 in the zone of debuts and avant-garde –OFF Out Of Schedule). 30 thousand online followers of the shows. Beautiful, young and fresh or well-known top models. Celebrities – actors and actresses, singers, dancers and most famous fashion bloggers. All the most important fashion media from Poland and abroad (700 entries for media delegates!). Buyers and sales portals representatives. Fashion experts and fashion freaks at FashionPhilosophy.

Kinga lingerie

Kinga Lingerie

An exclusive lingerie wholesaler Lingerose.com proudly presents one of the leading Polish lingerie distributors and producers:

Kinga Lingerie de Femme.

The producer has been present at the lingerie market since 1996. Kinga specializes in creating the exclusive lingerie which is supposed to be tempting and inflaming our senses. The offer consists of push-up type of lingerie and a vast color range of brassieres, briefs, thongs, corsets and chemises. Sewn combining the highest quality fabrics such as: satin, jacquard satin, delicate French laces, original knitwear and unique furnishings, Kinga has become famous for being exquisitely elegant and exceptionally feminine.

Kinga photoshoot backstage

Created by women – for women

As Kinga’s distributors and producers say – it is a lingerie created to meet women’s needs and their clients’ satisfaction – and that is the biggest determinant of brand success. As a woman customer I decided to check those guarantees personally and to try Kinga product wearing them on my own. And you know what? I was not disappointed! Laser-cut, delicate and soft underpants and push-up, elegant bra proved to be very comfortable and close to my body in every situation… As a woman I can highly recommend Kinga’s lingerie and ensure you that the awards of Golden Consumer Laurel in brand’s history did not come for nothing.

Kinga Wholesale at Lingerose.com

Twice a year, for seasons spring-summer and autumn-winter, Kinga Lingerie de Femme offers its new, trendy collections and all of them you can find at our website of lingerie wholesale Lingerose.com. To find some sensual, tempting products look for many of Kinga’s  Bras and Panties. You will be also interested in overlaps: Body Corset, Hosiery and Nightwear, where some high quality, sexy (or even erotic) items of Kinga distributor can be found.


Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive in other words: addictive, hooking, overenthusiastic, extreme, mad, passionate, excited, burning, maniacal, delirious, wild, haunting, unforgettable, ongoing, persistent. Obsessive Lingerie… Coincidence? Do not think so 🙂

We could endlessly describe the further characteristic of Obsessive products. However, three major words are the keys here: sexy, spicy, fun. And those are three major categories of Obsessive collections. The closest to some classic seductive lingerie lines are some elegant “sexy” pieces. “Spicy” determines the items a little bit more bold and provocative, but still very alluring and fetching. The most amusing are of course the products tagged with the word “fun”. Wanna be some crazy bunny for a while? A naughty maid, secretary, doctor, sailor, soldier, nurse, teacher… Marine or a pirate? Those all and many, many more – waiting for you in the offer of Obsessive.

Obsessive commercial presented in Fashion TV

All the products bold, fresh and in a wide range of colors. At the very reasonable prices for the highest quality. Not only original lingerie outfits but also very comfortable underwear. Designed and made of the most delicate and elastic fabrics. Because of all those qualities mixed together – Obsessive happens to be an annual laureate of numerous awards (Year Quality, Consumer Laurel, Business Gazelles, etc.) The lingerie has also adorned the covers of many popular magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, Men’s Health, and many others. This certainly makes the producer one of the most popular amongst all the manufacturers offering erotic lingerie at the market.

The making of Obsessive: Inspire Your Desire 2011, with Brazilian supermodel, Playboy centerfold, and Miss Brazil in the US – Sasckya Porto

Obsessive Wholesale at Lingerose.com

Not only traditional bras but also, for example, some nipple covers. Full lace, comfortable panties or extremely hot body stockings if you go through some hosiery. Perfectly shaping body corsets and extremely comfortable nightwear. All those under the overlap: erotic. Dirty or flirty? It is all your choice!


Trends – Spring/Summer 2013

The latest trends – Spring/Summer 2013

Femininity in retro style – in the upcoming season lingerie fashion will come back to its boudoir, intimate and girlish roots. It will be very feminine – in the delicate and subtle way as well as that a little bit more wild. Lingerose Network would like to present some leading trends from European designers.


Delicate skin tones, antic whites, pale roses or ivory. The palette of powder colors. Laces and transparent materials, asymmetrical cuts and lacings. These very romantic items you can easily find in our new products offer at Lingerose website. There are, among others, some beautiful, creamy sets of girly underwear from Milena and Gorteks:


half-transparent half-lace panties of Nipplex or Gorteks:


again and extremely feminine and seductive lingerie from Kinga manufacturer:



Classic, sweet and girlish styling. Chequered and stripped patterns or pale flowers. Pastels again! Delicate, thin materials with ruffles and transparent fabrics you can see through. This trend definitely adds femininity to each woman wearing it. Those sweet pastel sets you can find in the version of the newest feminine models from the Niplex producer:


or even more girly and cute – pale pink items from MAT’s:


Rizzo and the Fifties

Another two trends go back into the fifties’ decade. “Rizzo” (a fashion trend called after the heroine of ‘Grease’) is the style of a naughty girl from the fifties. Rock-and-roll inspirations found their way in luxurious tulle materials, body corsets and even tattoo motives hidden in some designs of the newest lingerie collections. Other “back to fifties” inspirations derive from the sweeter side of that period’s fashion and they are mixed together with some modern tendencies. So you can find some charming full-cups bras or the high waist panties there. Also some flowers, little cute crystals, ruffles and checked patterns are present in the new products inspired by this trend. For some items derived from the fifties check new products on our site – Lingerose.com. For example: full-cup bras of MAT or Gorteks:

mat-162212-kimbra gorteks-sallyf

and absolutely the hottest one – Mat sensual hosiery:


Some other top trends from Paris:

ruffles (MAT, Milena)

lace (Gorteks, Kinga, MAT, Milena, Nipplex)

triangular cups (Gorteks, Kinga, MAT, Milena, Nipplex, VERANO)

sequins (MAT, Kinga)

– halter straps (VERANO – swimwear)



VERANO – Swimwear 2013

Verano – in Spanish “summer”. It is also a name of a high quality swimsuits producer. The company was set in 1995, in Poland. Every year, since then, the clients have been offered traditionally established collections enriched with some new models inspired by the latest world trends. Carefully chosen fabrics of the best quality and modern palette of colors are two features which make Verano swimsuits successful and constantly popular products. Not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries.

We would like to invite you to take a look at the newest sets of Verano collection for summer 2013, presented at our Swimwear Wholesale offer.

Remember the article: “The latest trends – Spring/Summer 2013”? Well, VERANO swimsuits collection for the upcoming season is no exception and totally fits in it. There are mainly two-piece sets in the offer, sized in European scale from 38 to 44. And what about the colors? As usually, there is a wide range of choice. Of course, the most popular for the holiday season seem to be some marine blues, tropical sea turquoises, warm reds and natural greens… But in the offer you can also find some elegant blacks and the most fashionable recently – wild, African browns.

We have already described some detailed trends for top lingerie “must haves” for S/S2013 in our previous articles. VERANO collection is all of that and a little more.

Back to fifties you wi