Axami Lingerie

As a lingerie wholesale distributor of the most luxurious brands, is proud to introduce to you one of the most desirable and trendy marks:

Axami Lingerie

Honored with many national awards and prizes, Polish brand of luxurious lingerie – Axami, is among others the laureate of: The Quality of the Year 2008, Customer’s Choice – Discovery of the Year 2009, Polish Product of 2009 & 2010 (Golden Certificate of Polish Product and Pearl Certificate of Polish Product), EuroCertificate awards of 2009, 2010 & 2011, Certificate of the Highest Quality “Quality International 2011”, etc.

Collection Extravaganza – Certificate “Quality International 2011”

Brand history:

Sharing hereditary passion for designing and creating beautiful lingerie of the highest quality the founders (mother and daughter) of Axami decided to start the family business back in ’90-s. The brand has immediately succeed gaining incredible popularity as a producer of luxurious women’s lingerie at the market.

Philosophy of the brand:

Designed to satisfy women who value high quality of fabrics combined with unique, subtle but sexy patterns, Axami products have become famous for being both: comfortable and classically elegant. The collections consist of:

beautifully shaping the bust Push-Up or Open (Shelf) Bras; Thongs, Shorts, Briefs; Garter Belts and Stockings, Corsets, Babydolls and Accessories (Gloves, Masks, Peniuars).


As Axami is far more than just a sophisticated, seductive and trendy design, the company uses the most luxurious fabrics imported mainly from Italy, Spain, France and Austria in order to meet the highest expectations of its customers. Women who chose Axami may be sure that the lingerie is 100% adapted to their body needs – made with objective to be healthy, safe and comfortable, do not cause allergies and at the same time to protect body from the growth of bacteria, killing odors it helps to feel fresh for long hours. Thank to its innovative technologies the products are made of the most delicate tulles, exceptional laces, smooth satin combined with nice in touch microfibre and the softest cotton.

Axami Wholesale at

Visiting our page you can easily find many products of Axami there. Looking for some exceptionally sexy and seductive items, you should check the overlap ‘erotic’ – beautiful bras, charming hosiery or luxurious body corsets are presented there. Something more subtle but still very comfortable? Try under ‘panties’ or ‘nightwear’ – there you can be sure to find many high quality sensual designs as well.

Poznan Fashion Fair 2013 Logo

Poznan International Fashion Fair – Spring 2013

Winter scenery outside and beautiful models inside of four fashion pavilions but the most important – over 464 companies and brands from 17 countries. Those were the attractions waiting for visitors of the International Fashion Fair held in Poznan between 19-th and 21-st of February, 2013.

Once again we could meet experts ready to share their knowledge and experience in a fashion business. During these three exciting days many lectures and seminars took place (i.e. marketing, sales techniques, social media power).

As far as the exhibition was concerned, it consisted of four stages:

NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Fall-Winter 2013/2014

FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2013

BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods

TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Clothing Industry Components

It was visited by a total amount of 5,538 clothing and leather industry sector representatives. The most important for us – obviously the lingerie market.

Looking for some similarities between this year and the previous fair edition, we have to mention – once again – an impressive amount of the exclusive lingerie Italian producers. What is new this year – we have gladly noticed the presence of some manufacturers form England. Besides, as spring-time is generally better for the lingerie fashion market, we could observe spring has come at least to the exhibition if not the city of Poznan.

One more time we have exchanged some opinions with the foreign distributors of lingerie. After numerous friendly discussions with them we have observed an ‘interesting’ tendency of theirs. Italian wholesalers do not like and avoid selling their products online. This is nothing new as far as Italians are concerned and honestly, for us as a potential competitor, it is actually even better. Of course, it seems to be this way because of both: laziness and ignorance of those suppliers. The superiority of the online wholesale business over the physical one is unquestionable and we will describe it in our articles in near future.

What is more, has one another thing to be proud of. Every year during the International Fashion Fair in Poznan there is held the ceremony of the most remarkable Polish business awards – the MTP Gold Medals. These are awarded to highly innovative products of the highest quality. This year, during the official prize giving ceremony, one of the manufacturers that products we sell was awarded – famous for its laser cut lingerie – Cotonella.

As always, we are very glad and satisfied to be a participant of Poznan Fashion Fair – filled with loads of positive energy and with our heads full of inspirations and great experience we could come back home and look forward to the incoming trends.


Gracya Lingerie


Did you know that amongst many top trendy Polish producers at our wholesale site, there is also the one especially known for its designs of wedding fashion? Luxurious lingerie and wedding lingerie – those are two strong points of the next presented on our page manufacturer – Gracya.

Luxurious Lingerie, Wedding Lingerie

The brand is one of the longest existing at our national fashion market – it was founded in 1979! The company has revolutionized lingerie market revealing women’s hidden needs and providing them with luxurious wedding lingerie which emphasizes their inner beauty, elegance and style. However, on the other hand, we can also say that the market revolutionized the company as well. Female wedding underwear at first, meeting costumer needs, expectations and demand for its products, Gracya started the production of a wider range of luxurious everyday lingerie as well. Of course, the line preserved its original style and the sublime fabrics such as tulles, lace and embroideries are the guarantee of quality.

Beauty contests and fashion fairs

Long experience at the market and products of the best quality made Gracya to cooperate with the oldest and the most prestigious beauty contest in Poland – Miss Polonia. For about ten years the brand’s unique designs were presented on beautiful models not only during the national beauty contests, but also on those international ones, e.g. Miss World – Seychelles 1997, Miss Universum – Puerto Rico 2001 and Miss International – Japan 2001. More recently the brand has been conquering European catwalks as well – it was presented during the most famous lingerie fashion fairs in Paris – Mode City 2012 and 2011. To read more about this event, please read our article “Mode City Paris 2012” and to see fabulous wedding lingerie model of Gracya (3:07) in a fashion show straight from Paris – check the following link:

Gracya Wholesale at Lingerose

If you look for some bras and panties of Gracya producer, you will find extremely elegant pieces, decorated with high quality laces, embroideries, nets and other textiles with sophisticated supplements. Not only sets of beautiful underwear, but also other accessories (that every real woman needs) can be found in our offer of this manufacturer. Reviewing nightwear, there are Gracya’s petticoats – comfortable to wear for women, erotic to watch for men. Going through body corsets and hosiery –  they are both: sexy and practical in one and what is the producer’s catch – they are designed to be worn for those special moments in woman’s life: unforgettable wedding day and more spicy – wedding night.


Salon de Lingerie Paris 2013 Logo

50-th Edition of Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris

50 years of experience – followed by expertise, partnerships of real connoisseurs, raw elegance and atmosphere of creation in the air. The aura of passion and  glorification of the female beauty. Extravagance filled with the presence of living legends or new faces and young divas. All combined together in the romantic, almost magical, Winter scenery of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

Every year at the same time the trade show maintains its specific character of tradition and innovation, but this year it was not only the annual fair, but also – its 50-th birthday edition! From 1963 to 2013 Salon International de la Lingerie has become a distinguishing feast of fashion and this special birthday edition was no exception.

Held in Paris – the capital of international fashion market – between 19-th and 21-st of January 2013. Numerous fashion shows, selection guides, conferences and help of personal shoppers. Latest trends for season fall – winter 2013/2014. A fairy tale universe filled with luminous touch and a combination of ice, frost, snow – full of a pearly beauty. To quote the founders of this astonishing event – it is more than just a trade show, it is an emotion… A place where dreams of visitors and brands come true – just a  fashion fantasy.

This extraordinary January fashion fair consists of the following creative zones:

–          The Essentials – key lingerie and corsetry brands

–          Cocooning – homewear, loungewear and sleepwear for staying in

–          Designer Labels – luxury and designer collections

–          Limited Edition – young nightwear and homewear designers

In those specific ‘fashion universes’, located in different sections, brands from all over the world meet their future clients and the most famous lingerie wholesalers, producers, distributors and manufacturers launch and promote the newest fashion trends and meet the needs of their customers in person. is so proud to find in this international fashion environment as many as 10 producers whose lingerie has been presented on our website. Those are as follows:


Each of those brands deserves a closer insight to their stocks – to read more about the products please follow our subsequent articles. Back to topic of Salon International de la Lingerie – we can proudly assure our costumers, that the incoming season will be rich in demand for the products presented in French capital of fashion.

Schick aber schädlich

Fashion Victims – movie

We would like to present „Fashion Victims movie in which the director Inge Altmeier shows behind the scenes production of lingerie and clothing in Asia.

Unfortunately, there was no movie in English or with English subtitles available, so we have decided to show the original version in German and translate the chosen parts of it (associated to lingerie) into English.

What you get is what you see – and the closest to the body is a seductive lingerie. Coffee black and damn sexy. Produced all over the world.

Toxic substances are not the subject of interest of the fashion world elite. What counts is style, especially when we talk about always in fashion – black.

As Ayrelie Couvret from Aubade French Lingerie says:

“Seductive, perfect and over time, looks good on everybody. Black is chic, sexy,  charming, but on the other hand it is a good solution to wear everyday.  Both women and men share equal weakness to this colour.”

What dangers are hidden behind this sexy appeal of black colour?

According to Adeline Desjonqueres, Chantele Lingerie:

“It is very difficult to produce black lingerie of the desired tone and colour deepness, good enough to not lose their quality after washing”.

This process requires a lot of chemicals and what about ‘ecological black lingerie’?

– we are asking fashion expert Florence Peyrichou (NellyRodi):

“There is no other colour like that, the materials need to be chemically treated, we do not know any ecological ways to dye the fabrics.”

That explains why black lingerie contains Azo compounds. Sometimes, they can be also found in some red items.

The doctor of the Institute of Environmental Health, Klaus Dietrich-Runow, explains:

“Those chemicals cause illnesses and allergies among more and more people all around the world.”

Symptoms of poisoning are becoming more popular. The diagnosis of Klaus Runow has been confirmed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine. All the examined big departure stores ex-workers had chemicals in their blood.

None of the big trade networks would like to be connected with something like that. Labels do not inform us about the percentage of chemicals used – the lists would be very long. Even some exclusive European brands try to bluff and do not say anything about the place of the origin of textiles.

“No, it is not written like that. There is only: ‘designed in France’ – voilà!” – says Adeline Desjonqueres (Chantelle).

It is very difficult to determine where the materials for “designed in France” lingerie come from. In case of cotton, investigation leads to some Indian dyeing factories. In Asia the Azo components are permitted. Besides, chlorine is often used – as it is the cheapest. The darker colours – the more dangerous substances to dye the fabrics. To gain glitter they also use some heavy metals.

In Asia they produce a lot of prohibited in Europe chemicals. Most of factories do not even have their names on the buildings. The production of materials equals the sacrifice and suffering of local people working with deadly chemicals. Nobody cares about the environment. International companies in Asia are not bounded by any of European regulations…

Schick aber schädlich
Asian Lingerie

Can Asian lingerie kill? Made of chemicals.

Clothing and footwear produced in Asia may be very dangerous, both – for manufacturers and buyers.

As the fashion experts say, it is very hard to produce fabrics of a deeply black color and prevent them from becoming pale and fading. You need a lot of chemicals in order to achieve that. So that is the other side of a seductive cheap black lingerie – to color it loads of harmful components are needed.

You can find many articles and discussions on the Internet about harmful side effects of producing and wearing that cheap Asian textiles. In 2011, Germany, a very interesting documentary film ‘Fashion Victims’ by Inge Altemeier had its premiere. The movie makers examined the situation in Asian factories. The investigation happened to be shocking! It seems that the production methods do not meet any worldwide standards and the quality of products exported to Europe raises big concerns.

In China and India clothes, lingerie and shoes are being produced with the usage of harmful for people chemicals – among others insecticides (those are chemicals designed to kill insects)! The employees working at the production lines die in mass because of cancer. Those harmful fabrics are also dangerous for buyers – 99% of cotton is produced with chemicals!

For the most dangerous we can consider a cheap black lingerie as there is no safe method to dye it. The quality of color goes hand in hand with the sacrifice of lingerie quality itself. ‘Made in China’ often equals: made in shocking and scandalous conditions. Subsequently, those products go in mass to the European market…

The most terrifying factor is that the biggest western department stores buy in mass in Asia – mainly because it is very cheap. Clients, glad that they can easily afford to buy many products in competitive prices, do not even know how it threatens their health and sometimes – even their lives!

In the movie by Inge Alteimer there are shown people who suffered from various allergies and illnesses caused by those harmful textiles. Very often, even the doctors could not find the reasons of those suspicious symptoms… The special medical tests were needed to find out about chemicals in blood of the victims.

Asian Lingerie
Detox Fashion

Detox Fashion

Deadly chemical substances in clothing of the biggest brands?! Greenpeace calling to start detoxication!

The dangerous chemical substances which may cause cancer or hormonal disorders have recently been discovered in products of the most famous brands! – that is the latest statement of Greenpeace organization located in Beijing. The foundation has even started a campaign: “Detox Zara”.

In 2012 Greenpeace bought samples of top 20 brands selling their products in 29 countries and world regions. Those were mainly dresses, t-shirts, trousers and lingerie items made in China and some other developing countries. Then the products were tested and the results happened to be terrifying. In two thirds of 141 clothing samples the nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE – detergents which are endocrine disrupting) have been found! Besides the fabrics also contained phthalates and carcinogenic dyes (cancer causing chemicals).

Concerning brands are the biggest in the market and if they agree to ‘detox’ their dirty politics, other smaller companies will have to follow them. In this context, seven major international companies have committed to change. Those are: Puma, Nike, Adidas, H&M, M&S, C&A and Li-Ning.

On the other hand, another textile giant – Zara, stays indifferent to ‘go toxic-free’ appeals. That is the reason of the ‘Detox Zara’ campaign which seems to be very effective, as volunteers from all over the world – fashion lovers, activists, bloggers and denizens of social media began to share their desire for ‘fashion without pollution!’ and after a week of intense public pressure the Inditex group seems to be more willing to solve its toxic pollution problem. Zara commitment to get rid of the hazardous chemicals would be a milestone in the way clothing is manufactured.

Still, among the brands where NPE was also found there are: Calvin Klein, Levi’s, GAP, Esprit, Diesel, Only, Vero Moda, Benetton, Emporio Armani and Mango.

In 2011 two reports (“Dirty Laundry” and “Dirty Laundry II”) were published by Greenpeace. You can read there how the biggest textile suppliers cause pollution of Chinese rivers. The same hazardous chemical substances were then discovered in their fabrics! To see how Greenpeace is aiming to detox fashion, watch here:

Detox Fashion

Swimwear Wholesale spring-summer 2012

Did you know that is not only a distributor of exclusive lingerie but also of the sexy summer swimwear? Our swimsuits, bikinis and bathing suits are popular in the countries of Europe, the USA or even Australia!

Just after closing of spring-summer 2012 – let us do a little summary of the season.

In our offer there are four popular Polish producers: Marko, Paphia, Verano and Gwinner. In the last season – our two top ‘best-sellers’ were Verano and Marko. Of course, as usually, the biggest demand we noted in the period preceding summer – three months mostly: March, April, May.

We had swimming suits in all European sizes from 36 to 46 (S-XXXL) and the most popular were two-piece suits in universal size 40 (L). As for the colors – producers provided us with the whole rich pallete of tones (Marko brand presented definitely the widest range of them) but the most popular one seemed to be blue – maybe that is because of its similarity to the summer holiday sea tones.

We hope that the next season will also be so rich in that kind of offer. As a little tittle-tattle (curiosity for our future customers) we can reveal that Lingerose is planning to enrich its offer with not only swimwear but also… beachwear! For those exciting new pieces of clothing you will read promptly in the article about our newest discovery – the absolutely bold collection of KutzDesign. Also follow us to get the latest trends for the upcoming season. Coming soon!

Poznan Fashion Fair 2012 at Poznan International Fashion Fair

We have participated in Fashion Fair that took place between 11th and 13th of September in Poznan, Poland. Just a quick reminder for those who may not  know – Poznan is the one of the four Polish cities that have organized Euro 2012.

During this edition of Poznan Fashion Fair, all visitors could familiarize themselves among others with expert forecasts concerning the trends in apparel, textile and footwear sectors. There were discussions about Internet marketing, new sales techniques and legal matters related to retail trade.

Fashion Fair consisted of three exhibitions:

Exhibition of Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories

– collections for spring-summer 2013


– collections for fall-winter 2012/2013 Exhibition

BTS Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods

There were more than 200 different manufacturers from Europe, India and China.

Most well-known brands like s’Oliver, Wrangler, Desigual have participated.

Obviously many Polish manufacturers were also present at the Fair.

We have met an Italian manufacturer of the best quality nightdresses made of silk and cotton.

Other Italian stands were also full of stunning and unique design. All exposed by smaller manufacturers that make products of the highest quality. All of them assured me that their  products are made in Italy but one of them confessed honestly that they make it in Bulgaria. The longer I talked to the others the more suspicious I got. Anyway, all the products had labels “made in Italy” and they looked really good – with perfect finish.

I talked to almost all of Italian exhibitors and have noticed they were a little tired and disappointed. They had excellent products but unfortunately a bit too expensive for the Polish market nowadays. On the other hand the Polish manufacturers seemed to be very glad and enthusiastic, even during the third day of the Fair. As the global crisis tends to be over soon,  we all have better views for the nearest future at the lingerie market. Just can’t wait for the next edition of Poznan International Fashion Fair in February 2013!

Mode City Paris 2012 Logo


MODE CITY PARIS 2012 – Salon International de la Lingerie et du Swimwear

Mode City is the most popular European fair of lingerie market. The event takes place in the international capital of fashion, chic and style – Paris. Since 2011 the summer edition of the fairs has been rescheduled from early autumn to the actual summertime and this year it was held between 7-th and 9-th of July. Lingerie, swimwear and hosiery trends for season spring-summer 2013 were presented there. At the same time, another fashion fair took place – Interfiliere Paris – where materials and underwear production accessories were exposed.

At the Mode City Paris 2012 the whole elite of lingerie fashion industry appeared. That included about 15 thousand people: top designers, famous producers, big distributors and of course retailers. All in all you could admire above 430 brands from all over the world. Most visitors were of course French but it is worth mentioning that 73% people there came from all over the world, e.g. Italy, Germany, the UK, Hongkong, Spain, Russia, the USA, China and Japan. There were even some visitors from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oceania. The three days long fashion event was reported by many international media – tv, radio and of course press.

The strong group of expositors consisted of Polish producers and manufacturers – many of them you can find at The products of: AVA, AXAMI, GAIA, GORTEKS, GRACYA, KINGA, KOSTAR, MAT were presented at the fair and the hosiery expert – GABRIELLA was also present. Those manufacturers had already been the participants of Paris fashion fair, but in this edition they have conquered the major catwalk for the first time. All of the brands have presented their collections for spring/summer season 2013. The most popular was female lingerie, but also some manly underwear was shown.

Kinga Lingerie at Mode City 2012

Polish designers traditionally attracted visitors not only with their high quality products, but also with some original ideas for their stands’ expositions. For example Gracya showed some national Polish colors in the exhibition (last year it was inspired by unique baroque costumes) and Axami created stewardess outfits for their hostesses. The visitors were touched by cooperation of seemingly competing companies from Poland. The demand for our national products is constantly growing so each presence at such an event is very important for the brands. As it turns out – many clients has remembered those manufacturers from fashion fair in 2011 and they were very happy to see them again.